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These courses in business marketing are available online for free from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and other schools.
Business marketing courses are available from universities and websites to help students gain an online education for free.
This university offers marketing courses for interested students looking to study the basics. MIT offers marketing courses on marketing management and strategy, among other areas of study. Listed in Top 100 Best B-Schools of India as per 'The Dalal Street Investment Journal Best B-Schools of India 2015 Survey'.

Courses will cover things like strategy, identifying your potential market, and modern communications with regard to the field of marketing. Online tutorials and video lectures will cover things like research data, goods and services, and consumers.
The course is broken down into 6 weeks, where students will be required to complete an assignment for each week. Specific topics include the challenges of this process, new media, and how marketing communications is strengthened. Course topics cover areas like identifying customers, selecting a target market, and creating customer profiles.

Students will be required to study the textbook The Politics of Denial, in addition to other readings from Persuasion and Politics: The Social Psychology of Public Opinion and The Politics of Illusion. Topics cover areas such as determining your brand objectives, brand packaging, and defining a target audience.

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