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Today, video can be shot from cell phones, digital cameras and numerous other devices on the market. In the 17th century, there were no options for film production programs in a formal education setting. Prior to October 6, 1927, film didn’t not have any sound, which anyone who attends one of the many film production programs of today, knows what a vital factor sound is to any film.
Over the course of many decades film production courses became available and so did audio engineering schools. Synopsis: A border post on the Macedonian-Albanian border is thrown into disarray when it's commander discovers he has syphilis, creating chaos in his bid to avoid his wife and admitting his infidelity.

You probably pull out your smartphone and begin taping your child’s concert or view the video that you shot at the zoo of the animals via your camera. Still, film production programs and audio engineering school weren’t yet established. This caused quite a stir because many of the actors and actresses did not look like they should sound the way they do.
Concepts and inventions like high definition, camcorders and cell phones that record video became popular as well. Although this technology doesn’t seem as exciting as some of the apps on your cell phone, back in the 1800s, film was quite different and a true advancement in technology.

Throughout the 1800s, several inventions were made that gave the illusion of motion including a zoopraxiscope, fantascope and a thaumatrope.
In 1890, the mechanism that allows the film to advance and the perforated movie were created by Edison and Dickson.
Dickson’s invention of a basic camera that was motor powered and could photograph motion picture was known as a kinetograph.

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