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Powerful Editing FunctionsVideo Studio Express for Mac is an excellent video editing tool for Mac users. This video editor is compatible with most regular video formats and can even convert videos to lot of popular video formats. I can't say I'm particularly pretentious but I usually like to know more about the company that makes a certain product or service which makes me happy. Chart by Top 10 Reviews based on factors like ease of use, supported video formats, editing tools and online customer support.
They simply dominate the German market and other markets in Europe - I literally saw tons of Magix software boxes on the shelves of MediaMarkt stores (in Belgium and Germany where we have most of our green energy gigs).
Not every software company is known for the video editing program though - they each have a flagship product which we automatically assign to them when one mentions their name. Let's just be amazed by Corel a little bit more: they also bought InterVideo which had acquired Ulead Systems (I actually used Ulead video editing software some years ago).
CyberLink, a software company from Taiwan, has a strong community in the western world due to their highly appreciated PowerDirector video editor - ranked No. So, if you wanna support your local economy, you may wanna buy software that's made in your country.

Just with a few clicks, you can find it fun and easy to make movies even if you never edited one before. Sony Creative Software is currently owned 75% of Sony Group and 25% of The Michael Jackson (his heirs).
Since I already like most stuff coming from Germany (beer, cars, green technology, the autobahn, etc.) I was indeed impressed to learn that Magix is a German company. If you tell me Corel - I think about Corel Draw, if you tell me Adobe - I tell you Acrobat Reader for PDF documents, tell me Sony and I'll tell you electronics, etc. Magix is very well known for their professional music making software - Samplitude - as well as for the consumer version Magix Music Maker. You can adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, rotate video, split the video into several clips and merge several video files into a whole movie for your different needs. Roxio is known among gamers for their video capture card that lets you capture, edit and share your Xbox 360 or PS3 gameplay footage in High Def. So, along with their famous Corel Studio Pro, they now sell the majority of consumer video editing software on the market - they're practically the leader in this space in terms of sales volume. From my first hand experience with them, I can tell they literally treat their users and affiliates like partners.

I guess I'm supporting Germany and EU if I buy European software so that's good enough for me. Magic Video Transition EffectsVideo Studio Express for Mac can perfectly deal with one clip from another with transition Choose from 48 transitions to make your video special and interesting, you can add the transition between the clips, which makes the joining of those clips from one to the other fluent and gives your movies a personality from start to finish. You can also watch your movie on the go for the reason that you can edit and convert media files to any formats for portable devices. This site consists of tutorials and tips specifically created for people who are starting to edit videos.
Besides, if you're a YouTube fancier, you can upload your video creations to YouTube for sharing.

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