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Simplified Trade Finance Functions and Transactions built on Newgen Software's robust BPM, ECM and Smart Capture technologies. Design trade finance processes which are agile, accurate and help maximizing profits by bringing down transaction times and costs. Create better operational efficiency by reducing the need for specialized human resources across functions.
Newgen’s Trade Finance Software facilitates the automation and centralization of standard processes such as Export, Import documentation, Negotiation, Quotation, and Remittances. With the flexibility provided by the solution, processes can be structured according to changing market needs.
The solution ensures timely and accurate payments in trade business to the benefit of both buyers and sellers.
The Trade Finance industry is process-oriented, document-intensive and highly skill demanding. 1- Imports: Letter of Credits, Documentary Collection, Registration of Import Contracts, Advance Payments, Finance against Imported Materials, Finance against Trust Receipt, Finance against FE-25.

2- Exports: Negotiation, Discounting, Documentary Collection, Finance against Foreign Bills, Finance against FE-25, Export Refinance Facilities through State Bank of Pakistan etc. 4- Local Trade: Inland Letter of Credits, Back to Back Letter of Credits, Local Bill Discounting etc. We enjoy strong banking relationships with major local and international banks and as a result, our customer base vis-a-vis Trade Finance is growing by the day.
Summit Bank has a strategic presence in virtually all major cities of Pakistan, for instance, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Hyderabad. As a result Trade Finance providers can offer improved customer services owing to timely decisions. The Solution with the help of checklists, efficient tracking of credit documents, and internal controls ensures adherence to the highest level of standards and compliance. Newgen ensures that leveraging its Trade Finance solution an organization is well positioned to increase efficiency, enhance productivity and create higher business volumes. Global trade finance processes have not been optimized sufficiently due to paper-based practices slowing down key processes such as discrepancies handling.

The company has a global footprint of 1300+ installations in over 61 countries with large, mission-critical solutions that have been deployed at the world's leading Banks, Insurance firms, BPO’s, Healthcare Organizations, Government, Telecom Companies & Shared Service Centers.Newgen Software Inc. Trade Finance offerings can be ably extended even to low volume branches leading to pooling of resources and reduced operational costs. Staff with the requisite skills may not be present at all branches, and hiring trade specialists for low volume branches may not always be economically viable. Creating automated and well structured touch points, the solution leads to better customer engagements. The process suffers due to delays in document movement from branches to centre, and the delay is aggravated in case of banks spread across large geographies. Process improvement and reduction in transaction cycles support more efficient management of working capital, enabling the release of substantial volumes of cash which might otherwise be trapped in the supply chain.

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