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It also offers an API to integrate their image editor to your page for editing Images on your website. HD Video Editing Is BulletproofAs a gesture of support for free speech, Woot announces today that we will not be selling this video-editing software in China. We simply cannot countenance placing these robust HD video capabilities into the hands of a regime that suppresses its citizens’ rights to open and unrestricted expression.
Some may say “But you guys have never shipped to China anyway.” To this, we reply, “Why you gotta harsh our freedom buzz?” We would love to be able to offer the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 to liberty-loving peoples everywhere, but when faced with the twin tyrannies of state oppression and expensive freight, we must do the honorable thing.

Native HD, get the same pristine quality from your original source all the way to final output – without transcoding and in real-time. Woot may designate a user comment as a Quality Post, but that doesn't mean we agree with or guarantee anything said or linked to in that post. We deeply apologize to anyone denied these HD video-editing capabilities because of their government’s authoritarian policies. It has a lot of features, but sometimes, I just want to quickly crop an image or change its contrast and it is annoying to wait ages for it to load.

Anyway, while searching for a way to allow users of my German Anime community ( to edit their avatars online, I stumpled upon pixlr. Edit it, add effects, burn it to a Blu-Ray disc – you won’t lose a pixel of quality from your original native HD video.

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