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Dutch advertising company used an overweight male stripper to build awareness of their billboard visibility. That’s my favourite, together with the bubble gum one - I think both have a startling impact when first encountered, which is exactly what advertising aims to do. These advertisements were ruled as being 'deceptive' by the Assistant Attorney General of Texas (Stephen Gardner) in association with other Attorney General offices throughout the U.S. Advertisement plays an important part to convey the idea and catch the attention of a target audience and deliver a specific message in a clear manner.

Charleston, South Carolina, attracts families and friends with Southern history and ocean-side entertainment. Drop in any time and let one of our assistants put on just the music you will enjoy hearing. Though we do not request you to listen to all of them, we hope you would be interested in hearing a few. Here we have make a amazing and creative collection of tremendous advertisements for your marketing inspiration.

As we are well known of the place and important part of advertisement in the present, marketing and advertising companies are continuously busy in introducing their creative ideas in the form of print advertisements.

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