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One of my friends spent his childhood playing little league football, dreaming of the day that he would step onto the field as an NFL player.
That got me thinking about some of the sales teams that I have lead and trained and how the same rule had applied!
Please enable JavaScript in your browser - we need them for the 'browse by tag' navigation. The full version had a keyframe timeline, pre-made dance poses, sine based rhythm, the possibility to save animations and send them to friends, and the soundtrack from the TV advertisement. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License, unless otherwise noted.
Marketing is a vast and complex area that contains way too much to cover in a few articles so the focus of this blog is on the practical rather than the theoretical.
Time and time again, I came across talented, and at times seasoned, sales professionals that simply were not maximizing their success because they didn’t understand the process (playbook). I came across those sales people who may not have had the “natural talent” but were committed to learning and sticking to a winning equation. You should…every company, regardless of size, age or industry of operation should have formal processes in place for all areas of their business! Users could create animated sequences by posing the citroen robot and making it dance by playing the key-framed poses.
After years of drills, repetition and going the extra mile, the day came where he finally made it into the “big leagues”.  He wasn’t the fastest, largest or hardest hitting player on the field, however, he had a successful 10 year career in the NFL. Deals that were lost because of lack of follow-up, agreement executions that were stalled due to poor time management,  money left on the table because of weak negotiation skills – I could go on and on with the parallels.
They learned the system, applied the system, welcomed constructive criticism, constantly sourced expertise from those around them, came in early, stayed late, under promised, over delivered and constantly had a portfolio of satisfied clientele. When I asked him what he attributed his longevity and success to, he said that he “always knew the playbook”.  He went on to describe how knowing the play is like knowing a dance.

Often times they may have not been identified as the “first round pick” but they were very frequently considered the “go to” members of their sales teams. I guess the very first piece of advice I can give you is to think about how your game is going to be marketed right at the beginning because there are a couple of important decisions you will make that will impact the game design and how successful you are in taking it to market. These professionals represent the building blocks of lasting success in any sales organization!
Do you have a group of individuals out in the field all chasing goals on their own, not operating in support of one another and the organization?
Assuming you are at the beginning of the process, there are 2 key artifacts you need to create:Marketing strategyMarketing plan I advise you to keep these two things separate, at least, in the beginning. Or do you have a team, moving together in unison, to accomplish dominance over your competitors ultimately securing your firm’s position as a leader?  Work on ensuring that each of your team members understand the process and the critical role they each play and you will surely find yourselves celebrating like champions! He watched many “talented players” not maximize their potential because they just understand the importance of committing to knowing how to execute the plays. To begin with, like I said, keep them separate, as they require you to think at different levels to create them. You need to think about the marketing strategy right at the beginning of the game creation process because certain decisions around things like game design, monetization, languages and localization will all be impacted by your marketing strategy. If you are self-publishing then the key things you need to cover in your marketing strategy are:GaaP vs. TV companies decide which TV programs to make or buy based on the audience they are trying to target. However, I feel relatively safe suggesting that not enough of that decision is driven from the marketing strategy. Traditionally, it has been harder to self-publish on certain consoles than say on mobile for example although all of this is changing rapidly.
Many games developers launch their game initially in a test market where they gain valuable insight into how it is being played so that they can make initial changes before they launch the game in other perhaps lee forgiving markets.
This is to be expected however, you should still plan a budget around how much you can spend before the game makes any money and then how much you are prepared to continue spending at various different revenue levels. Naturally, most developers don’t have these budgets so it is unlikely, for example, that you would even consider a TV ad in the early stages of your game marketing plan (if your game becomes the next Clash of Clans then you might well use TV ads quite a lot).

The best channel a game developer has is its existing customer base on other games it has launched. All of these areas need to be considered carefully at the beginning of your game project and the analysis and conclusions are what make up your marketing strategy. Over the coming weeks we are going to continue to publish new posts in this series about Game Marketing that deal with the channels that should make up most indies’ marketing plans. In many ways it resembles playing a good strategy game or it can sort of be like fishing where you place a certain amount of strategically located nets and each day you check them to see how many fish you have caught. Your should define your market first before you go with the creation of the game, concept and design.
Is it possible to get hands on the complete marketing strategies of top iOS games, like Bubble Trouble 2: The Castle, Deer Hunter, etc? As per my latest implement experience, the given all strategies are effective to get proper results. We love GameSparks and are sticking with it going forward." Hutch Games, MMX Racing - As featured on iTunes worldwide. It offers us rich social features that have been well developed and scale to our needs." Square Enix John Lusty Technical Director (Worldwide) " No GameSparks. Plus, features like the Test Harness and SnapShots are a big selling point for me.” Kendosoft Luke Clark Founder, Lead Designer “After researching different highly-scalable backend solutions, GameSparks was the clear winner. The platform offers everything we were looking for including an excellent suite of tools for development and testing. Flexibility, rapid iteration and stability are key to us and the team at GameSparks really understands this.

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