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There are some pros and cons to consider when uploading YouTube videos and scheduling them to go live on your channel at a later date.
I recently started using this Facebook app from vidIQ and you can see how nicely it displays videos in a tab on my Facebook page here and the scheduled video didn’t appear until hours later. Keep these points in mind if you should decide to use the scheduling option and let me know if you encounter similar hiccups.
It’s important to check your YouTube Analytics to see if the scheduled time selected is the optimal time for your audience. When YouTube officially opened the partner program and allowed just about everyone with and AdSense account to monetize their videos they promised that pretty soon we would all have the ability to assign custom thumbnail images. For those who aren’t aware, of what the impact of having a custom and visually attractive image thumbnail might mean, try to compare it to getting Google Authorship for your blog. It’s also important to monetize your YouTube channel before you see the availability of these options. Video marketing should be an integral part of your online presence and your content marketing strategy. Get started with your own YouTube Video channel, one day you’ll look back and be glad you did. We now have the ability to schedule our uploads to YouTube. So let me show you how that works. Add me to circles on Google+ If you have questions, or want some feedback about your blog, sign up to get free tips and resources to help you expand your audience! Hi Edward, if you’re using Bufferapp already maybe you can use the sames times that they suggest for Tweets as the publishing times for your vids. Youtube videos build your brand, increase trust and make people realize that yes, you are human.
Hi Shamelle, the way things work with YouTube these days, anyone who has AdSense on their account is considered a partner. This post has come up at the great time because I was looking to do something with the youtube video uploading with in my blog and that’s helped me a lot.
So this is that kind of strategy which will work on the target for you if you will use it with right ideas according to time because it helps lot to increase traffic for your site and blog as well.
Glad to see that Youtube is now considering making changes to their platform and how users interact with the back-end system.
Hi Zarabrad, YouTube is one of my favorite places to promote my blog so I’m happy to see these changes also. You has become a great tool for online marketing and with this scheduling has made it more appealing,thanks for sharing. Hi Ronnie, I’m sure the little glitches I encountered are due to the flood of users taking advantage of these new options and things will get better in time.

Thanks for stopping by and it’s my pleasure to add some link luv for your blog and Google + posts here at Basic Blog Tips. Hi Mark, let me know if you schedule any videos for uploading to YouTube and how you make out. YouTube has been introducing a lot of new useful features these days and with Vlogging gaining its popularity, these tips will help the newbies vlog better. YouTube is best know for its video hosting capabilities which have been improved a lot by Google in recent years. What many YouTube users do not know is that it is also possible to use YouTube to create photo slideshows.
Open the YouTube website and click on the upload button after you have signed in to your account.
Here you can add videos either via drag and drop, or by clicking on the button in the middle of the page. A preview of the photos that you have selected are then displayed as thumbnail previews on the upload page. Once you are satisfied with the selection, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and select next there.
Here you can preview the video and modify a couple of effects including the slide duration, the slide effect and the transition effect. This redirects you to the last page of the process where you need to add a title, description and tags to the video. YouTube's photo slideshow creation feature is a great addition to the site, even though it is a bit basic in some regards. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
Just like the concept of scheduling Facebook posts or Tweets ahead of time, there are some major advantages.
That made me a little uneasy because I didn’t want to post the video to Facebook manually then have it show up as a double posting later on. Overall I think scheduling is worth a shot if you want to buffer your content or if you promised your subscribers that you will release a new video on a specific day of the week, as I mentioned earlier. You might find that you get more views on Monday mornings or perhaps your view counts are going up on the weekends.
A few weeks later YouTube asked us to have patience as they figured out how to scale this feature and give more users access. Yeah – when you look at it like that, now you know why YouTubers like me and my friend Ronnie Bincer were so anxious to have access to this feature. Now this basic step is really important because if you don’t do this before you start to upload your video it will be too late.

I'm Ileane and this blog was created to help you learn about WordPress blogging, Social Media Optimization, YouTube Tutorials and more. Whenever I used to upload any video, youtube didn’t give me to chose suitable thumbnail ( actually the final product of the tutorial ).
I usually finish my videos late at night, this would work perfect for me since no one would see them at midnight. I was delighted to see the “upload custom thumbnail” option available for all of my YouTube video uploads as well. The site is supporting higher resolutions now for instance or making available a video editor to its users and while that is certainly basic in comparison to high end video editing tools, it makes available a set of interesting features on the site directly.
Most users are probably creating the slideshows in programs like Windows Movie Maker before they upload the resulting videos to YouTube. Here you can pick photos that you have already uploaded to various Google services, or use the upload photos option to add new photos from your local system. You can rearrange them here or remove photos that you do not want to include in the slideshow.
You can't add your own music to the slideshow for instance, and there is no option to add custom text to the slideshow.
He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. Technical issues with scheduling don’t bother me much, so the benefit of being able to do it is a major positive in my book. I like to promote my videos right after they are published and most of my promotions are based on the feed being available and current. This is however no longer necessary as YouTube is supporting the creation of photo slideshows now as well. If you just want to create a slideshow though and do not mind that, then it is certainly an interesting option for that. Scheduling posts ahead gives a flexibility that’s worth the occasional technical difficulty.

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