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With the digital age and constant growth of technology, marketers must read up on the latest trends and ways to increase business. The value of Social media marketing is a topic which is hotly debated by various entities within the world of web development.
Facebook has amassed the staggering amount of over 900 million users, who post a total of 3.2 billion comments daily. The list goes on and on, and it is immediately clear that there is certainly no lack of traffic and potential customers using social media. Feel free to contact us to discuss any queries you might have on social media marketing, and get your brand connected today! In an environment where too many claim to be 'webmasters', spend a few minutes with Brandmedia and you will understand why they have our account.
We used BrandMedia to build our online store, and blog, they delivered exactly what we were looking for. With the amount of blogs posted daily on marketing, how can new marketers know which articles to read and which ones to skip?

With factions fighting on both sides of the fence, you might well be left wondering if it is worth investing any time or money in trying to promote your brand on social media. Users sharing your posts and recommending your products will create and awareness of your brand online. With the billions of people using social media, you can be certain that there are potential customers looking for exactly what you have to offer. It’s important to remember that Millennials want to be connected to a brand and participate with them.
If you’re just entering the workforce or new to marketing, these marketing leaders share where they go to for resources on all things marketing and some of their favorite articles. You will be able to reach them quicker through social media marketing than with most conventional marketing methods. Adding content daily and posting links referring to your website will count towards a better ranking in search engines, providing you with an added boost of organic SEO.
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Just this week, Chipotle launched its game “Friend or Faux”, a mobile and desktop computer game, that compares its ingredients to its competitors. Many brands have gotten this concept right by recognizing the stage of life and age of Millennials and found ways to get into their circle.
This gives customers a fun way to explore the ingredient list that make up any fast food company. Uber, Netflix, Chipotle and TOMS are a few among the list and although it may seem like Millennials only want to be lazy and chow on their favorite burrito bowl, they actually connect to these brands because of things like convenience, healthy lifestyles and authentic causes. Not to mention, users who complete the “Friend or Faux” ingredient comparison experience will receive a buy-one-get-one coupon and be entered in the larger national sweepstakes.

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