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Here you'll learn about hottest apps & software, visit top destinations on the Net, and laugh at our funny discoveries. YouTube isn’t just for lightsaber-wielding kids, dramatic chipmunks and unusual wedding videos.
You don’t need a big budget or fancy technology – just a video camera (or smartphone), some free video-editing software, and a little creativity.
To get started creating a channel for your startup, you’ll need to have a Google account. This is important because you can only associate your Youtube channel with one Google account – if you link it with your personal account then it might cause problems in future, especially if you want other people to manage it on your behalf.
Once you’ve created your new Google account, visit YouTube and click Sign in in the top right corner, then enter your account information.
If you don’t have a Google+ profile setup yet, simply enter the YouTube username of your choice in the channel creation page.
If you do already have a Google+ profile, you can either use your Google+ name and avatar as your YouTube identity for your new Channel, or create a different username by clicking the Create a username link under the OK, I’m ready to continue button.
Once your channel has been created, you can update your avatar, background image, title and description by clicking the Channel Settings button.
While the video is uploading, you can update the basic video information including the Title and Description. Under the Advanced Settings tab, you can choose whether or not to allow comments, ratings, embedding and so on, as well as setting the video location and recording date.
Finally, when you’re video is ready, you can share and embed it via your website and social media accounts, or just copy and paste your video link into your EDGE application – and you’re done!
Sharing the video content that you create is one of the most important things you can do for your brand online. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using YouTube. If you’re using a different format than any of these, you can use the troubleshooter at this link to learn how to convert your file.
As far as length goes, when you initially create your YouTube account you’ll be limited to 15 minute uploads. The first step is to sign in to YouTube with any Google account or to create a new account. Here you can either click the arrow icon and choose a video from your computer to upload to the site, or drag the video directly onto the page. As your video is uploading you’ll have access to the screen below where you can choose your privacy settings and add additional information. Once YouTube has finished uploading the video you’ll receive an email alerting you that uploading and processing is complete.
The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have the most recent YouTube app on your phone. Another way to quickly and simply upload your video to YouTube is to email it to a special address. Create a title, choose the privacy settings and make sure to upload to the correct channel.
Now that you have a handful of different ways to add video content to YouTube, there’s no excuse not to get out there and start shooting some videos!
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
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Do you like to cover all kinds of homemade video footage, such as weddings, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, children growing up etc and then upload these AVCHD videos to YouTube for sharing with friends or others?
If you're a BlackBerry PlayBook owner, you've no doubt realized by now how great the video camera on the device really is. That of course, doesn't mean uploading videos taken with your BlackBerry PlayBook is out of the question though. The first thing you'll need to do after you have a video recorded and ready for upload is to head on over to the YouTube website. From there, you'll want to head down to the lower left and find the area where it says "Basic uploader" as highlighted in the image above. Now that your video has begun uploading, you can fill in all the regular options that YouTube allows for such as title, description, tags and all your individual sharing and embedding options. If you're heavy into BBM Channels and have been hoping for a way to view stats for individual posts to arrive, now is the time to celebrate. Sprint has announced that customers who sign up for its $100 a month Better Choice XXL plan will get a year of Amazon Prime for free, which is normally worth $99. If you want to keep your BlackBerry Priv protected without making it any bigger, this is the option for you.
Drop a comment below and let me, and everyone else who reads your post, know the top five reasons you still feel BlackBerry 10 is better than Android. Click the browser button and select a video from your computer then select a video format you want to convert. You can also set the size, start time, duration of the converted video, and add subtitle, watermark to the converted video, and when you click the reset button, all the values will be reset. You can also have a look at what others have converted and download the video which you like.
It’s also an opportunity to market your startup to a huge worldwide audience and build more personal relationships with your existing customers.
Or, if you’re lucky enough to be an ESpark Chiclet, you don’t even need those – thanks to Gylen at Boardman Media, many of us now have our very own professionally filmed and edited 60 second pitch videos! If you already have a personal Google account, they recommend you don’t use that – instead, create a new account specifically for your business.
On the following screen, click the large Select files from your computer button, and browse your computer for the video file. Under Privacy Settings, select Unlisted if you only want your video to be visible to the people who receive the link (for example, the EDGE competition jury). If you want to upload videos longer than this you’ll have to verify your YouTube account. If you don’t already have a video that you want to upload you can create one with a webcam directly from this screen. You can preview your files and edit them by trimming, cropping, merging, adding watermark, adjusting effect and more.
You can write down your video title and description and it's better to enter tags for easily searched by others. Videos taken with the BlackBerry PlayBook turn out great, especially when you have the ideal conditions in place.
Once completed, YouTube will produce a URL for you to your video that you can share with friends or whomever you wish.
It looks as though that's the latest feature to be added to BBM Channels through the desktop admin portal.

BlackBerry’s slide out hard case provides protection to the front and back of the phone, without hindering your phone’s ability to slide open or closed. Total Video Converter Command Line will convert the uploaded file to the specified output format online.
You can now like videos, subscribe to channels, and flag videos or save them for watching later, all using your Google account.
After you’ve done this, you’ll be able to upload videos up to 128GB in size and 11 hours in length!
YouTube gets format limitation, it only accepts files in format of FLV, MOV, MP4 etc except AVCHD. Read on past the break for a full run down of how to upload videos taken on your PlayBook directly to YouTube. Just in case YouTube is not your preferred video sharing site, I've used this method on Vimeo as well and it works just as easily and I'm sure it will work for many others as well -- though, I've not tested all possible sites. Remember by accepting Terms & Conditions, you agree to use YouTube according to their policy. If you break the rules such as YouTube community guidelines, YouTube may close your account.See here the reasons for possible account termination.
Basically, after the step #3 you can upload videos or you can go through 2 optional steps to get more advanced YouTube features.5. If you plan to start a popular YouTube channel, it’s highly recommended to link your YouTube channel and Google+ page. Several years ago, YouTube accepted only a few formats and video had to be under 100 MB and 10 minutes long. Since then the site has changed its rules and now, when YouTube easily accepts 4K resolution, 360 degree videos and file sizes of 2 GB.
In case your video camera has another format, you may always convert video to one of these formats with free Freemake Video Converter.
Let’s find out which ones.Resolution It’s recommended to upload videos in HD for quality playback. If you do it, black bars will be all around your video and it will look rather horrible.Frame Rate If it’s possible, you’d better keep an original frame rate.
These codecs are used in most modern videos, so you’ll hardly need to change this parameter.Format YouTube is a video streaming site.
So if you want to upload an audio track, a slideshow, a PowerPoint presentation or a cartoon to YouTube, you should encode it into a video format.
But even if you give a credit in video description to an original right holder, it doesn’t mean you don’t infringe the copyright. Click the “to YouTube” button as on the screenshot and enter your YouTube account credentials and hit the “Upload” button.
Let’s say you need to share a family photo slideshow, you can pick the “Unlisted” setting and email a link to YouTube video to your family members. If you have an iPhone or iPad, tap the hamburger sign and go to “My channel”, then hit the “Upload” sign. Use one of supported video formats and don’t upload big files if you have unverified YouTube account.

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