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EximiousSoft GIF Creator is a program that allows you to create GIF animations in a simple manner. So, you can create a blank frame, duplicate a frame, add frames from images, reverse their order or arrange them in the animation. Evidently, you can use basic image editing tools, such as rectangular, lasso or magic wand selection, resize and rotate pictures, as well as add image objects, symbols and text.

But you can also use a pencil, eraser, flood fill and color picker, draw a rectangle, ellipse or polygon, as well as zoom in and out. The program runs on a moderate amount of system resources, includes a complete help file for beginners and has a pretty good response time (EximiousSoft GIF Creator may temporarily freeze when you're trying to optimize or preview the animation). All in all, EximiousSoft GIF Creator is a very good program for building and designing GIF animations and we strongly recommend it to all user levels.

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