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Very early planted indeterminate soybeans, on the right, work best in Texas, according to Dr. Soybeans aren’t something new for Texas producers, but one Texas AgriLife Extension Service expert is trying to help develop a production system that will help combat the drought and includes varieties that mature earlier. Texas has always been the westernmost and southernmost state growing soybeans, with about 200,000-250,000 acres planted annually.
Miller is participating in the Mid-South Soybean Consortium trials being planted in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas under the direction of Dr.
He said they would like to find plants that are less photoperiod sensitive to plant in regions with available sunshine and moisture. Determinant soybeans generally grow from May to September, or about 160 days, while the indeterminate varieties can be planted as early as March and harvested in late July or early August, or less than 140 days, Miller said. The overall goal is to minimize the risk and better utilize the weather and resources that we have, he said. Texas soybeans are primarily grown in the upper Gulf Coast, south of Houston and around Beaumont, northeast Texas along the Red River and a smattering of irrigated acres on the High Plains, Miller said. A costly deadline looms for many growers in the Midwest, as every day of waiting for the weather to cooperate to plant corn and soybeans reduces potential yields. Whether it is a purple potato to fit a niche market or finding varieties resistant or at least tolerant to psyllid infestations, Dr. Silage worries have producers asking a lot of questions as spring planting nears, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service specialist.
The late March storm that pelted McAllen with hail and most of the Lower Rio Grande Valley with rain also turned the area’s onion crop on its head, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service expert. Sharks, skates, and rays can detect very weak electric fields produced by prey and other animals using an array of unusual organs known as the ampullae of Lorenzini.
Unique sections of coral DNA can indicate a higher tolerance to environmental stress, researchers have revealed for the first time. Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) have found possums in New Zealand prefer to eat leaves high in available protein, giving authorities new evidence to help them limit possum damage to New Zealand's forests.
Ninety per cent of Norway's two million pairs of cliff-nesting seabirds are located in nesting colonies above the Arctic Circle. This action was taken when it came to the WPTB's attention that some Canadian farmers were deliberately selling their used equipment and then applying for new machinery on the grounds that they didn't own what was needed to produce.14 Given the demand for parts and supplies for the war effort, it is hardly surprising that the WPTB took a tough stand against producers who tried to use economic policies for personal benefit. However, the WPTB's strict enforcement of this policy had a dramatic impact upon the income accumulation of Canadian farmers.
When in late-June of 1944, six types of farm machinery and equipment were finally removed from the ration list, some social commentators apparently felt it pertinent to issue farmers an unusual warning.

It seems likely that there were many more examples, perhaps in other Canadian communities, of situations in which the federal government and WPTB felt it in the best interest of the nation to offer support or encouragement to struggling producers.
However, if one of these groups managed to 'turn lemons into lemonade', it was Canada's retailers. Just as retailers and business operators were required to apply to the WPTB for business licenses in 1941, so too were Canadian agricultural producers.1 Their activities and their ability to make an income (at least, in accordance with Canadian laws) were inextricably tied to WPTB pricing policies. In 1942, a very intense and nationally-covered debate broke out between Canadian beef producers and the WPTB over what the beef producers felt was an unsatisfactory ceiling price for their products.
Producers responded in a number of ways, each one likely as negative as any rise in the ceiling price of beef could have been. The article went on to describe how middlemen (including retailers) were illegally raising the price of eggs after receiving them from producers, and were therefore pocketing a handsome profit while egg producers failed to benefit in any way.8 Although no author was listed, the tone and viewpoint (highly critical of middlemen and highly supportive of farmers) suggest that a producer a€“ or at the very least a sympathizer a€“ likely wrote the article. Fraser Valley berry-growers met in Mission in 1944 to protest the WPTB recommendation for a basic period ceiling price on their products.
While some of the arguments presented by the berry growers were certainly of questionable moral nature, others appear to have been quite reasonable. It would be incorrect to suggest that the Canadian government made no attempt to help producers trapped in difficult situations as a result of WPTB policies. Related PostsBest Home Recording Studio Rick Ross Signs Rapper Rockie Fresh to MMGHow To Get On Worldstar – Promotion TipsDoes Smoking Weed Help You Make Beats? Actress Viola Davis attends the 23rd annual Producers Guild Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel on January 21, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. Travis Miller, Texas AgriLife Extension Service program leader in College Station, said in a previous field trial, the early planted indeterminate soybeans were ready to harvest long before later planted indeterminate soybeans were. This trial will include eight varieties mixed between determinant and indeterminate varieties, with each planted on four different dates.
Texas AgriLife Research scientists are on a quest to find where different wheat varieties popular in the High Plains get their drought tolerance.
They are created in cells through a process called gene expression, which uses instructions from stretches of DNA called genes to build proteins.
A 'well-known' prairie authority for the Weekly Press of Western Canada declared that farmers would have to practice great caution in order to avoid being sucked into a buying spree once all farm machinery was removed from the ration list. However, given the limited scope of the research involved for this project, and its focus on the community of Mission, there is one conclusion that appears to be obvious.
More than producers and consumers, they were able to capitalize brilliantly on the advertising opportunities that arose as a result of the war. Three very prominent debates ensued between the WPTB and agricultural producers during the war years, each of which is highlighted below.

The WPTB had implemented a price freeze on Canadian beef while it was still very inexpensive a€“ a residual effect from the Great Depression when beef prices had fallen dramatically.2 Unfortunately for producers, this low ceiling price couldn't have been implemented at a worse time. Some producers chose to hold back their cattle stock, creating frustration among meat-hungry consumers and undoubtedly placing pressure on the WPTB. Through it, one can glean an impression of the underlying tension that likely characterized relationships between retailers and producers in Canadian communities like Mission. In a collaborative effort that involved the Federated Coast Growers, the BC Coast Growers, and the Fraser Valley Growers, a list of demands was laid out for the WPTB to review, including an increase in the ceiling price of berries. They claimed that the basic period was based on pricing figures from when Japanese farmers still lived in the valley and produced over 75 % of the berries sold. The Fraser Valley berry producers mainly wanted to be able to decide where their goods were sold and for how much, likely so that they could avoid being taken advantage of by middlemen.11 This local struggle for greater control appears to reflect a feeling of vulnerability among producers that swept across the nation during the war years.
The Fraser Valley Record reveals that the government attempted to reach out to civilians a€“ including those in Mission a€“ through articles and ads aimed at relieving some of the tremendous burden facing producers as a direct result of the war effort. Plants were taller with the later planting dates (on the left), but yields were not better.
Travis Miller, associate department head and AgriLife Extension program leader in the Texas A&M University soil and crop sciences department. Determinant, or late-maturing soybeans, must reach a certain photoperiod, or day length, before they bloom. Farmers had amassed huge savings during the war, much of which resulted from their inability to purchase normal replacements and repairs for their equipment.
Being a producer, consumer or retailer in Canada during the Second World War meant being subject to WPTB policies that bred some level of frustration and anxiety for all. They had the best opportunity to profit through either the legal or illegal sale of products and services during the war, and they a€“ perhaps more than any other group a€“ appear to have benefited from WPTB policies. Growers desired to reach an agreement quickly so that they could use WPTB pricing information to plan for the upcoming picking season (which would require the help of paid labourers). One nation-wide and government-supported campaign called on citizens in communities like Mission to grab their shovels and begin planting 'citizen gardens'. By becoming producers for their own families, it was argued that citizens would significantly ease the demand on the vegetable-growing and canned vegetable industry of the nation.12 The government also used local media to encourage Canadians to eat more pork in order to deplete a massive surplus resulting from the overzealous efforts of producers to supply bacon for Allied soldiers in May of 1940.

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