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To celebrate their 10th year making longboards, Rayne is proudly offering a lineup of some of their most popular graphics from years past.
The Fujifilm ASK-4000 and ASK-2000 are dye-sub digital printers aimed at studio, wedding and event photographers. The ASK-4000 and ASK-2000 Digital Printers allow studio, wedding and event photographers to quickly and easily provide customers with 4 x 6 inch prints in 8 seconds and 8 x 10 inch prints in 40 seconds. The ASK-2000 and ASK-4000 Digital Printers use Fujifilm’s chemical-free dye-sublimation print technology.
The ASK-4000 Digital Printer offers edge-to-edge printing and produces 8 x 10-inch prints in just 40 seconds, and 8 x 12-inch prints in just 49 seconds. The ASK-2000 Digital Printer offers edge-to-edge printing and is capable of delivering the following output sizes: 4 x 6-inch, 5 x 7-inch, 6 x 8-inch, 6 x 9-inch prints. As with many of Fujifilm’s digital printing solutions, the ASK-4000 and ASK-2000 Digital Printers have a wide range of applications beyond traditional professional photography, For agencies such as government and law enforcement organizations, high-quality prints are a necessity for crime scene photos, mug shots, evidence photos and photo I.D. Fujifilm brings continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries including medical, life sciences, consumer electronic, chemical, graphic arts, information systems, photography and office products based on its vast portfolio of digital, optical, fine chemical and thin film coating technologies. We are interested to switch over from the existing printer to thermal of Fuji 4000 we need the price in india availablity Bhopal (Madhyapradesh) mobile NO. Could you please send me your price list of various Fujifilm Kiosks incuding media costs and output.

Please send me cost of ask2000, ask2500 & ask4000 printer in ranchi (india) in indian rupees.
The performance of this 2 printers appear to great as per reviews and comments on this blog. All printing companies in the world make printers that can be used for a variety of conditions with varying features. We use these and love them, we have had to upgrade our computer and now these computers are not compatible. An 8x10 inch print can be made in 40 seconds, and both printers feature color-correction software incorporating Fujifilm’s Image Intelligence technology. Onsite printing also eliminates the need and expense of organizing, printing and mailing photos in the days following an event. This method involves an ink ribbon, heated by a thermal head and coated with dye, which transfers the dye onto special coated paper. All operation and maintenance functions, from switching on the power to loading paper and changing ink ribbons, can be performed with the printer in place, and can be conveniently accessed by opening the front cover.
The printer produces 5 x 7-inch prints at 16 seconds per print, allowing professional photographers to generate up to 225 prints per hour.
The company provides products and services that contribute to the advancement of culture, science, technology and industry, as well as to improved health and environmental protection.

ASK-4000 and ASK-2000 could be a right choice, especially for those who want to capture precious moments in the life. The ASK-4000 and ASK-2000 enable a wide range of professional photographers to reap the benefits of Fujifilm’s industry-leading commercial photo printing technology.
The paper absorbs the dye to form visible images, and is then sealed by a protective UV overcoat layer to provide a water-resistant barrier, helping to ensure the preservation of images.
No light-sensitive materials are required, so the printers can be installed and operated in normal surroundings. These organizations often do not have dedicated photo lab staffs and would prefer not to handle chemical printing processes, so the ASK-4000 and ASK-2000 provide an ideal “dry,” hassle-free printing solution to meet their needs. Powered by the standard AC100-240V current, the ASK-2000 and ASK-4000 are ready to print at the touch of a switch. It is ranging from the printing process briefly, only several seconds for large-sized photos!

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