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Kdenlive is an open-source, non-linear video editing software available for FreeBSD, Linux and MAC OSX platforms. OpenShot is perhaps one of the most active open source video editing software projects out there.
Flowblade Movie Editor is an open source, multitrack and non-linear video editor for Linux.
Cinelerra is a professional video editing and compositing software for Linux which is also open source. I have deliberately not included Blender here because, even though it can do video editing, Blender is much more than that.

Lightworks was perhaps one of the firsts to adopt computer-based non-linear editing systems, and has been in development since 1989. Kdenlive was one of the earliest to develop a dedicated video editor for Linux with the project starting as early as in 2002. Blender is a full blown graphics processing software with advanced 3D modelling capabilities (Tears of Steel was the latest in a long list of official Blender made animation movies). The release of an open source version, as well as ports for Linux and Mac OS X were announced in May 2010. And after a successful Kickstarter funding campaign recently, the team will be launching a Windows and Mac version of OpenShot apart from the normal Linux variant.

The latest version, Cinelerra 4.4, was released more than an year ago and it featured a faster startup and increased responsiveness among other improvements. But with the arrival of Linux variants from many big-shots such as Lightworks, things are slowly starting to change.
Remember the kind of sweeping-change we witnessed in the Linux gaming scene once Valve released their much-touted Steam client for Linux.

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