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In today’s entertainment centric world, everybody is involved in taking pictures, making videos and lots of other graphics related stuff in their profession as well as daily life. Avidemux is a free Linux based video editor designed to perform basic video editing tasks such as cutting, filtering and encoding. A neat tool for Linux, Cinerrla allows users creation and editing of videos, presentations and other moving graphics content with the utmost ease using its friendly UI.
For those who aren’t easy with big proprietary software like Photoshop, Corel and other graphics tools, CinePaint is a one shop stop for their editing needs. Re-invented to the web as the Cinefx project, jahshaka is aimed for professionals who want to get high end visuals and premium video editing at no cost for their organization or work needs. Kino provides users with easy and reliable digital video editing on videos of various export and import format using a user friendly interface. LiVES is a video editing tool for Linux with an additional functionality to perform as a Video Jockey software as well for Linux operating system. Have you ever used popular desktop recording software on Microsoft Windows like the famous ‘Demo Builder’? Not truly a video editing software, but Slideshow Creator helps you transform your static content i.e.
One of the friendliest tools for video editing and DVD making is Vivia and is available for both Linux and Microsoft Windows. This is a guest post by Hammad Saleem who blogs at iTechMax, a blog about software, technology, Blogging tips and tricks.
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It is much simpler to edit FLV files with professional FLV editors than with video editors that fail to support FLV video. As a professional FLV editor, Moyea YouTube Editor Ultimate is designed to help users edit FLV files freely.
Though Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 charges, it is provided as a free app in 30 days for users. As a favored video editor by Windows users, Windows Movie Maker is not only small in storage but also powerful in function. It supports multiple video formats such as the popular AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. The program is extremely light on system resources so can be used to perform big editing tasks. It provides scores of features which help user not only create content but to edit it at your will.
It not only supports making and editing videos but also has feature-set suitable for use by Video Jockeys (VJs) around the world.
Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into high quality DVD slide show which can bbe run on any media player across Linux and Windows.
It has a unique Multi-cam editing mode which allows editing of multiple scenes recorded using different cameras simultaneously and can add multiple movies in a single project.
It has numerous video editing features such as cutting, copy-paste, split pasting and graining which help users edit their videos completely under control.
Therefore, powerful FLV editors are called for when user desires to polish the FLV files for personal use. Finding a method to edit FLV files seems to be quite important since well-known video editors like Windows Movie Maker and Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 are on the list of video editors incompatible to FLV file.

However, since it fails to support FLV file, one is required to find out a way to edit FLV file with Vegas Movie Studio HD.
All in all, conversion apps are required to edit FLV files with Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 or with Windows Movie Maker while only a few clicks are needed to edit FLV files with Moyea FLV Editor Ultimate.
There are several tools available for video editing in Microsoft Windows operating system platform, and everyone thinks Linux lacks video editors. The great thing about Avidemux is that it is available not only Linux but for Windows and Mac OS X as well. Therefore this post will present top 3 methods to edit FLV files with popular video editors.
Luckily, with the help of several free video converters, one can easily make it a free method to edit FLV file with this video editor.
Though there are various ways to convert FLV files for Windows Movie Maker, they all gain some defects. Today we’ll clear this misconception and present to you ten of the best video editors available for Ubuntu and other flavors of Linux.
There are two methods to edit FLV files in general, editing the FLV file directly or editing the converted FLV file. When sorting those methods, they can be concluded as a direct method to edit FLV files, a free method to edit FLV file and a low-budget method to edit FLV files.

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