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I usually don’t write about post production because I believe that one must do all the correction during a photo shoot. The cool thing about editing after is that you can always warm up just part of the image or soften only certain areas.
You can buy presets that are made just for baby photography or you can start working on your own and creating your own.
This Membership Card allows you to take an unlimited amount of Adult Hip Hop classes with us during the month that it's purchased.

Refer A Friend Program!Have a friend who might be interested in taking hip hop dance classes?
All the background work has been done for you and all you need to do is select a few options to get the desired effect. Taught at a comfortable pace and the choreography is broken down so that dancers can focus on their execution and master new skills. This class builds on a dance that will turn into a dance video at the end of the session! The softer the skin looks the softer the photo will be and you can do that in post production.

Your friend must indicate on the new student registration form that they found us through 'friend referral'.3.

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