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Like a bad habit, Nestle just can't help sending Japan more and more bastardized versions of their most famous chocolate bar. Pineapple is one of those great fruits that pretty much everyone loves, unless you do something gross with it like put in on a pizza, or say, make a Kit Kat flavour out if it. When I was a kid, my grandmother used to tell me that M&Ms were made of milk chocolate except the orange ones, which were made of orange chocolate.
Japan's newest flavour, coming out at the beginning of September, brings summer to a close not with a bang, but with a whimper. So Nestle people, in conclusion I'd like to say that first, your sugar adding machine seems to be broken.
Lets get the bad news out of the way, sadly there is NO recipe or making guide for this Kit Kat cheesecake, you can buy it from the image link, but they do not ship worldwide. Not that you should need it, but sadly there is once again not recipe or making guide in the image link, instead it leads to someone else’s top 10 Kit Kat cakes! Chocolate cake, covered in Chocolate cream, surrounded by Chocolate Kit Kats and all finished off with Chocolate Rolos! Not so much full on Birthday cake, more party snack cupcakes, but that doesn’t stop these Kit Kat cupcakes from being epic! For green tea to have sunk to the level of being stuck in some Western chocolate bar must be a new low, just one step up from sprinkling it on french fries. With so much potential to be bad, imagine my surprise when it turned out to be pretty darn good! True or not, I've always had something of an orange chocolate fascination so I was reasonably happy when I first saw Kit Kat's new Orange & Chocolate flavour. With all the exotic flavours they've gone and thought up, it's pretty anti-climactic to then give us the most boring flavour that ever existed: vanilla.
I'm not sure if it was malfunctioning when the Pineapple Kit Kat I ate was being made, but I suggest you look into that quickly. With a pigs bathing in mud theme on the top and the outside of the cake surrounded by Kit-Kats it looks rather complicated to make, but a winner for sure.

But there are many, many great recipes out there for us to try, but I just included this one because it looked too tasty not to share with everyone. Well worth a look if you are looking around at other peoples styles before choosing your own. Sadly there is no recipe or making guide in the image link, but it still worth seeing the extra images.
Made with Nothing more than layers of Ice-Cream and layers of Kit Kat cakes it sounds just too good to be true. With pretty white ribbon bow to finish it off, this would be perfect for an anniversary party or happy event other than a wedding. And all that chocolate goodness comes with a full recipe and making guide in the image link as well. To be fair though, with all the other flavours popping up, this just wouldn't be Japan without a green tea Kit Kat.
For one thing, they didn't make the Kit Kat some silly yellow colour, the chocolate was real. I expected it to be something like the previous Brandy and Orange flavour which I gave rave reviews to in February, but it turned out to be fairly disappointing.
However when you add fake kiwi essence or flavour to something, say a Kit Kat for example, it's like giving up before even starting. However a small ray of hope remains that with a flavour so simple, the chances of Nestle screwing it up seem pretty small, wouldn't you think? If it wasn't an accident, promote the guy who made the Pineapple flavour and fire everyone else. With green and red coloured M&Ms and a nice snowman ribbon it is sure to go down a lot better with the whole family than some sill traditional fruit and spicy pud!
The good news here is that there is a step by step video making guide to be found by clicking on the image.
Sadly no making guide in the image link, but there are more images of this style of cake to be found.

Once again, I felt I just had to give you all the benefit of my expert opinion (and taste buds).
However like green tea ice cream, I find adding sugar and milk to green tea totally ruins the flavour. Before you jump to any conclusions though be assured that yes, they've found a way to screw up vanilla.
Next, your package designs are fantastic, but you might want to put a bit more effort into making your product actually taste good. But what she had made that day was actually a commonly made cake with it’s images going viral whenever a new one was made! At least the outside wasn't orange coloured, but the orange flavour stuff inside was as chemically flavoured and fake as could be. Once again, these upstart flavours will have to pit themselves against the original which will be given an automatic score of zero. Green tea might be an antioxidant, but sweet green tea is an oxymoron, like putting maple syrup on sausages, or eating a cheese and jam sandwich. Maybe Nestle has finally realized that people actually don't like gagging when they eat chocolate bars?
If it tasted like vanilla ice cream that would have been a big bonus, but all I tasted was white chocolate, and as usual enough sugar to satisfy a thousand starving hummingbirds. Some green wavy lines didn't make up for the sickeningly sweet taste and some fake green tea flavour.

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