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The search for finding the best email marketing service for YOU is definitely not easy as there are a multitude of options for every budget and every feature set.
Savvy Entrepreneurs who would like to build a profitable relationship with the existing base of customers, looking at leaving no opportunity to delight the consumers.
Marketers at medium and large companies trying to do the same, exploring more efficient options than hiring an agency and paying 5-15 times lesser. For those wanting to get into the basics of email marketing may see this, or a good email design strategy for an email blast here. Known to handle big volumes easily, good for professional digital marketers who would be able to create great email marketing solutions out of this . Active Campaign is the surprise guy in the market, it literally has everything that is needed and is probably providing best email marketing services in the market. They also have a feature Erja at an additional with which the entire database’s social media profiling and segmentation can be done for creating razor sharp targeted campaigns. A must try for small business owners as well those looking at doing b2b email marketing, who would want to get into the depth of their customer’s digital behavior and try sharp segmented campaigns! A total solution, not limited to email marketing only but a good way to automate the sales and marketing departments of SME’s and statups. Not as user-friendly as its competitors, expect a learning curve, but that’s there with everything great (like wordpress). Mad Mimi is a good piece of software, tastefully developed with a lot of personal effort by a really talented silicon valley couple.

One of the best players around, slick interface, fantastic customer support, great price, my personal favorite. Must try now. They also lend performance advice by comparing your open rate with your industry average and your lists average, which is a plus. MailChimp does not allow you to send one campaign to multiple subscriber lists.  Also, a big drawback is the inability to send auto-responder campaigns which is the present and future of email marketing services. They score high if you are beginner looking for a free version, which offers up to 2k subscribers and 12 k mails. Nice clean interface, known brand, but may not be the best value for money as it is slightly expensive, the interface can get sucky at times due to forced sense of humour of the developers (it’s pretty good at times, but not always), auto responders missing in the system yet. In a Nutshell, to find the best email marketing services for you, I suggest choose 2 or items from the list, register and try for it yourself right away. Happy Decision making , just remember that the faster you start the better, there are people out there waiting to be your customers, and there are your customers out there waiting to be your loyal customers forever.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Here’s a quick round up of email marketing services in the market, after having gone through the process myself. This provider has an option for custom HTML and also allows you to add attachments to your email. It is most known for it’s easy ability to segment subscribers by activity to help you send very targeted emails.

One can create email marketing best practices by using this services. Must try this before making the final decision.
If you are looking for a free email marketing software for simply using it as a email newsletter services, this may fit the bill, but not for advanced stuff and scaling up.
Laura recognizes the critical lessons inherent in each of these marketing endeavors' success and the ways in which you can implement them into your own messaging for increased revenue and better branding.
AWeber also allows you to quickly segment your lists by subscriber opens or clicks, location, and even what pages subscribers visited on your website. They also provide detailed customer records so you can see what emails were sent to who and which actions your subscribers took.
Reporting is comprehensive from the open rates, link opens, email client and the best part is geographical reporting of the campaign opens. I can cover this not just under my email marketing blog but even in later posts under marketing automation.

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