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Because high-definition camcorders and digital cameras are now sold at the local electronic store, we are able to enjoy professional quality video and pictures at home.
As files get bigger and bigger, image processing, such as video editing, on traditional computers using CPU technology take longer and longer. GPU technology, in order to handle large amounts of graphic data, consists of several Streaming Processors(SP) enabling parallel processing. The general utilization of GPU not relating to graphics is called GPGPU (General Purpose GPU). LoiLoTouch™ is compatible with top of the line technology and is the world’s first video editing software which fully utilizes GPU technology: Play videos with CUDA™, edit and compose with ecou engine, output with CUDA™. With LoiLoTouch™, our ultra high-speed video editing software, anyone can enjoy editing HD videos with their own personal computer. LoiLoTouch is ultra high-speed video editing software that takes advantage our very own high-speed video processing engine. With LoiLoTouch™, experience CUDA™ technology by clicking the CUDA™ button when encoding a video.
The only problem is that youa€™re very unsettled as to what processor should be running this dream machine. Processors of different cores perform differently according to the application and operating system.
Hyper-Threading  is an Intel technology and is helpful when running multi-threaded applications or multiple tasks simultaneously. AMD processors utilize Hyper-Transport  technology for communications between the processor and the chipset. Performance is definitely not the only requirement to consider in buying an editing computer. Power consumption and heat dissipation are both currently very serious problems and deserve extra attention. Without enough power your video editing can be slowed to a crawl and mysterious computer crashes can occur. The boxed version is for the retail market with a processor and normally a CPU cooler included. If you want to be sure that you get a quality component the boxed (Retail) processors are the way to go and they also usually have better and longer warranties.

Price is always an important factor to consider regardless of what type of CPU you are buying.
All Rights Reserved.The information on this site is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Do you want to upgrade or buy to a more powerful video editing computer CPU (Central Processing Unit)a€¦? A CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is effectively the "brains" of the video editing computer or the digital device it occupies. Hard drives, network switches, and digital mobile phones are just a few examples of embedded electronic systems that utilize a CPU.
The CPU's role is to manage the entire functionality of the electronic device it occupies.Even in computer chips specifically designed for a particular function the CPU embedded in it is a vital component. So the more functions that device needs to perform, the more CPU processing power is required. The CPU cache is a smaller faster memory which stores copies of the data from the most frequently used main memory locations. When you enter a command the CPU can now process the request without the delay of going through additional circuitry, which will drastically improve your editing computer's performance.When looking for a video editing computer CPU make sure to look carefully at the specs on this as the CPU cache plays a very important part in how fast a CPU will respond to instructions. Turning a 178 MB WAV file into an MP3 by using a Pentium 4 1500 MHz (1.5 GHz) CPU would take about 243 seconds. The CPU is the key to having enough computing power to run your video editing software easilya€¦!Soa€¦ Just make sure that you choose the right one when you're buying your video editing computera€¦! The SATA hard drive interface consists of a seven-pin data cable which connects the drive to the system motherboard. Hard drives use a cache buffer system (embedded memory in the hard drive) to speed up the data transfer performance of the drive. Be sure to keep your video editing computer hard drive disk defragmented or you will see a drop off in data access speed as your hard drive has to "hunt" for the files you request. The data capacity of a hard drive is measured in "bytes" and one billion bytes is a "Gigabyte" or "GB" for short. The more space available on the disk the better, and the more expensive the drive generally is.
Over the last decade, the storage capacity for standard 3.5-inch hard drives has grown by orders of magnitude unimagined by the early hard drive manufacturers.

Hard drive manufacturers have now made cheap, efficient and high-capacity hard drive storage available to everyone and for the video editor this is a happy circumstance, because as we know, video files can be huge!
Choosing the best drive for your computer is a decision that is based on how you use your computer.
The new H440 features a doorless, ODD-free front panel made entirely of steel while a large, full-view window reveals an interior specially engineered to make any build seamless and beautiful.
After many requests from customers to design the perfect video editing PC, we put together a custom system capable of handling even the most strenuous capturing, editing and encoding projects you can think of. GeForce GTX 280, a high-end model developed by NVIDIA consists of 240 SPs; whereas a typical CPU only carrying 4 at most. The developmental environment in which NVIDIA provides is what we call NVIDIA CUDA™ Technology.*Floating point Operations per Second-Measures the calculation speed within one second.
In addition to smooth video playing & editing, by using the CUDA™ encoder for video output, LoiLoTouch is 10x faster than when only using a CPU processor.
Not only that, but LoiLo has also succeeded in performing a highly impressive speed with GPU for video processing. The big SATA drives will provide you with plenty of storage space and are fast enough (7200 RPM) these days to keep up with your video editing requirements as long as you're not producing involved videos with lots of special effects. The H440 ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing anybody to become an expert on clean cable management.
When measuring computer performance with *FLOPS, a Quad Core CPU results to about 100GFLOPS. NVIDIA GPU already distributed in 15 million personal computers, we succeeded in processing HD videos without any frame drops or buffering.
Supporting both 140mm and 120mm fans, the steel top and front panels come Kraken™ ready- fitting radiators up to 360mm in size to offer comprehensive water cooling performance in a sleek, minimalist package.

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