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Like a forgotten back alley, the Dark Web seems an ideal place for illegal investment activities.
Note* Google will more than likely have a problem with the Gram search engine copying the style and coloring of the world’s most popular search engine. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.
With complete anonymity now possible, what other illicit profit seeking enterprises can find a home on the Dark Web? There is nothing more important than creating awareness so that we can make the changes that are abundantly clear for me as an investigator, yet completely invisible to most.
It also keeps track of the latest exchange rate for Bitcoin, the semi-anonymous digital currency used in most darknet markets, updating the rate every five minutes.
Awareness is the key to the changes we are all seeking, unifying & creating new ideas as a society is mandatory.
An internationally recognized prodigy, Akiane is the only known binary genius in both painting and poetry. She is a member of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, and was selected as one of the twenty most accomplished visual artists in the world.Akiane Kramarik was born on July 9, 1994, in Mount Morris, Illinois to a Lithuanian mother and an American father. Akiane’s mother, Foreli, came from an atheistic family and her father, Markus, was a former Catholic who did not pray or go to church. Akiane was homeschooled, she had no babysitters, the family watched no television, and there were no neighbors to play with.
Markus worked long hours, and Foreli stayed with her children all the time, giving them her complete attention. So imagine her parents’ surprise when one day their young daughter suddenly began talking about God and creating religious artwork.The strange thing was, a Christian lady had called from Europe soon after Akiane was born, excitedly telling them what an incredible future was in store for their daughter.
Since they were not believers, they did not take the woman’s passionate prophecy seriously at the time. Akiane says that she first met God when she was three, and that her art is inspired by visions that God provides in her dreams. Akiane’s fame took off, and after that she was invited to appear on many other television programs including Good Morning America and The Hour of Power.
Akiane’s first completed self-portrait sold for $10,000, and since then her original paintings usually sell for amounts between $50,000 up to $1,000,000. She also makes limited edition canvas reproductions of her work which are available for about $2,000 each. As a result, Akiane is now one of the richest teens in America.“I define spirituality as a search for love, beauty, happiness and wisdom. Spirituality is a journey that we never finish.” ~Akiane Kramarik, 17 Year-old, Artist, Poet, MysticAkiane donates a portion of her artwork proceeds to formidable charities such as Kids Free the Kids (abuse, exploitation and slavery of children), Northwest Medical Teams (medical care, food and shelter for orphanages), PANCAN and MACC (cancer societies), Netherlands Kidney Foundation, needy children in Africa and Lithuania, local police and fire departments, Christian schools and churches, and many others. But for me it was a personal encounter experienced at the age of four that I completely forgot, yet oddly enough was able to depict on linen.I have no idea if this image is from the past or future, from my own experience, revelation or just my imagination. All I know is that somehow my hands have touched its branches, its fruit and the soil around.The Kramarik family was poor while Akiane was growing up, so they had to create their own fun pastimes and learning experiences.
Foreli recalls, “Every day I would dress our children warmly and take them across the cornfields to watch the sun set over the nuclear power plant that was visible on the horizon.
We spent hours counting birds in the sky and guessing which direction the steam from the plant would drift.
The boys grew monarch butterflies from cocoons they found in the meadows, wrote their own books, and turned tree branches into swords.
They made wreaths from flowers or pine needles, play-dough from flour, tents from blankets, and forts from cardboard boxes or snow.

Then she paints and writes poetry for about 4-5 hours while it is still quiet in the house, before her brothers get up.
She also plays the piano and knows sign language.Having always been a detail-oriented, tactile child who liked to collect and study rocks, shells, leaves and flowers, Akiane paints what she sees and feels in such a way that the textures seem to pour from her paintbrush effortlessly.
From an early age, Akiane showed a high degree of technical skill in the making of her strikingly realistic paintings. They appear to have been made by the steady hand and experienced eye of a much older, professional artist. If it is a landscape, or an animal I research the resources or work straight from my memory and imagination.
Since one of my favorite birds is swans, I studied hundreds of them sketching them in different positions.
Then I observe the shadows and the light on their bodies and take many pictures or sketch.”Although she learned how to draw and paint through self-study and observation, Akiane states however that she is primarily taught by God.
I really like working by myself without any distractions, learning from my own mistakes.” All of Akiane’s paintings have a unique meaning behind them.
Interestingly, her concern for people and their emotions is reflected in the fact that she enjoys painting faces the most.Akiane composed a series of Jesus paintings after finding the perfect model. As the young teen attempts to describe what she sees, she has difficulty finding the right words. I believe [God is] so much larger than our human capacity can handle,” she says.Akiane’s parents and two older brothers, Delfini and Jeanlu, are involved in the enterprise of promoting and selling her work. Through Akiane’s influence, her family underwent a spiritual transformation which brought them all to Christianity. Regarding her daughter’s unfolding ministry, Akiane’s mother says, “We don’t have an answer as to why this is happening. It is a story of how we look for the truth and how we treat others as they also try to discover it.With so many scientific achievements we know so little of where we came from and where we are going. And only love can allow space for our growth.The astronaut here represents many of us searching for truth in a controlling way. Although we are still searching, we are convinced that we have already discovered the truth and that everyone should believe it only our way. And believe it at any cost.Just like this man, we stand on a strange little planet trying to posses it. Like a giant we trample on the flowers reaching for light that represent meek and gentle souls ruled by the ignorant, the cunning, the powerful, the prideful, or the aggressive. Sadly, most of the tiny planet is already trampled.Through his stiff and cumbersome space suit the astronaut is not able to touch and smell the blossoms and is able to view them only through his shatter-proof mask. It has nothing to do with our levels of development, achievement, awareness or intention.Both a two year-old and a centenarian might not be wise, happy or altruistic yet highly spiritual. Young children might not be fully aware how spiritual they are, however, without childlike sincerity and purity we cannot even imagine certain touch of holiness.Hitler, too, tried to create his own version of perfect, healthy and stable society.
Some people abstain from all intimate relationships, because they believe they have to devote their time to love all mankind in a childlike genuineness. While others create bonds outside all traditional rules.From the standpoint of eternity each level of maturity is relative. Looking at a blossom from a different direction one will see it completely foreign, special, beautiful or revolting depending on where we stand. If the close-up is of a spider attached to the stem, then for those who don’t like spiders the sight will look distasteful.
If the image is of a butterfly on a petal the view may appear peaceful to us, but not for a bird hungrily watching the scene.From the standpoint of our present world we all assign our measurements of preference.

So whether it is a national, racial, religious, political, educational, vocational or biological identification we try to connect to something familiar and within our comfort zone.Clear messages of diverse feelings experienced by other people were part of my visionary and extrasensory perception since I was five years of age.
Envisioning that your work is already completed creates the finish line.4- Trial and error—I come back to my work when most children would quit. I do not get too frustrated at the mistakes, but keep on coming back to fix them.5- Enjoying the journey, not just a destination. Life is a journey, and whatever we create we must savor and enjoy without hurry—then the destination will come by itself. We should not focus just on success, because it has its own timing very often different than ours.6- Patience.
By committing myself to work through challenging times the inspiration now comes to me when I least expect it.8- Energy.
My huge part of success was waking up early for the most difficult task which is realist art. And keeping healthy lifestyle—nutrient dense live foods, sunshine, exercise, movement, laughter, and wholesome relationships.9- Consistency. Even though there are days when I paint up to fourteen hours, it is usually at the very end of the painting. The consistent pace of four to five hours of painting a day does not look a lot, but does add up as months go by.10- Rejuvenation. During my leisure I love writing my poetry, composing on a piano, sewing and designing clothes, brushing up on Lithuanian Russian and Sign languages, visiting families or playing with my two older and two younger brothers.11- Adaptation and flexibility. For years when we moved frequently, I was painting next to a laundry room, an entry way, and a family room so I had to be patient until we built our new house with a spacious studio. Starting with little and increasing gradually works very well for the balance of our mind.12- Family support.
All children entrepreneurs need at least one adult who would help them financially and morally.13- Love.
So, when I joined the scratch league, I found myself constantly looking at the scoreboard, comparing myself to someone who started out the night by throwing 6 strikes in a row. Towards the end of the season, I accepted the fact that at any given time, I could be the one that other people are comparing themselves to. The following year, I threw my next 300 and won the most improved bowler award when I finished with a 211 average.
The original content that I add is written from my heart and reaches people more than the design. And while I always try to give my absolute best efforts, I know I don’t have to be the best webmaster or the best writer to reach people. One of my gifts is the ability to work well with children, as children have always gravitated to me for my entire life.  My daughter has this gift as well. Learn how to use your gifts in a way that makes you comfortable and remember to live within yourself, not someone else.
Use this article for inspiration, but don’t view it as an unattainable bar of achievement.

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