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Recientemente te presente por primera vez el marketing viral y te di dos ejemplos muy interesantes, como la excelente publicidad Star Wars – Volkswagen. Sin duda una de las campanas mas llamativas de este ano, que muestra una total comprension de las posibilidades que ofrece Youtube. Folds toca Merton en directo ante la audiencia en el Fillmore en Charlotte, North Carolina, 20 Marzo de 2010. Ingredientes Virales: Challenge, Autenticidad natural, Lo inusual, Cool, Humor, No branding, Personalizacion.
Susana Villalobos – Tu Coach de MarketingSusana te da tips y astucias acerca de como hacer crecer tu negocio a traves de sus recursos gratuitos como su blog, sus ebooks, sus cursos gratuitos y su Newsletter. Y te ayuda a acelerar resultados con sus cursos y con sus servicios exclusivos de Coaching. Las mejores Soluciones para Profesionales y Empresas de servicios?Eres un profesional emprendedor?
Para acelerar resultados, Susana te ofrece los mejores cursos de marketing, y sus servicios personalizados como Coach de Marketing. This space is filled with useful information for bloggers, digital marketers& small business owners. Enter your email below to join thousands of marketers and get FREE weekly newsletters with practical Case Studies, research and training, as well as MarketingSherpa updates and promotions. This is the third year for MarketingSherpa’s special report on viral marketing, and we’re seeing a divide between the viral oldtimers and newcomers. Get the latest research on email, lead gen, and social media along with MarketingSherpa updates and promotions.
The views and opinions expressed in the articles of this website are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect in any way the views of MarketingSherpa, its affiliates, or its employees. This billionaire is offering money for user who submit video of crazy stunts on his website.
When it comes to viral marketing, agencies, advertisers, students or even a larger audience have some specific requests as we can track thanks to Google suggest function. Here is my short definition: The viral marketing is a communication process that is using the audience of the message as a medium. A good start will be to read blogs about viral marketing like mastercom, brainstorm9 or disruption.
The viral factory is probably the best creative agency when it comes to viral video campaigns and goviral the best partner to distribute and seed your viral content. En este articulo tomo el excelente articulo de Juan Sanchez, blogger internacional que tiene su blog Juan Marketing – Pasion por el Marketing.
Our charts show that many newcomers are probably overspending on their campaigns, while the experienced players have a more distinct feel for knocking out ROI homeruns.

People are looking for viral marketing ideas to get some inspiration for their own campaigns. Advertisers, admen and students are searching for viral marketing agency for business or job purposes. The marketing professionals with huge advertising budget or the young creative with shoestrings want to know all the viral marketing techniques. El escribio sobre los mejores videos virales del 2010, que son excelente ejemplo de hacer un marketing viral exitoso, y de cuales son los factores comunes de exito.
The top position on their list is (obviously) taken by Facebook with an estimated of whooping 900 million unique monthly visitors. They also address the question of whether viral is a better fit for certain goals than others.
Next on the list is Twitter with about 310 million unique monthly visitors, followed by LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+ and so on.But does a marketer really look for numbers alone? Yet, with the right approach, positive ROI figures are being attained by a considerable number of marketers in a variety of niches.
2,914 responses were collected.Now, let’s dig into the findings and see what marketers from various niches have to say. When it comes to Social Networking sites, getting Do Follow links is as important as the likes, follows or retweets.
Hiero by aThemes Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Do follow links not only help increase traction but it is one of the best tools for SEO purposes.
But it’s surprising to see that many B-to-C marketers (48%) who still don’t have at least a Tell-A-Friend feature, much less a podcast.While B-to-B marketers are 52% of the zero-experience *newbies*, they are highly interested in its potential.
The other areas on G+ such as comment or links shared directly in the share box are all No Follow links. This might suggest that the number from this sector using the medium will grow soon, but there are already some doing so with savvy -- as the 28% ‘very experienced’ data shows. They created a trivia contest for IT managers and directors, using responses to the questions as a way to qualify leads.
But one important thing to note here is that link placed on YouTubea€™s description bar is a No Follow Link. To get best out of YouTube place your link on the YouTube channel header, as shown in the picture. You can create multiple accounts for multiple websites and have your links placed in the header section.3) Pinterest We all know that if not videos, pictures and graphics are the next best engaging tools. That group also says 'growing email list' is the second-best reason with lead generation in third.

On the other hand, 'somewhat experienced' players say lead generation (27%) is the best way to use viral tactics with branding in second (23%) and site traffic third (19%).Meanwhile, using viral for direct sales is lagging as a potential chief goal behind campaigns. 4% of the very experienced group says it can be used for direct, along with 12% of the somewhat experienced crowd.
The results mirror data from last year when the total percent for marketers with experience was also in the teens. You need to verify the link as well.4) Tumblr Tumblr started off by allowing any links to be Do Follow links posted anywhere in the blog. However, much of the rest of the numbers pretty much panned out as we thought they would -- with consumer marketers more heavily focused on email list growth and site traffic.Perhaps there’s a lesson for business-to-business marketers in how consumer marketers view viral as a multipurpose tactic. Instead of a myopic focus on lead generation, business marketers might benefit from viral campaigns that try to do more than simply generate leads. Viral has been very successful for some B-to-B companies in introducing products and changing brand perception.
Its really helpful to me Reply March 30, 2015 Internet MarketingI am new to this blog.
One marketer we spoke to in the networking hardware sector described a very successful viral campaign that had only one goal: letting system administrators know that they have a discussion group. But I have enjoyed your post and learned something new.I hope next post will be very helpful for me so Waiting for your next update. The campaign dramatically raised awareness (and visits) and contributed to lowering customer service calls by a double digit percentage, as well as increasing customer satisfaction. If a CIO plays a game or answers a poll, that’s great, but they’re much less likely to forward it along than someone lower in the organization. One note: if you put up a game, you’re in it for the long haul –- people will return for years, and you have to ensure that any surrounding content remains relevant.
The better the ratio of ‘great results’ to ‘dismal’ the more capability the tactic has to generate a positive ROI and hopefully ‘go viral.’ The top three tactics all enjoy a 2-to-1 ratio or better.
These have worked well in conjunction with the retailer’s popular book-review blogs, which are written by staffers. You’ll notice that we didn’t bother to ask about the impact of mentions in the mainstream media, because even though old media may be having a tough time adjusting to the digital world, it’s still by far the most powerful way of generating attention for a viral campaign.Getting mentions across the blogosphere was the most popular response to 'high-impact tactics' for B-to-C marketers at 37%. B-to-B respondents also liked the choice, coming in at 27%, which tied with their campaigns getting mentioned in industry-related online publications.Of course, posting to social communities, such as MySpace and YouTube, was big with consumer marketers (34%), but it also performed well for B-to-B firms (18%).
And it’s worth noting that there’s still bounce between online and print, as 20% of consumer marketers and 18% of B-to-B marketers said industry-related publications helped create high-impact viral.

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