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So Microsoft has decided to remove DVD playback from Windows Media Player in Windows 8, which basically removes a feature from the player that has been there under Windows 7. If you do not want to pay money for adding DVD playback support to your version of Windows 8, you may be interested in free DVD players for the operating system that you can use instead for the very same purpose. I just want to briefly mention an alternative that may work for you: you can also rip DVD movies on your system into popular video formats that every media player plays back just fine. To load media from within the player select Media > Open Disc, or use the shortcut Ctrl-D to open the menu. It is a bit irritating that the player opens a second window in which the DVD gets played while the main window stays open at the same time.
There are enough free programs available that let you play movie DVDs on Windows 8 without purchasing the add-on pack or buying a commercial program to do so. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
KMplayer has been known to annonymously send user data back to pandora without user's input.
Any evidence to back that up?To say 'avoid at all cost' is sheer scaremongering & absolute crap! It is worth mentioning that MPC-HC requires DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) which is a ~96 mb file ( just the installer ) . To use a non native player to perform a basic task is a regression, I continue sticked with Windows 7.
Windows 8 Codecs 1.xx is more than enough on Windows 8 to play all major and many uncommon formats.
I feel it bears repeating that Media Player Classic Home Cinema is pretty much the ever-lovin' BOMB, y'all. I think think they do mean that Windows Media Player will not support it, but you can still use alternative programs.
For playing Blu-ray on Windows 8, i just use UFUSoft Blu-ray Player, it workds very well on Windows 8 PC.
As far as I'm aware only VLC out of all of the suggested alternatives can decrypt and playback DVD's . Sadly VLC doesn't get passed our licensing at work due to the nature of the De-CSS routine it uses so that still leaves without a free DVD play back solution for Windows 8.

Before other media players supported the MP3 format, this was the only player worth getting.
Winamp is made by a cool company called Nullsoft that created a vibrant community around this product. There are thousands of Winamp skins around the net to choose from and it is easy to create your own.
The team at nullsoft worked hard to get Winamp to play as many file formats as possible as smoothly as possible. Needless to say, there are a number of plugins made for Winamp, so you will never be bored downloading them and trying them out. We already covered some great music player apps in our Top 4 Music Players for Windows Phone article. What this does not change though is that Windows Media Player will still not support movie DVD playback. Check out the DVD ripping software VidCoder for Windows, the easy to use Bitripper, or programs listed at our ultimate movie DVD tool collection guide. Select the movie DVD or Blu-Ray, click on play, and wait until the menu is displayed or a video begins to play.
It supports DVD playback, but needs to be configured first for it before the option becomes available. To play DVDs move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the window and select the leftmost load button there.  Here you need to select Open DVD and wait for the movie to load in the interface. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. Windows RT, for me it is comparable to Android tablets and to iPad, and those do not have DVD playback as well. Hey Martin, the world seems a bit confused about the terminology of Win8, Metro, Modern, WinRT.. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. Nullsoft added a mini brower in the new versions, but these components, similar to a stereo system, are the base of this program. The home screen is divided into several tabs, sorting your music collection by name, albums, artist and playlist.

Unlike the other two, its homescreen is divided into two panes including just a now playing screen and library. Upon execution, MUSE brings up all your album arts in a 3xn fashion(you can modify it to bring up the songs list, no worries). Windows Media Center, a full screen media interface, won't be included in Windows 8 as well natively. Users can however purchase the Windows 8 Media Center Pack, or the Windows 8 Pro Pack, to add the software to their version of Windows 8. Here you need to select the CD and DVD drive letter first, and if you want, enable the experimental DVD menu support. But here the element are smaller, so you get more information in your screen’s real estate. No searching or endless scrolling in your library, just pick one album and you’re good to go.
Purchasing either pack turns the version of the operating system into Windows 8 Pro with Media Center. Here are the top 5 music player apps thatA¬†were debuted on Windows phone in the past few weeks. I’d choose it over other apps just for its smooth transition during swiping the album arts. The album arts in the now playing screen are big, which definitely looks sleek during playback. The now playing screen is rather simple sporting no album arts(there’s a expand button which reveals more options).
Tapping on the now playing bar on the bottom reveals a full fledged control screen with a drag-up animation.

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