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This is a typical three-tier web application (presentation, application, and persistence), designed to scale out by additional hosts at each level and has built-in performance, failover and availability features. Since AWS does not provide a public DNS management service, changes need to be effected in this regard so that the public DNS can point to an Elastic Load Balancing Canonical Name (CNAME) or to an Elastic IP address.
In the world of dynamic IP addresses, traditional web hosting architectures need to undergo some changes. Traditional traffic filtering at the network's edge is replaced in the cloud with a host based security model. Hardware load balancers are replaced with software based Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) in the AWS world. Edge caching is implemented in the AWS world via the Amazon CloudFront service for assets stored in Amazon S3. AWS offers two primary database solutions a€“ hosting RDBMS on an EC2 instance or the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for a hosted RDBMS solution. For database instances running directly on EC2 (not using RDS), the Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes are used for fault tolerant and persistent storage. In addition to support for relational databases, AWS provides the SimpleDB service, which provides a lightweight, highly available and fault tolerant core non-relational database service, offering querying and indexing of data without the requirement of a fixed schema. In the traditional model, traffic forecasting is the basis for provisioning servers ahead of projected traffic. Across the globe, businesses of all sizes are discovering the benefits of moving their services to the cloud. You can completely eliminate the need for new storage hardware by migrating to our cloud servers. Consumer electronics is shifting from cell phones to smart phones, and the business world is shifting from tape backup to cloud backup. You can significantly lessen the load on your internal systems and IT personnel by hosting your business application on the cloud. As a business focused on providing the best service to your customers, you are often faced with the need for customized applications specific to your needs.

Storage virtualization is the process of consolidating multiple storage hardware into a seemingly single unit for end-users. Server virtualization is the process of partitioning individual servers into multiple environments which are hidden from end-users. Elastic IPs (Static IPs in the AWS world) is required to be assigned for consistent network endpoints such as databases, central file servers, and EC2 hosted load balancers.
ELBs can dynamically alter the load balancing capacity to meet traffic demands, while providing a predictable entry point via a persistent canonical name (CNAME). This can be used for accelerating application performance via local edge cache point-of-presence (POP), enabling improved streaming and static downloads.
The traditional database configurations for backup and failover carry over to the AWS cloud world. Database data and logs placed on EBS volumes will be available even if the database host fails. SimpleDB is a good database replacement solution in situations that require data access from one big, highly indexed and flexible schema table. In the AWS context instances can be provisioned dynamically, in real time, based on a set of triggers for scaling out and back in. Cloud computing allows access from anywhere, with no hardware required, no steep upfront charges, or drawn-out installation times. Our cloud business continuity service ensures that your systems never skip a beat, even when there is a failure. Learn how to simplify storage and data management with our innovative backup and recovery solutions that can optimally support your growing business and enhance productivity.
Since we are responsible for maintenance, you can expect significant reliability and security improvements in the performance of your business applications.
Developing them from scratch is a laborious process, but we can help by providing access to the convenience and reliability of an available and managed platform. We can help you seamlessly manage desktops and laptops across multiple locations, allowing for centralized control, greater compliance and significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We can accurately assess what your business requires, what you lack and how you can bridge that gap at minimum cost. Through this process, companies can centralize data storage, strategically manage backup, and experience significant performance, ease-of management and cost advantages. It enables companies to save money on hardware by providing efficient server consolidation. Instances such as web servers that require dynamic scale out and in are configured as dynamic endpoints, to be discovered by the more persistent services. Deployment across Availability Zones (AZ) is similar to a back-up datacenter, as each AZ is entirely separated from the other zones in the same region to ensure availability.
This EBS volume can be attached to any new instance, providing for redundancy and availability over simple disks.
It just makes good business sense to leverage the benefits of cloud computing in providing superior service to your customers. Whether its website hosting, file storage or database hosting, our scalable, reliable cloud servers can do it all. All your vital data and applications are backed up in a secure data center, so you can switch in real time to your backup and continue running your business with virtually no downtime. Additionally, the technology allows companies to manage, deploy, and recover complex server environments with unparalleled speed and accuracy.
Cloud computing with ITatOnce offers you scalable services capable of increasing seamlessly as your customer base increases. You get secure email services at low cost, paying for only what you use or number of users.

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