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The PRCA and PRWeek can announce the winners of the inaugural PR Internships Awards, an awards programme aimed at celebrating the best in internships and interns. Who we are: Founded in 1969, the PRCA is the largest PR association in Europe, representing 18,000 people in agencies, in-house communications teams, and individuals. What we do: The Association exists to raise standards in PR and communications, providing members with industry data, facilitating the sharing of communications best practice and creating networking opportunities. How we do it and make a difference: All PRCA members are bound by a professional charter and codes of conduct, and benefit from exceptional training.
Who we represent: The PRCA represents many of the major consultancies in the UK, and currently has more than 350 agency members from around the world, including the majority of the top 150 UK consultancies.
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Sharpening your nursing skills in a typically low resource overseas setting will alter how you view nursing forever. No matter which area of nursing you’re interested in, under the careful guidance of your supervisors you’ll gather a wealth of new experiences. The energetic city of Arusha is situated inland from of the most striking segments of Africa’s east coast.
Arusha is commonly considered to be the gateway to Tanzania’s northern safari circuit. You can ride a 4x4 out onto Tanzania’s great plains to spot lions, zebra, cheetah, wildebeest, and a whole host of other animals. Nurses will enjoy a particularly diverse placement with us in Arusha, as we’re partnered with some the city’s largest hospital. Assimilating new clinical knowledge in Arusha will profoundly alter your understanding of nursing in Tanzania.
Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest city, but if you travel here on your internship you’ll discover that it’s surrounded by some of the most staggering natural beauty you’ll have ever seen. Dar es Salaam has some of the best facilities and teaching practices in the whole of Tanzania, meaning nurses can tap into areas of expertise found nowhere else. We’ve developed a unique experience in a remote village that will complement the time you’ll have spent in the busy city of Dar es Salaam. There’s no replacement for spending a week living and working in a remote village in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. As the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is somewhere you’ll gain totally unique experience both clinically speaking and in terms of travel. Our long-standing agreements in Kathmandu will allow you to specialize in one of many departments in our partner hospitals. After a stint in Kathmandu’s hectic hospitals, you’ll profit from spending time in a more rural location, studying those who are faced with a dramatic lack of resources. As a result of the strong relationships with all our partner institutions in Dumaguete, the staff there will welcome you into their midst and help you throughout your internship. Bacolod, dubbed the City of Smiles by locals and visitors alike, offers up experiences that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Whilst practicing nursing in our partner facility in Bacolod you'll quickly hone your skills by being presented with the multitude of problems faced by local healthcare professionals.
Situated on the coast of a tropical island in the Philippines, Bacolod draws from a blend of local and foreign cultures to create a wholly unique atmosphere. Iloilo is an excellent place to undertake your internship if you’re looking for sun, sea, and highly specialized overseas nursing placements. With one of the most contented populations on Earth, beautiful beaches, tasty local food, and more, you’ll never want to leave Iloilo. Living in a rural village on an offshore tropical island with the Ati tribe will provide you with a crucial understanding of the troubles faced by local healthcare providers. As a nurse you’ll be happy to learn that a placement in Takoradi will provide you with a deep understanding of the Ghanaian healthcare system and the people working within it. The understanding you’ll develop in Ghana’s city-based healthcare institutions will certainly open your eyes to the difficulties met by resident healthcare professionals. Anuradhapura – an ancient Buddhist city – is home to sacred stupas, time worn temples, and stately palaces. Practicing in Anuradhapura will give you the chance to comprehend the issues tackled by local nursing professionals on a constant basis. Anuradhapura is a picture perfect ancient Buddhist city, home to a vast array of temples and shrines.
Learn all about the ancient practice of 'tree medicine' from a wise and knowledgeable Ayurveda master. On one of our specialized medical internships you will gain insight into new and unusual techniques and be able to clearly distinguish yourself from your peers. Once your plane has landed in your country of choice, our ground team will meet you and take you straight back to our private, fully catered and security-guarded accommodation. There are an almost unimaginable number of things to do in Arusha, or ‘A Town’ as it’s known by the locals.
We’ve formed strong relationships with both the government regional and government district hospital in Arusha. Living with Tanzania’s famous Maasai tribe offers a completely different experience to your city-based placement, and will complement it perfectly.
Dar es Salaam has mix of Arabic, German, French and Indian influence, which can be seen in everything from architecture to cuisine. Experiencing life in a remote village is the perfect supplement to your placement in the busy city of Dar es Salaam. Pokhara is brimming with experiences and is certainly one of our most interesting destinations. After your time in the lively city of Pokhara, there’s no better location to visit than the remote villages located in the mountains.
Kathmandu has an atmosphere very typical of a large Nepalese city and is a real contrast to our base in Pokhara. Medics who choose to gain experience in Kathmandu will work alongside some of the most experienced and talented doctors in the city. After spending time in the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, a trip into the Himalayan foothills to live in a village on the mountain slopes offers the perfect contrast to a city-based placement.
Set on a paradise island, the city of Dumaguete is encircled by a combination of calm, warm turquoise waters on one side and tropical jungle on the other. Medics who choose Dumaguete will have access to a broad variety of specialist departments and the professionals who staff them. Once a quiet coastal village, Dumaguete is now a fast developing city that has created a positive name for itself in the Philippines and indeed the world. After spending time in Dumaguete City, heading out to a community in a remote mountainous area will present you with an entirely different healthcare experience. In Iloilo there is an immense range of opportunities to get clinical experience you won’t get anywhere else.
As it’s situated on a tropical island, every moment spent travelling in Iloilo feels like an adventure.
To complement your busy city-based placement in Iloilo, we recommend heading to an offshore island to hear a different side of the story in a rural Filipino village. Our partner health facility in the region gives you the chance to experience a range of diverse working departments. Our village experiences add-ons are definitely a great way to widen your clinical and cultural experiences whilst in the Philippines. Anuradhapura is a fascinating melting pot of old world and the new, of temples, stupas and palaces and restaurants, bars and markets. Following a local guide into the heart of the jungle, you’ll stumble across a remote village where you’ll learn all about the ancient art of Ayurveda, or ‘tree medicine’.
Kandy not only has one of the friendly populations in the world, but it’s also one of the most beautiful countries you’ll ever visit. Takoradi, Ghana is home to our longest running program, and remains one of the most fulfilling destinations on our roster.
As the Takoradi program has been running for so long, we’ve had a decade to perfect the options available to medics in a number of ways. After spending time on placement in Takoradi, getting clinical and cultural experience in a remote coastal village setting provides an entirely different understanding of Ghana’s healthcare provision.
The new facility represents a major strategic investment in the bioprocessing industry in Ireland and is an innovative collaboration between four leading Higher Education Institutes – University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Institute of Technology, Sligo and Dublin City University and supported by the Irish Government and IDA Ireland. The NIBRT facility is unique as it is the only bioprocessing training facility in the world that so closely replicates an industrial bioprocessing environment.
Ireland is a key location for the Life Sciences industry, with 9 of the top 10 global companies based here. The 6,500 sq metres NIBRT facility is purpose-built to provide a world class training environment and was designed in conjunction with leading industry experts to resemble a modern bioprocessing plant. The staff in NIBRT includes expert lecturers and trainers and world respected research teams headed by leading Principal Investigators (PIs). The first meeting of Glycoscience Ireland was a great success with over 150 participants from academic research organisations, biopharmaceutical and food industries in Ireland and overseas and representatives of the major funding agencies in Ireland.
Over 120 delegates have arrived in Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark, Fermoy to participate at the 4th Glycoscience Ireland meeting organised by Teagasc, AGRC, NIBRT and APC.
The 4th GSI Meeting has attracted a number of key sponsors (AGRC, Teagasc, NIBRT, APC, SFI, EGSF, Eurofins Foods, Agilent, Mason Technology Ltd, Waters and Europa Bioproducts Ltd.) and exhibitors and has provided a unique platform for debate and discussion between academia and industry. Dr Tony Corfield, University of Bristol, UK and Dr Marguerite Clyne, UCD in their respective presentations outlined how bacteria in the gut use sugars to talk to the gut mucosal cells and mucus.
The fact that there has been increased interest in recent years on glycobiology related research, means that the identification of novel diagnostic markers, prophylactics, therapeutics and nutraceuticals for gastro-intestinal health may become a reality. Teagasc have had recent success in attaining funding for glycobiology related research and are partners in the NUIG-led Alimentary Glycoscience Research Cluster (AGRC) which is funded by Science Foundation Ireland. The meeting is organised by Teagasc as part of the Alimentary Glycoscience Research Cluster (AGRC) in collaboration with NUIG, NIBRT and APC. Dear Friends and Colleagues,We would like to invite you and your colleagues to join us for the 5th Annual Meeting of GlycoScience Ireland, which will be held at the Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill, Galway on Friday, 19th October 2012. GlycoScience Ireland is an academic organization that aims to support and promote Glycosciences research in Ireland and to provide visibility and collaborative opportunities for Irish glycoscientists with international academic and industrial communities. Glycoscience Ireland has also provided a forum for communication and interaction between Irish glycoscientists and industry representatives in Ireland and further afield with the aim of assisting the translation of glycoscience discoveries into commercial realities. The Annual GlycoScience Ireland meetings have been a great success, consistently attracting over 150 Irish and international participants from academic and research organisations, biopharmaceutical, diagnostics and food industries, and funding agency representatives.
Lokesh Joshi, SFI Stokes Professor of Glycosciences,National University of Ireland, Galway. As the pipeline of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) therapeutics continues to show impressive growth*, NIBRT and IDA held an event to assess the opportunities and challenges for ADC manufacturing in Ireland and to identify the steps Irish based companies need to take to win ADC manufacturing projects. This forum is to mark the presentation to Prof Pauline Rudd (NIBRT) with the prestigious Centre of Innovation Award from the Waters Corporation and the inauguration of NIBRT's Complete Process and Product Characterisation Facility. Agilent Technologies and The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) invite you to attend a joint seminar focused on analytical tools and solutions for the characterization and measurement of biologics throughout biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing.
Agilent Technologies and The National Institute for Bioprocessing, Research and Training (NIBRT) invite you to attend a joint seminar focused on analytical tools and solutions for the characterization and measurement of biologics throughout biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Alexion has worked closely with the Department of Jobs and IDA Ireland on the development of its operations in Ireland. Speaking at College Park, the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton TD said “Biopharma is a sector which we have specifically targeted as part of the Action Plan for Jobs, due to the large potential for employment growth which it offers Ireland, and we have taken a number of steps to support the growth of this sector in Ireland.
Alexion currently employs a staff of 170 and growing across its facilities in Athlone and its temporary offices in Park West Dublin.
About Alexion Alexion is a biopharmaceutical company focused on serving patients with severe and rare disorders through the innovation, development and commercialisation of life-transforming therapeutic products.
Soliris is currently approved in nearly 50 countries for the treatment of PNH and in nearly 40 countries for the treatment of aHUS. The selected candidate will be expected to be competitive for the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Professorship Award. The successful appointee will play a leading role in the research programme of the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT). The Professorship is complementary to other positions in the School, for example a recently appointed Lecturer in Chemical Engineering with a specific focus on Biophamaceutical manufacturing. The Irish biopharma industry continues to go from strength-to-strength with 18 biologics manufacturing sites and $9 billion in capital investment in the last decade. For professionals, graduates, students and job seekers, this provides a unique opportunity to meet with blue chip biopharma companies.
Registration is free for attendees but due to the high level of demand advanced registration is required. During the course you will retain your current social welfare payment and successful participants will be offered a paid work placement with BMS for 3 months.
This programme is being run in cooperation with IDA Ireland, Skillnets, IMDA Skillnet, Department of Social Protection and Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Registration: The ATS Knowledge Day is a free event by invitation only but places are limited. Longevity and economic growth go hand in hand with innovation in the research-based pharmaceutical industry, according to Professor Frank Lichtenberg, of the Columbia Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, New York.
Professor Lichtenberg was speaking at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) at the Aviva Stadium which was titled Bringing the Best to Healthcare Through Partnership and Innovation. One of a range of expert speakers from at home and abroad, Professor Lichtenberg told delegates that longevity increase is an important part of economic growth and development, which is in turn determined by  the rate of technological progress generated by private and public R+D investment.
Professor Lichtenberg demonstrated that despite the high costs involved in developing new medicines, investment in innovation by the pharmaceutical industry is greatly increasing life expectancy, and is greatly reducing disability and hospitalisation. Delegates also heard from heard Professor Ian Marison, Chief Executive of the National Institute for Bioprocessing, Research and Training, and Dr.
Earlier in the day, the meeting looked at Government plans to introduce a universal health insurance system here along the lines of the Dutch model. Please note, you must register separately for the workshop and user meeting using the two links provided. The Biological Production Forum attracts senior industry biotechnology professionals working within biological manufacturing, bioprocess development, up and downstream operations. The Biological Production Forum is the must attend event for all those looking to incorporate new technologies and processes to increase efficiency whilst complying with tight industry regulations.
Guest speakers from Regeneron and ProSys will offer perspectives into procurement and service delivery, while IDA and EI will highlight opportunities in the sector, collaboration and future trends. Biopharma manufacturers who wish to get an overview of the innovative supplier network within Ireland and how this can help drive manufacturing competitiveness. Suppliers who wish to develop relationships with the fast growing biopharma industry in Ireland and with European buyers.
Please contact us at any time to discuss your training requirements, or click here for further information on our training schedule. The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE is the commercial section of the French Embassy in Ireland. NIBRT have joined forced with Informa Life Sciences' to provide you an exclusive 25% discount to attend the upcoming BioProduction conference taking place on 14-15 October 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. The Biotechnology Career Day will provide an opportunity to learn about BioMarin, prospective roles and meet the hiring managers and core team members. Please indicate if you are interested in working for BioMarin but cannot attend on this day.
There will be an opportunity to network with BMS hiring managers and you are encouraged to please bring copies of your CV.
Many thanks for registering for the BMS Careers Open Day in NIBRT on Saturday Nov 21st 2015. Brinny, Cork, Sept 2nd, 2011: Global Healthcare leader MSD, in association with the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), has formed a partnership with Institute of Technology, Sligo to provide a ground breaking educational training programme for the workforce at their Brinny plant in West Cork. The Continuing Education Programme in Brinny is part of MSD's commitment to supporting science education and research in Ireland as it takes a central role in the country's future as a knowledge-based economy. John Howell, General Manager, MSD in Brinny said "Transformation is a key driver in securing the future of our business in Ireland and investing in the education of our employees is paramount to the success of this transformation process.
The courses available include; a Higher Certificate in Science, a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science, a Bachelor of Science in Biopharmaceutical Science and a Masters in Biopharmaceutical Science. Prof Ian Marison, Director of NIBRT expressed the importance of such training programmes for the Irish pharmaceutical industry and how NIBRT can bring together important partners from across Ireland, including this one with IT Sligo, to provide tailored, fully accredited training programmes to suit industry’s needs now and in a developing, very competitive industrial environment. The Continuing Education Programme is fully funded by MSD in conjunction with the IDA, so there is no financial cost to employees. MSD employs 2,300 people directly in Ireland through its operations at sites in Carlow, Cork, Dublin, Tipperary and Wicklow. Institute of Technology, Sligo is the largest higher level education institution in the North West with more than 6,000 students and almost 600 staff. The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) is a global centre of excellence for training and research in bioprocessing. NIBRT is based on an innovative collaboration between University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University and the Institute of Technology, Sligo. Customised NIBRT experiential training programmes for Bristol-Myers Squibb employees across all areas of the biopharma manufacturing process. Four-month training programme with NIBRT, followed by a paid three-month internship with Bristol-Myers Squibb for 20 skilled professionals through an association with Skillnet and the Department of Social Protection. The Cruiserath facility, which will employ up to 400 skilled science, professional and technical staff, will produce multiple therapies for the company’s growing biologics and diversified specialty medicines portfolio.
On a midwifery internship you’ll gain perspective on techniques that will be entirely new to you, while cleverly setting yourself apart from other midwives. From the moment you step off the plane you’ll be in the care of our experienced ground teams. Tanzania is the most thrilling country on the entire east coast of Africa, and a doorway to adventure. You’ll be amazed by the sheer variety of things you can do in Arusha, or ‘A Town’ as the locals know it. If you choose to practice midwifery in Arusha, you’ll benefit from the excellent relationships we have with staff in our partner hospitals and clinics.
Having spent time in the busy city of Arusha you’ll welcome the chance to get to grips with rural Tanzanian life. Choosing to study midwifery in Dar es Salaam means you’ll have the chance to work in a government tertiary referral hospital, or a regional hospital, both of which we’ve been partnered with for many years. Dar es Salaam has influences of German, French, Indian and Arabic origin, and those with a keen eye will spot these influences in everything from architecture to local cuisine. Pokhara is a never-ending well of experiences, and because of this, it’s one of our most popular destinations to date.
As a midwifery intern in Pokhara you’ll have access to busy maternity wards where birthing complications are more common than you’ll be used to. To understand the bigger picture of healthcare in Pokhara we strongly advise you to live and work in a remote village in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Choosing to undertake your Midwifery internship in Kathmandu might be the best decision you ever make.
Kathmandu is an energetic city that is home to a population of people that move through its old, dusty streets with purpose.
Living in the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu will certainly present you with novel experience, but to get a truly broad understanding of how healthcare is provided in Nepal, we couldn’t recommend this add-on more. Dumaguete is situated on a paradise island in the middle of the Philippines, and as far as paradise islands go, they don’t get better than this.
The clinical experience you’ll receive as a midwife in Dumaguete is among the best you can find anywhere in the world. Dumaguete has transformed from a quaint fishing village into cultural and commercial center that has a great reputation, both in the Philippines and beyond.
Spending time in Dumaguete will give you an excellent understanding of the core aspects of the healthcare system in the Philippines. Should you choose to undertake your midwifery internship in Iloilo, you will not be disappointed. Spending time in the busy wards of our partner hospitals in Iloilo is an essential part of understanding the healthcare system.
As The Philippines' very own 'City of Smiles', Bacolod promises an adventure not to be forgotten. When it comes to witnessing the challenges faced by midwives in the developing world first hand, Bacolod is seldom bettered. Located on a tropical island in the Philippines, Bacolod is a fast developing city with a blend of local and foreign cultures from across the ages.
Heading out on one of our highly popular village experiences is undoubtedly the best way to expand both your clinical and cultural experience of your time in Bacolod. Boasting an impressive number of temples, sacred palaces, and stupas, Anuradhapura is a marvel to behold. Anuradhapura is an official World Heritage Site and its little wonder, with over 50 ancient temples and shrines.
If you're feeling extra adventurous, choose this add on that allows you to trek into the jungle to meet a master of 'tree medicine’. Kandy has one of the friendliest populations on the planet and just so happens to be one of the most beautiful countries you’ll ever lay eyes on. Our program in Takoradi is by far our longest running, and remains one of the best destinations in our lineup. The clinical experience you'll receive as a midwife in Ghana is of a particularly high quality.
Takoradi is one of the liveliest places in all of Ghana and has a particularly diverse range of things to do.
To gain an understanding of the full spectrum of Takoradi's healthcare system, you'll need to venture further afield. If you choose this add-on you'll travel to a remote coastal village to live and work with a small community of people, and learn about culture and customs. There was also a Highly Commended trophy in this category for Georgina Oakford, who interned at Fishburn. The interns proved themselves to be intelligent, resourceful and creative; the internship programmes were well-structured and provided fantastic opportunities for young people to shine.
The PRCA promotes all aspects of public relations and internal communications work, helping teams and individuals maximise the value they deliver to clients and organisations. We also represent over 250 in-house communications teams from multinationals, UK charities and leading UK public sector organisations. From start-ups to studios, film development to public relations, FreeEntertainmentInternships has an entertainment internship for you. Created and managed by a fashion intern-turned-fashion publicist, FreeEntertainmentInternships is devoted to providing you with dedicated applicants and has quickly become the go-to site for those in the entertainment industry in need of interns. We are seeking an eager, qualified applicant with an interest in marketing, event planning, public relations, social media and entertainment to support our clients who include A-list talent, films, fashion brands and non-profits. Whether you’re a student seeking a life changing experience, or a professional looking for that extra special something that will change the course of your career, after an overseas nursing internship with Work the World you’ll be more ready for the future than any of your peers. Let us know the areas of nursing that are of interest to you and we’ll craft a nursing experience for you down to the smallest consideration.
In our carefully selected destinations you’ll treat dengue fever, rabies, malaria, and more. What’s more, when you’re in country you’ll stay in our famously hospitable, private, fully catered and security guarded accommodation.
Whether you enjoy the idea of going on a big game safari, climbing Africa’s tallest mountain, or observing the flamingos on the still waters of Manyara Lake, there’s an abundance of opportunities for adventure here. If you feel inclined towards mountain climbing you’re in luck; Mount Meru is but short trip away and believe us when we say that the views from the top are absolutely worth the 3-day climb.
Should you choose to you can work in a number of departments where you’ll observe and treat unusual ailments such as malaria, pneumonia, malnutrition, diarrhea, burns, fractures, meningitis, tuberculosis, and more. But in order to get a broad understanding of how healthcare is provided in this country, you’ll need to experience living and working in a truly remote African setting. For example the beaches along the coast are incredible, there is a multitude of amazing safari options nearby, and flying to Zanzibar – A beautiful offshore island– is but a boat ride away. Working alongside some of the most highly qualified specialists in Tanzania, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience in a number of departments located in our partner hospitals and clinics.
The town is a center for history and culture, yet has up-to-date amenities, which makes life that little bit more comfortable for travelers. Intrepid travelers can trek through the misty mountain peaks, paraglide through the air with birds of prey, tackle white-water rapids, or set off on an elephant safari. Living with our host family, in the mornings you’ll spend your time in a local clinic working to treat unusual walk-in cases from the local community.
There’s also chance for you to go mobile and travel out of the hospital and into the community with an outreach program that operates in the city and its surrounding areas.
You’ll live with a host family in a village in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, and at a local health post you’ll work with healthcare professionals to treat the surrounding community. Here you can dive among the vibrant tropical marine life on a reef submerged beneath the waves, journey through wild jungle, and observe the unusual healing spells of Siquijor Island’s local witches.
Working with the nurses working in Dumaguete you’ll observe cases of unusual tropical diseases like dengue fever, rabies, and serious instances of tetanus that you don’t usually encounter in more developed countries.
If you want to experience some of Dumaguete's modern culture, you’ll find the bars, restaurants, craft shops, boutique bakeries, and more along the seafront boulevard.
You’ll find yourself in a rural setting that is encircled by tropical jungle and mangrove forests, and with rice and fish farms peppered across the landscape. Whether you’re interested in wandering through the covered lanes of the food markets in San Sebastian Cathedral’s plaza, or walking through dense jungle in search of hidden waterfalls and naturally hot springs, the Negros Occidental region promises adventure at every turn. You’ll work closely alongside a team of dedicated nurses across an impressive range of departments including but not limited to the OR, delivery rooms, the ICU, OBG wards, Emergency, surgery wards Paediatrics, ENT-HNS, and OPD.
The grandeur of San Sebastian Cathedral can’t be contested, however the bustling market in the Cathedral’s main square with its multitude of food vendors and craft stalls is arguably where the real fun lies. The beaches here are undeniably beautiful, as is the world beneath the waves (coral diving is something you shouldn’t miss), and you never need to wander far to find a nice bar to unwind in once your hospital shift comes to an end. Patients’ families are generally responsible for more basic tasks such as feeding and washing, which means that nurses are able to attend to more critical duties that are a better use of their time. You can enjoy the hot rock spas and full body massages in the afternoon once your placement finishes, and travelling slightly further afield you can trek through the jungle to experience being ‘cooked alive’ in a kawa hot bath.
Today (ten years later) our partner hospitals and clinics in the Ghanaian city of Takoradi offer a better internship experience than they ever have before. Over the last decade we’ve built strong relationships with a regional hospital and a number of clinics and healthcare centers, allowing us to offer very diverse internship opportunities here.
The city and its surrounding areas exhibit examples of almost all of the country’s best features. However, spending time in a remote village will help you gain a better understanding of the broader picture that exists just beneath the surface of it all. The new city offers up the perfect contrast to the more peaceful rural areas with its restaurants, bars and markets.
Working in our partner hospital, you’ll gain unique experience from a variety of areas that appeal to you. You’ll spend your mornings with this naturally trained healer whose understanding of this ancient medicine came down to him from his father and his grandfather before him.
The country is remarkably beautiful, and has a recorded history of medicinal practices that stretch back over 5000 years. These will include ailments such as dengue fever, tuberculosis, malnutrition, and cases at much more advanced stages than you’ll have come across before. You’ll find yourself meandering through tea plantations, spotting jaguars, leopards, and other wild animals on safari, white-water rafting through a challenging course of rapids, surfing off coastal islands, diving among the tropical fish on coral reefs, hiking through jungles, and more. On this carefully designed Ayurvedic Medicine Experience you’ll work alongside a well-respected practitioner.
This is true whether you’re a student seeking unique experience, or a professional looking to add a talking point to their resume.
Tell us where your skills and interests lie and we’ll create a placement that’s tailored completely to you. Our partner hospitals and clinics offer you exceptional experience working in a fast-moving setting unlike anywhere you’ve trained before. Head out on big game safaris, tour an extinct volcano in the national park, go mountain climbing and more.

The city itself is a bustling center with markets, bars, restaurants, and shops that you can peruse at your leisure. This means we can be very flexible when tailoring your placement so that you have the opportunity to work in a main clinical department, split your time across two areas, or focus on niche clinics like outpatient psychiatrics or HIV care.
You’ll stay with a host family in a traditional Maasai enkang and work at the local health post in the mornings where you’ll be involved in diagnoses, treatments and more.  In the afternoons, accompanied by your guide, you’ll visit a traditional doctor (Oloiboni), experience the famous Maasai dancing, learn how to make traditional foods, hike to sacred Maasai sites, and much more. As it’s such a vast metropolis most people are surprised when met with the stunning landscape that surrounds it. In the foothills of the majestic Viduna Mountains you’ll stay with our host family in a truly rural village. Set at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains, the city and the areas beyond offer a range of experiences including everything from paragliding to hiking up snowy slopes.
Our partner institutions offer you the chance to test your skills on large, busy wards, or tune in to key departments and niche clinics. With the Himalayan Mountains piercing the sky in the background, the city will give you in a permanent state of awe. Kathmandu is Nepal’s capital, and in the bustling streets of this ancient city you’ll see everything from wild monkeys roaming the rooftops to devout Buddhist monks chanting morning prayers in local temples.
Our partner hospitals will afford you access to a huge range of departments including General Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, Emergency and more. Old cars and motorcycles zoom along dusty, mazelike streets, as pedestrians dart through the traffic to get to wherever they’re rushing to. You’ll live with a host family in a remote village on the mountain slopes, and in the mornings work with a specialist at a local health outpost treating diagnosing members of the local community with the limited resources at your disposal. The city can only be described as ‘alive’, as there’s always something new and exciting happening, whether it’s a festival or a longboarding competition. You’ll have the chance to diagnose and treat a large number of conditions you won’t have even seen before.
Between the contemporary bars and restaurants found on the promenade and the beautiful palm tree lined beaches, Dumaguete has everything even the most intrepid explorer needs to have the experience of a lifetime. You’ll stay in our host family’s home and integrate into the thriving small-town culture form the outset. While it does have incredible beaches, delicious local cuisine, and more coconuts than you could count in a lifetime, there’s much more going on if you’re willing to dig a little deeper. A great example of this is our two-week program in anesthesiology, on which you’ll be able to observe and assist in procedures such as spinal taps. Diving is a long-established tradition on the island, and the whales and dolphins that can be spotted off the coast of Cebu are also a must-see. During this experience you’ll stay with our host family from the indigenous Ati tribe on a beautiful island called Guimaras. Between browsing the food markets of San Sebastian Cathedral plaza, hiking into the forest to uncover hidden waterfalls and dip in hot springs, the Negros Occidental region has something to make anyone and everyone smile.
Whether you’re taken by oncology, Infectious diseases, Rheumatology, pathology, or anything else, we’ll create an elective that suits your needs down to the ground. You’ll live with a trustworthy host family in a gorgeous, down-to-earth village hemmed in by the most extraordinary natural surroundings. And let's not forget the national parks and beaches that make up this picturesque part of Sri Lanka.
You’ll witness varied cases including instances of dengue fever, typhoid and severe injuries caused by traffic accidents that are unfortunately common here. More than 50 ancient Buddhist temples, shrines and stupas exist alongside street markets, local restaurants, bars and live music venues.
What’s more, the people of Sri Lanka have been practicing medicine in one form or another for over 5000 years. You’ll be able to choose from an unusually wide range of departments and subspecialties, including OBG, ICU, General Medicine, Oncology, General Surgery, and more.
From a cultural perspective there are temples (one of which is said to hold the Buddha’s tooth), incredible and diverse cuisine, UNESCO World Heritage sites and more.
While this means there are limited spaces available, the opportunity itself is quite extraordinary.
For starters the west coast of Africa is one of the most interesting coastlines in the world; palm tree-fringed beaches that stretch on for miles, quaint shoreline fishing villages, decaying colonial forts lining the coast, and more. Today you’ll be able to gain deep insight into the innovative adaptations professionals have been forced to make as a result of a debilitating lack of resources.
Imagine walking to the beach at sunset to lounge outside one of the bars, drink in hand, as you watch giant ships make port.
You’ll live with our host family and become a part of the local community from the day you arrive. This allows trainees the opportunity to learn and practice complex technical bioprocessing procedures and to enhance their skills using the most modern equipment and facilities available anywhere. Ireland will undoubtedly reap the benefits in the long run both in terms of high value job creation and in attracting further foreign direct investment from the industry to our shores”. We have now established Ireland as the second largest Development and Manufacturing (D&M) location in the world for Biopharmaceuticals, after the US.
The sector employs over 47,000 staff between indigenous and multinational companies in the areas of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices and Diagnostics.
An example is Professor Pauline Rudd, who recently transferred her team from the Glycobiology Institute, Oxford University, to NIBRT. This organization was established to encourage inter-disciplinary collaboration between Irish glycoscientists, biologists, chemists, engineers, information scientists and clinicians, interested in exploring novel glycoscience approaches to a variety of research questions. Authors will be informed regarding the acceptance of abstracts by September 30th 2011 via email.
Bernd Stahl, PhD Director Milk Research and Functional Innovations, Danone Center for Specialised Nutrition, Friedrichsdorf, Germany focused on breast milk as the source of a huge variety of health-promoting sugars. Such topics highlight that alimentary microbiology and glycosciences are each rapidly advancing research fields in their own right. Since 2008, GlycoScience Ireland has successfully encouraged inter-disciplinary collaboration between Irish glycoscientists, biologists, chemists, engineers, information scientists and clinicians, interested in exploring novel glycoscience approaches to a variety of research questions.
In this roadshow we will inform you about new developments and upcoming products in our benchtop fermentation range. During the session you will be able to get hands on experience with our exciting new products and technologies.
This FREE, 1-day seminar, will focus on enabling chromatography, mass spectrometry and automation technologies. This FREE, 1-day seminar, will focus on enabling chromatography, mass spectrometry, automation technologies and meeting the new USP regulations for elemental analysis.
Phase 1 of the College Park facility, comprising Global Supply Chain HQ, laboratories, packaging and warehousing operations is expected to be operational by year-end. This project further underscores our commitment to Ireland and is enabled by our ability to recruit highly competent and professional personnel to support the production and distribution of our medicine, Soliris, and our strong pipeline of biologics medicines. It underlines the jobs-led recovery that is underway, with 90,000 jobs created and the Live Register down by a third since the peak of the crisis. Today’s announcement by Alexion is a huge boost for west Dublin and the whole country, and huge credit is owed to Julie and her team as well as the IDA. Alexion have rapidly grown their headcount and functional responsibility over the last year. Alexion is the global leader in complement inhibition and has developed and markets Soliris® (eculizumab) as a treatment for patients with PNH and aHUS, two debilitating, ultra-rare and life-threatening disorders caused by chronic uncontrolled complement activation.
Under this programme, SFI will provide funding of up to €5 million in direct costs to support the research programme costs of the Professor and their research group. NIBRT's primary research focus is on the design, development and optimization of efficient and robust bioprocesses for the manufacture of therapeutic medicines. The UCD School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering has a long and distinguished international track record of achievement across major fields of research. The School intends to strategically grow its research programmes and educational offering in the area of Biopharmaceutical manufacturing in the next five years. NIBRT is delighted to support this growth by holding our third annual Careers in Biopharma event on Saturday May 14th 2016 at the NIBRT facility.
While employers can meet and evaluate a pool of highly-skilled and motivated potential employees. This is not, he argues, increasing per capita medical expenditure with the benefits of such innovation exceeding its cost by a substantial margin. Graham Love, Director General of Science Foundation Ireland, on how innovation in the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland is being fostered and developed. Kieran Ryan, Chief Executive of the Irish College of General Practitioners looked at the challenges the new system would bring to his members and argued in particular that it would require significant investment in primary care infrastructure.
There will be a supplier exhibition, a delegation of European buyers, case studies from leading suppliers, opportunities for one-one meetings and tours of the NIBRT facility. We’ll introduce you to our exciting new products and provide you with the latest information on bioprocess technologies and regulatory requirements. To take advantage of this saving, please quote the following code: CQ3531NIBRT to claim your discount.
Additional car parking is available in main campus of UCD and travel via public transport is encouraged. At MSD in Brinny we continue to be committed to developing talent and enabling our people to enhance their skills so that we are in a position to attract further investment to Ireland. MSD hope to register up to 60 people for the programme this year with the aim of starting another rotation in 2012. Our online courses provide such a degree of flexibility that it is possible for workers and students to take our courses from anywhere in the world.
The company plans to role out similar education initiatives in conjunction with NIBRT to employees at several of the other 7 MSD sites in Ireland in the coming months.
MSD is one of Ireland's leading exporters and contributes significantly towards making the pharmaceutical industry the country's leading export sector.
Its School of Science is the second largest in the Institute of Technology Sector, after Dublin Institute of Technology. NIBRT was primarily funded by the Government of Ireland through Ireland's inward investment promotion agency, IDA Ireland (Industrial Development Agency), which is responsible for the attraction and development of foreign investment in Ireland. The lab will house a team of 12 Bristol-Myers Squibb scientists who will advance complex bioprocesses used to produce BMS’s biologics products and benefit from close collaboration with the scientific staff at the NIBRT. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student looking for experience, or a qualified midwife who wants something extra special on your resume. Tell us the areas of midwifery you’re interested in and we’ll carefully craft an internship, perfectly customized to your needs. The clinical experiences on offer in our partner hospitals and clinics are second to none, and in such novel environments you’ll see a side of midwifery you didn’t know existed. Journey across extinct volcano craters, climb mountains, spot big cats and other animals on safari, and much more. In the hustle and bustle of the city you’ll find craft markets, shops, street food vendors, bars, restaurants, museums, cinemas and a whole lot more. Whether your interests lie in intensive care, neonatal care, or delivery, there is a world of options available to you. We’re offering you the one in a lifetime chance to live in a village with Tanzania’s famous Maasai tribe.
Because the city is such a sprawling megalopolis, travelers are typically astonished by the vast and incredible landscape that encircles it.
These hospitals have lively maternity wards in which you’ll gain insight into the dramatically different practices Tanzanian midwives have developed over the years. Local bars and restaurants will leave your every appetite satisfied, and nearby craft markets are perfect for an afternoon of souvenir shopping. We strongly recommend you choose to expand your exposure by spending time in a remote village. Nestled in a valley at the feet of the world-famous Himalayan Mountains, the city and the dramatic landscape that encircles it present endless opportunities for adventure. Our partner hospital sees an average of 30 births per day, some of which result in malpresentation, birth asphyxia and the occasional breech birth. For a start the Himalayan Mountains can be seen jutting into the sky across the city, which provides one of the most dramatic backdrops you’ll have ever seen. Living with our host family on the slopes will elucidate the challenges faced by the community who live life on the edge of civilization.
But don’t let the fact that it’s in the same country fool you; Kathmandu is a truly unique destination and is an entirely different experience from our program in Pokhara. At our partner institution – a large Maternity and Women’s Hospital – you’ll work among a dedicated team of specialists who deliver an impressive average of one hundred babies per day.
Run-down motor vehicles speed down narrow alleyways and pedestrians meander through the congestion with true skill.
You’ll stay with our host family on the slopes of the foothills of the Himalaya, and in the mornings work in a local health outpost to help diagnose, treat, and advise members of the local community.
The city is encircled by a combination of tropical forest on one side, and glorious coastline on the other. You’ll work alongside professionals who are committed to identifying potential complications before they become a problem for expectant mothers. Between the bars, restaurants and boutique craft shops that line the promenade, and the tall shade providing palm trees that line the incredible beaches, Dumaguete has something for everyone. But to understand the full picture, it’s necessary to head into much more remote areas of the country. The experience you’ll receive will be fully comprehensive, and at certain times of the year, the government hospital we’re partnered with sees an average of 40 births per day. Because the city is right on the coast of a tropical island, you’ll constantly feel as though you’re an explorer in a new, undiscovered land. But getting experience in a more rural setting is also necessary to understand the full extent of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in the Philippines. From perusing the bustling food markets of the plaza opposite the grand San Sebastian Cathedral, to venturing deep into the forest to unearth remote waterfalls and unwind in natural hot springs, the Negros Occidental region has everything you could want and more.
We’ve forged a partnership with a hospital whose OBG department is manned by seasoned professionals.
The majesty of San Sebastian Cathedral cannot be denied, however it is the restless food market in the plaza with its food stalls and local craft sellers where the real buzz is at. You’ll get the chance to stay with our friendly local host family in a rural village encircled by pure beauty on all sides. The new city is home to restaurants, bars and lively markets, the ideal contrast to the peaceful rural surroundings. Many women in Sri Lanka give birth with no pain relief as medical bills are too high; caesareans are also commonplace making up nearly half of all births.
Experience the flip side of the 'new city', a bustling development of markets, bars and restaurants all run by friendly locals. Spend your mornings with him, learning the ways of Ayurveda and concocting treatments made from indigenous tree barks and plants. To make matters more interesting, Sri Lankan medicinal practices have been in use for an estimated 5000 years. In fact the contrasts between what you know, and what you’ll experience on the ground will be striking. Culturally speaking you’ll find few places that have as diverse a range of things to experience as here.
You’ll live in a forest setting with our host family and spend your mornings with a master Ayurveda practitioner treating patients and creating medicine. The fact that West Africa has some of the most beautiful coastline in the world certainly has something to do with it. We're partnered with three small private clinics and one large main government hospital in which you'll observe and take part in live births, pre and postnatal care, and more. Whether it's walking along the beach at sunset to enjoy cocktails as you watch the ships make port, or taking a treetop stroll through the forest canopy along suspended walkways, there's always something new to experience. In the morning's you'll work under the supervision of primary healthcare practitioners in a local community clinic.
By joining, you will be able to post and manage multiple listings that will reach thousands of candidates – for FREE. It’s important to note that these are absolutely not nursing volunteer opportunities; they’re highly customized internships that have the power to change your life.
As healthcare is relatively expensive and the distance patients have to travel to seek care is often impractical, you’ll also see a range of conditions that are at stages far more advanced than you’ll be used to. Exclusive access to MyTrip – our personalized online internship tracking tool – will also be included, allowing you to find information about your experience at the touch of a button.
Nurses here will benefit from gaining experience across a range of departments, which will include casualty, theatre and surgical wards, pediatrics, and more. You’ll also be working with experienced specialists, which means you’ll have access to a wealth of specialized knowledge the entire time you’re with us.
Clinically speaking you’ll join specialists in our partner hospitals to work with communicable diseases, injuries sustained in road traffic accidents, HIV cases, and more. Here you can focus in on very specific areas of interest such as pediatric HIV, or get a broader experience across departments. Those looking for excitement will find it in adventure sports like paragliding and white-water rafting, while those seeking a more leisurely pace can explore the temples and markets found across the city.
The Annapurna mountain range, which juts into the sky in the distance, is visible from all over the city. Your afternoons will involve learning about traditional culture and taking trips to see and do things in the local area, such as learning traditional Nepalese cooking, visiting nearby temples, meeting a local shaman, milking the village buffalos, and more.
The city has a very deep history that can be seen in the city’s architecture including in its ancient Hindu temples complete with pocket picking monkeys. What’s more, many the top specialists in the country are based in Kathmandu, and they can often found working in our main partner hospital.
Visiting these temples on foot and listening to the monks chanting their daily prayers will be a truly enlightening experience. This is the perfect opportunity to gain insight into how healthcare is provided in a situation where medical practitioners have to make do only with what is at hand. Nurses in Dumaguete are in charge of the wards, so you can look forward to getting involved in things you may have never even heard of, and may never have the chance to do again.
You can also trek to the adventure reserve set deep in the heart of an untamed forest, where waterfalls and wildlife await. You’ll live with our friendly host family who will introduce you to village life, and in the morning’s you’ll work in local health clinics to begin forming an understanding of the challenges of providing adequate care with limited resources. Depending on your enthusiasm and skill level, you’ll administer oral meds, perform IV calculations, assist doctors' rounds and measure vital signs.
Complete your trip by checking out the region’s cultural heritage and taking a bus ride to Silay to marvel at the grand Ancestral Houses built in better times by the famed Pilipino sugar barons. You’ll spend mornings in the nearby health outpost where resident health workers treat walk in patients. What’s more, in Iloilo you’ll nearly always find a festival going on somewhere in one form or another. Whale watching off the nearby island of Cebu’s shores is also an experience that should not be overlooked. In these institutions you’ll work with a range of local patients who will be struggling with ailments at varying points of development. Sat on the coast of West Africa, the city has flawless beaches, old colonial forts dotted up and down the coast, and fishing villages everywhere in-between. You can choose to work across a varied range of departments, in which you’ll come across an equally varied range of cases.
Included are stunning coastlines, wild game parks, metropolitan centers, remote villages, and more.
This add-on to your placement will give you the chance to live with a host family and immerse yourself in village life. It’s perfectly possible to switch across a number of departments to gain a more rich and varied understanding both clinically speaking and in terms of how departments interact with one another.
Here you’ll find locals selling their wares in bustling markets, traditional restaurants and eclectic bars run by friendly locals. You’ll work closely together to create remedies from the tree barks, plants and herbs that surround you. Whether you want to explore the region’s rich wilderness in search of elephants (of which there are many), or unwind on stretches of world-class coastline, Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of experiences.
The city of Kandy, where our private house is based, is a focal point of cultural activity. It’s also crucial to note that these are not typical medical volunteering opportunities; they’re highly customized internships for medical students and professionals that deliver personal experiences that have the potential to change lives.
The environment will present to you the challenges of providing adequate healthcare in such a low resource situation. We’ll also give you access to MyTrip – a personalized internship information and tracking tool. The city itself is alive with culture, and there are great bars and restaurants for an evening’s entertainment.
Beyond the city you’ll have the chance to tour Ngorongoro – a huge dormant volcanic caldera, make the 3-day climb to the top of Mt. There are beautiful beaches stretching along the coast, vast plains across which you can go on big game safaris, and Mt. Some of the larger departments in our partner hospitals and clinics are able to offer you the chance to work with advanced stage referrals too.
Further afield you can drive through Mikumi National Park in a 4x4 to spot lions, zebra, and other elusive beasts on safari. In the mornings you’ll work with local specialists in a low resource health clinic treating walk-in patients from the community. Choosing a medical internship here will afford you the opportunity to work in specialist wards where you can focus in on individual areas of interest, or in large departments to gain a broad understanding of the provision of healthcare in Nepal. You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in everything from scrubbing in for theatre to working in leprosy rehabilitation and beyond. After a positive day on the wards there are plenty of bars and restaurants, some of which are on the banks of a giant lake, for a spot of rest and relaxation. In the mornings you’ll work in a community health outpost with a local healthcare professional to diagnose and treat patients from the village. Some departments and clinics are highly specialized, meaning you can focus in on niche areas that are of particular interest to you. However, the city still manages to retain an atmosphere of antiquity that shines through in the temples and stupas that are revered by many of Kathmandu’s inhabitants. Your afternoons will consist of cultural experiences like learning beekeeping, trekking to mountain temples, milking local buffalo, and more. If you wander to the coast you’ll be able to take advantage of the incredible dive-spots that can be found beneath the waves. You’ll have the chance to observe instances of communicable diseases such as TB and HIV, and narrow your focus into certain subspecialties like urology and pediatrics. If you venture outside the city you can trek through the jungle to an adventure reserve, go whale watching off the coast of Bais Island, swim in waterfalls, and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen. In the morning’s you’ll work in nearby clinics putting what you’ve learned in the city into practice, all while gaining entirely new skills and perspectives. Between diving in the clear coastal waters, and joining in with lively festivals, our base in the city of Iloilo has something for everyone.
The hospitals and clinics we work with are low resource settings, and this will become immediately obvious from your first day. Jungle trekking is another essential part of any trip, as that’s where you’ll find the Kawa hot baths where you can experience being ‘cooked alive’.
The cathedral of San Sebastian is impressive, yet its hectic market plaza with food vendors and craft stalls are where you can really explore.
Spend mornings with the resident healthcare workers in the local health outpost gaining valuable experience and comprehending the issues faced in the developing world, when resources can be hard to come by. While in our partner hospital you’ll have the option of working in many different departments such as ICU, OBG, general medicine, general surgery and oncology. Make your way to the top of Sigiriya – a broad column of rock – to appreciate the palace ruins found at its summit and epic views below. You’ll stay with our host family for a week and in the mornings you'll work alongside the healer to create treatments from tree barks and plants found in the surrounding forests.
If you choose to undertake your internship in Sri Lanka, you’ll see that doctors are well respected here as a result of the caste system. To get the most from a placement in Kandy it’s up to you to show your enthusiasm and demonstrate your skills. If you’re the kind of person who leans into adventure, you’ll enjoy jungle trekking, surfing, rafting, swimming with dolphins, whale watching, sea turtle spotting, elephant tracking, and more. Living with a host family in a rural forest setting, you’ll spend your mornings working with a practitioner who has inherited the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, or ‘tree medicine’ from his father, and his father before him.
Medical interns here will enjoy an incredibly varied placement across a multitude of departments and specialisms.
You will however be able to work across an extraordinary number of departments, gaining unique skills and perspectives along the way. In the forests you can climb into the canopy and stroll through it on a series of treetop walkways. In the mornings you’ll work in a front line primary healthcare clinic and learn about the hurdles staff face as a result of working so remotely. Our trainees will be the future leaders in an industry which plays such an important role in the Irish economy. Glycoscience Ireland also provides a forum for communication and interaction between Irish glycoscientists and industry representatives in Ireland and further afield with the aim of assisting the translation of glycoscience discoveries into commercial realities. This year the meeting will be mainly focused on Food Glycobiology, and we are expecting our attendees to include representatives from the major Irish funding agencies, Irish academic institutions, Irish and multinational Food, Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, and a distinguished panel of speakers from the US and Europe. He and many other researchers are attempting to better understand the sugar composition in breast milk, in order to use this knowledge to develop food ingredients for infants. However, together these two disciplines can provide a better understanding of both symbiotic and pathogenic relationships between hosts and bacteria in the gut. The 2012 meeting will focus on Next Generation Glycotechnologies and their relevance to BioPharma and the growing Natural Food sector in Ireland. The 2013 meeting will focus on Next Generation Glycomaterials, the role of glycotechnologies in BioPharma and Glycodiagnostics.
Approximately 560 construction workers are involved in the development of the current Athlone and College Park projects, and the planned expansion of College Park will also create over 800 construction jobs. Alexion has a unique mission to develop life-transforming therapies for patients with severe and life-threatening ultra-rare disorders. Employment will be provided for 1000 extra people, and the knock-on impact of this massive €450 million investment for the wider economy will be enormous.
Alexion has begun recruitment for the College Park posts to build on its existing workforce and capabilities in Ireland. In particular, it has world-class analytical and process development facilities up to pilot plant scale, along with the associated technical and support infrastructure. Biochemical Engineering research has been a strength of the school for over 30 years and staff have published extensively in the leading journals in the field and participated in international networks and in a range of industry collaborations. The School is committed to the highest standards of undergraduate teaching, learning and student development in a research-informed environment. The companies will have exhibition stands at this event and will also provide short presentations throughout the day. Michel Dutree, of Nefarma, which represents the pharmaceutical sector in the Netherlands, pointed to what he saw as real shortcomings in the system there which he claimed is completely cost driven, with only lip service to quality. The rig simulates (bio)pharma production and cleaning processes and the course covers all elements of instrumentation including measurement, digital communication, process control and Life Cycle management (LCM).
The support of Government to industry in these initiatives is key to the future success of the life sciences sector in Ireland". This flexibility is crucial in the workplace at the moment, because it provides companies and employees with the opportunity to update their skills without leaving the workplace, allowing them to maintain their competitiveness. Through our prescription medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, and consumer care and animal health products, we work with customers and operate in more than 140 countries to deliver innovative health solutions. MSD is a member of Guaranteed Irish and manufactures or packages many of its leading products for the world market in Ireland. IT Sligo is a recognised national leader in online education and has worked closely on staff training with a wide range of leading multinational companies such Coca Cola, Masonite International, Abbott Ireland and Baxter. This facility is purpose built to closely replicate a modern bioprocessing plant with state of the art equipment. NIBRT offers a quality training and research experience not previously possible anywhere in the world. Please also keep in mind that these are not standard placements that position you as a volunteer midwife; they’re structured learning experiences designed for your own personal development, and to help you steer your life in the direction you want it to go.
Working in these settings you’ll quickly understand the harsh challenges faced by local professionals in the field.

The city of Arusha is a center for Tanzanian culture, and buzzes with activity day and night. If you venture outside the city limits, which we strongly recommend, you’ll step into some of the most beautiful landscape you’ll have ever seen.
You’ll get involved in a huge number of areas including high-risk pregnancies, treating birthing complications that, in the developed world, would normally have been spotted during antenatal care, and more.
You’ll live in a traditional Maasai hut within a community that will welcome you as one of their own. On the one hand you’ve got enormous grassy plains on which you can spot big game on safari, and on the other, a dreamlike coastline with some of the most attractive beaches in the world.
You’ll get heavily involved with conventional deliveries and general OBG, but there’s also the chance for you to put yourself to work in neonatal intensive care, and with mothers who are HIV positive. In Mikumi National Park you can ride in a 4x4 to spot zebra, lion and other big game on safari.
The department supports a post natal, pre-eclampsia, and eclampsia unit in which you can also gain experience that would otherwise be difficult to acquire. In the city you'll find bars and restaurants serving local brews and delicious cuisine, some of which sit at the edge of a giant lake.
In the mornings you’ll work in a local health outpost to help treat walk-in patients from the surrounding villages.
Whether you want to work on labor wards, postnatal wards, post-op wards, or help to provide infertility services, this comprehensive placement will give you experience you never thought you’d get and show you things you never thought you’d see. Kathmandu is also a city of great antiquity, and this comes through in everything from the old temples and stupas dotted around the city, to the diverse cultural traditions practiced by locals. Your afternoons will consist of trips to mountain temples, learning the art of beekeeping, milking buffalo, cooking traditional local food, and more.
You’ll not only have the chance to work in a busy hospital, but there is often the possibility to head out into the community to conduct outreach work. If you head outside the city, you’ll come across jungle treks that lead to adventure parks, whale watching off the coast of Bais, waterfalls perfect for swimming in, and hilltop sunsets that will stay in your memory forever. On this add-on you’ll live with our host family in a rural town and integrate into local culture. Spectacular beaches, incredible food, and a population of some of the happiest people on Earth make Iloilo an absolute pleasure to live in. In the hospital’s lying-in clinic you’ll witness a host of natural births, as well as experiencing a number of procedures that you won’t have seen before.
Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, diving in this region is absolutely essential, as is whale and dolphin watching off the coast of Cebu. Living in a village among the Ati tribe with our host family, you’ll spend your mornings working in a small clinic and a low resource community hospital. Be sure also to investigate the region’s true cultural heritage by taking a trip to Silay, where you can get up close to the incredible Ancestral Houses abandoned by the sugar barons in decades long since passed. You’ll acquire clinical experience in the mornings working in a local health center with fully trained healthcare professionals. Going out of town you’ll discover wildlife in the national parks, white sandy beaches on an unspoilt coastline and peaceful inland lakes. Despite the lack of resources, our partner hospital’s OBG Department does a superb job of looking after its patients. Explore beyond the city limits and you’ll find Sigiriya (Lion Rock), which you can easily scale by stairs to admire the ruins of an ancient palace that stood atop its summit. There are an almost unbelievable number of things to do in Sri Lanka and from trekking to swimming with dolphins, there’s something for everyone. The OBG department in our partner hospital will present things to you that may well contradict your own judgment.
Between the temples (one of which is said to hold the Buddha’s tooth), delicious national and international cuisine, and UNESCO World Heritage sites, boredom in Kandy is impossible. Ayurveda, or ‘tree medicine’, is an ancient medicinal art that uses herbs, plants and barks from the forest.
Golden beaches that stretch on for miles, quaint shoreline fishing villages, decaying colonial forts and more can be found along Ghana’s coast. Caesarian sections will prove to be surprisingly common, as will breech births, which are often symptoms of the fact that women have not had the comprehensive prenatal care that is typically received in more developed countries. Perhaps you prefer the idea of swimming in the Volta region's waterfalls, or heading out to Mole Game Park where wild elephants roam freely.
This is an incredible opportunity to come to understand the challenges faced by local professionals working in this environment. Our Internship Experts will go to great lengths to tailor your hospital experience, match you with supervisors, handle your visa administration, and much more. As far as nursing internships for college students and professionals go, this is far and away one of the best. Your mornings will be spent working at the local health dispensary, studying individual cases and suggesting medication. As a student nurse, internships such as this one can make a fundamental difference to both your career and your life as a whole.
As a result of the strong relationships we have with our partner hospitals, you’ll enjoy unparalleled flexibility when choosing the areas you wish to focus in on. Your mornings will be spent in a local clinic treating members of the local community, and in the afternoons you’ll undertake activities such as meeting the village elders, cycling to the local sugar plantations, swimming in waterfalls, and more. Nurses here take on a slightly different role than in the UK, so working on busy wards in our partner hospitals and clinics you should prepare to start gaining invaluable skills and experience from day one. You’ll also have every chance to specialize in areas that are of particular interest to you. If you’re more into adventure, you’ll have fun heading beyond the city’s borders to go paragliding, bungee jumping, white-water rafting, and more.
This means you can tap into an uncommon set of knowledge during this exceptional experience.
You can also head to the Bhoti River gorge to launch yourself from the highest bungee jump in the world, ride an elephant on safari in Chitwan National Park, watch the city below as you paraglide over the dramatic landscape surrounding the city, and unwind in the restaurants, bars and clubs of the Thamel district after a long day on the wards. In the afternoons you’ll be occupied with cultural immersion, which will include everything from learning about beekeeping to milking buffalo and beyond.
When it comes to nursing opportunities abroad, you certainly won’t find anything quite like this. Afternoon activities will include heading to a protected reef for a BBQ, and crab hunting in the 850 hectares of mangrove forest nearby. In the Philippines it’s typical for families to focus on bedside care, freeing up much of your time to focus on the more clinical aspects of nursing. Discover adventure in Mambukal as you hike jungle trails that end at a series of stunningly beautiful waterfalls, try zip-lining, soak in hot springs, take a boat across the lagoon, try your hand at rock climbing or simply amble through the forest atop old wooden bridges. Get to grips with the challenges faced by local healthcare professionals when treating patients first hand and test your skill in an environment lacking in basic equipment. Working in the outpatient department you’ll encounter anything from pediatric care to rabies treatments. If you want to unwind over a weekend, take make the journey to the north of the island to experience Boracay for award-winning beaches and reef diving. Your afternoons will be much more culturally focused where you’ll be introduced to the ins and outs of living a rural life. The center of town is a cultural point of interest; Takoradi is a port city, which means people from far and wide travel through it. The waterfalls found in the Volta region that cascade into one another are an unforgettable natural phenomenon and you should take the opportunity to swim in them when you visit. In the morning’s you’ll work in a local community pharmacy in which you’ll begin to appreciate how challenging it can be to deliver adequate care in low-resource environments. Beyond the city you’ll come to Sigiriya (Lion Rock), the top of which can be climbed to in order to admire ancient palace ruins atop it. Whilst in the village you’ll stay with our host family who’ll integrate you into the local community.
On a nursing internship in Kandy you’ll enjoy a varied placement working across multiple departments. Spend the evening in the city’s bars trying locally brewed beers, or in the restaurants sampling the region’s famously tasty cuisine. You’ll help to create medicine from plants and barks found in the forest, and learn how patients benefit from it in real time. From the moment you’ve signed up one of our Internship Experts will get to work planning your experience.
Work the World’s sole purpose is to craft a placement for you that delivers premium clinical experience.
Remember that this experience is not the same as other typical medical volunteer opportunities abroad – here you’ll gain a deep insight into an entirely different healthcare system than what you’re used to.
You’ll also have the option of tuning into areas such as primary healthcare, which can be undertaken in either a rural or primary clinic. In Dar es Salaam you’ll be able to gain exceptional experience working with communicable diseases, HIV, advanced pathologies, and beyond. You can also head across the water to the stunning island of Zanzibar to enjoy its paradise beaches and incredible dive spots. You’ll spend your afternoons with a local guide who’ll introduce you to local culture and customs, including traditional drumming and dancing, cycling to sugar cane plantations, visiting a hidden waterfall, and volunteering at the local primary school. But there’s also paragliding through the mountains, white-water rafting, elephant safaris and more.
In the afternoons you’ll hike to hidden temples, milk the village buffalos, learn how to cook traditional Nepalese dishes, get fitted in traditional Nepalese clothes, and more.
Medics who choose Kathmandu will find themselves working across a multitude of departments, and also engage in community outreach work. Some students may also be able to work outside the hospital on a community outreach program that operates in the city. The popular clubs and bars in the Thamel district offer a more modern experience, and if you’re in the mood for adventure, make your way into the Himalayan Mountains where you can go hiking, white-water rapid riding, paragliding and more. In the afternoons, accompanied by your personal guide, you’ll go crab collecting in beautiful mangrove forests, head out onto protected coral reefs for barbecues, play traditional games with the locals, and much more. Evenings are fun here too; street food vendors, restaurants, bars, and clubs will be a welcome retreat after a day on the wards.
As a result of this you’ll also notice things like doctors prescribing medication to patients based on their financial flexibility. If you take the scenic boat ride across to Boracay Island you’ll have the chance to relax on some of the best beaches in the world. In the afternoons you’ll enjoy island hopping, visiting a local primary school, BBQs, dancing, traditional games, and more. You’ll get to observe an array of unusual conditions that you won't be familiar with such as dengue fever. Check out the cultural heritage of the region with a short trip to Silay, home to the grand Ancestral Houses left by the sugar barons.
The fun can begin in the afternoon when you get involved in activities including everything from cooking and eating local cuisine, to walking in the mountains. Doctors here are extremely highly regarded and this makes your enthusiasm and proving your credentials even more important than ever. Marvel at jungles and paddy fields from the sky, as you drift over Dambulla in a hot air balloon at sunrise.
Your afternoons will be spent riding an ox and cart, perhaps swimming in the local lake at sunset, or even full body massages at one of the local spas.
If you do this, opportunities to do increasingly interesting things will present themselves to you. If you prefer the idea of rest and relaxation, there are magnificent beaches all around the island. You’ll treat patients, and learn how to synthesize medicines from plants and barks gathered from the very forest you’ll be living in. Swimming in the local waterfalls will be a welcome pleasure too, as will a trip to Mole Game Park where elephants roam free. In the afternoons you’ll have the opportunity to walk along uninterrupted stretches of tourist-free golden beaches, receive an official welcome from the village chief on bonfire day, hike to even more remote villages inland, and more on this raw, truly African experience.
Our ability to successfully integrate ground-breaking research with world class training and education makes NIBRT globally unique”. Our aim is also to work with industry to identify the key issues affecting the biopharma industry today and to put together expert teams of scientists to solve these problems”. Pauline Rudd NIBRT both strongly support food glycobiology related research in Teagasc and chaired sessions on the day. Our mission is to support and educate industry in the application of technical knowledge and modern methods to achieve excellence in product and process design, manufacturing, scale-up, technology transfer and control. An additional key element of its research programme is to support the Irish biopharmaceutical industry. Pat O’Mahony, Chief Executive of the Irish Medicines Board outline how regulatory structures can work to encourage innovation. UBIFRANCE offers a comprehensive range of products and services including pavilions and B2B meetings, aiming at accompanying French-based companies in their development on export markets and help them to meet their international counterparts.
Our close links with NIBRT enable us to jointly offer a programme of a high academic standard, while being very focused towards the industry’s educational requirements". NIBRT fully supports this initiative and will work closely with MSD to achieve a high calibre programme which will benefit the company and enhance Ireland’s reputation as being at the forefront of the (bio)pharmaceutical industry" said Prof Marison. We also demonstrate our commitment to increasing access to healthcare through far-reaching policies, programs and partnerships. Once you’ve signed up, one of our Internship Experts will immediately begin customizing your placement.
What’s more, you’ll broaden your knowledgebase and skillset considerably by observing extreme cases and birthing complications that you won’t have seen at home.
Our mission is to design midwifery internships abroad that deliver an experience that has a quality superior to anything else available. The bars and restaurants here are some of the best you’ll visit, and make for a great night out after a long day. In the mornings you’ll work at a local health post diagnosing and treating patients from the local community.
Or if you’d prefer a relaxing weekend, head to nearby Zanzibar – a paradise island – to lie on golden beaches and swim in crystal clear waters. Living with a host family you’ll stay in a village in the foothills of the staggeringly beautiful Viduna Mountains. There is also an antenatal clinic twice a week that sees anywhere up to 600 mothers and babies. If you head to the city’s outskirts and beyond, you’ll find hiking, paragliding, white-water rafting, elephant safaris, and more. In the afternoon you’ll explore local culture, including things like learning how to cook local food, hiking to hidden mountain temples, getting fitted for traditional Nepalese clothing and more. You’ll witness everything from wild monkeys sprinting across rooftops, to committed Buddhist monks singing daily prayer in temples found across the city. For a great night out head to Thamel’s bars and clubs, and for a spot of adventure the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains with their paragliding, white-water rafting, hiking, and mountain climbing are your best bet. During your time here you’ll get experience working with complicated birthing procedures, postnatal care programs, and more.
In the morning’s you’ll work in nearby district hospitals and clinics, putting what you’ve learned in the city into practice, while gaining entirely new skills and perspectives.
Colorful festivals seem to take place every other week and the street food vendors, restaurants, and bars are always busy, providing welcome respite after a day on the wards. Head out of the city and into the jungle to find the Kawa hot baths, in which you can experience being ‘cooked alive’.
In the afternoons you’ll be free to enjoy island hopping, BBQs, traditional dancing, a visit to the local primary school, and much more. You’ll come face-to-face with issues resident health workers are forced to resolve when treating patients with little or no equipment and medicine. It is here that you’ll work with some of the region’s most skilled and well-regarded specialists. Observe the magnificent jungle from the air by hot air balloon, make your way to Wilpattu National Park for wildlife safaris or unwind on pristine, white sandy beaches. Your afternoons will be taken up with cultural activities including ox and cart rides, lake swimming, and therapeutic massages in Ayurveda spas. Our practitioner has inherited his knowledge from his father and his father before him, and is well respected among people from the local community as a result.
Visiting the leper colony is a fascinating experience too, as is wandering through the sprawling rubber plantations that cover the land for miles.
In the afternoons you'll get an official welcome from the village chief on bonfire day, enjoy long stretches of tourist-free beaches, trek inland to even smaller hidden villages, and more. Our experts also have specialist knowledge of and oversee all our in-country operations – there are no better people for this job. We’ve sent over 5000 students away in the last decade, so you can be sure you’re in the most capable and experienced hands. The city of Arusha itself is a lively cultural hub, with a host of bars, restaurants, markets, and more to keep you entertained. In the afternoons escorted by your personal guide, you’ll take part in a number of activities including meeting local traditional healers, observing a goat sacrifice, visiting sacred Maasai sites, watching the well-known tsotso dance, learning to make local jewelry, and more. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, neonatal intensive care, leprosy rehabilitation, and more.
In quieter periods of the day it’s nice to stroll through temples, row across the tranquil waters of Lake Phewa, or peruse the local markets for keepsakes to take home with you.
As a nursing intern in this city you’ll be awarded the opportunity to understand the challenges faced by local professionals. In the afternoon you’ll enjoy activities such as cooking and eating local produce hills & mountains. Placements here are much more clinically focused as nurses play a more diverse role in the Philippines than they do in most other countries. There is also a dedicated animal bites clinic, which has been a favorite among our previous students. You’ll discover the secret behind the local weaving techniques, swim in refreshing waterfalls, test your sea legs on a local boat as you go island hopping, spot giant sea turtles beneath the waves, and more. Greater adventure lies beyond the town, and trips past the city limits will reveal an entirely new world. Or make your way to the rubber plantations to get lost in the rows and rows of trees that seem to stretch on forever. In contrast, your afternoons will be spent learning about the many aspects of village culture, enjoying endless stretches of tourist-free golden beaches, and much more. These can include dengue fever, tuberculosis and malnutrition – all surprisingly common ailments here. A hot air balloon ride over Dambulla at sunrise will take your breath away, jungles and paddy fields sprawling out below.
Your afternoons will be taken up with activities including ox and cart rides, swimming in the local lake at sunset and full body massages in a traditional local spa. What’s more you’ll get outstanding levels of experience observing and treating cases that simply don’t exist back home. You’ll live in a house with our welcoming host family and in the afternoons you’ll have the chance to take river canoe rides, receive treatments at an Ayurveda spa, watch the sunset while swimming in the lake, and much more. They’re responsible for the entire spectrum of the service you’ll receive, including everything from arranging your hospital placement to tackling visa administration (and a lot more). What’s more, as a result of the cost of healthcare among other things, patients often wait to seek care until the last available moment. The primary clinic is excellent if you want to see how a typical Tanzanian city center clinic is run. If you prefer life at a slightly slower pace, you’ll appreciate the many temples that can be found in the region, or an afternoon rowing across Lake Phewa’s tranquil waters. Medics who choose Dumaguete will enjoy working across a number of departments like pediatrics, urology, and oncology to develop skills that would be difficult, if not impossible to acquire elsewhere. Medics who choose Iloilo will enjoy working in a range of departments like anesthesiology and assist in unusual procedures working with highly trained specialists.
Also, as there is a high amount of sugar in the Filipino diet, you may have the chance to observe and treat cases of cardiac arrest and hypertension in young people. Exploring the city itself you’ll discover excellent restaurants, museums, shopping districts, and nightlife. The late presentation of many cases means they’re usually at incredibly advanced stages, perhaps beyond what you’ve seen before. Once you have done, opportunities will begin to present themselves like never before.  Hit the ‘ENQUIRE NOW’ button to discover our Anuradhapura medicine placements. You can also spend time with elephants, leopards and a whole host of other flora and fauna on Safari in Wilpattu National Park.
In our partner hospitals and clinics you’ll observe a number of cases including Dengue fever and Typhoid.
You’ll also have the exclusive opportunity to work in an HIV clinic that sees an average of 400 patients per week. It’s also possible to visit a leper colony, explore the vast rubber plantations, and a lot more. Paul Ross, also gave insight into how beneficial bacteria such as probiotics, can also produce sugars which allow them to survive better in the gastrointestinal tract. Steve Thomas of Trinity College, Dublin, acknowledging that the planned reform was a real opportunity, argued that this was dependent on the Government following the right and appropriate model for Ireland. A team of students from IT Sligo took first place in the global final of the Microsoft Imagine Cup, the world's leading student technology competition, earlier this summer.
These experts are responsible for your entire experience, and will be there to support you every step of the way, from arranging your experience in the hospital to organizing your visa. Being able to draw on your experience overseas long into the future might just be the extra something you need to land your dream job. Midwifery internships in Africa allow both students and professionals to see a side of the field they wouldn’t have believed existed.
Your afternoons will be taken up by learning from traditional healers, Maasai dancing, traditional cooking lessons, goat sacrifices, walking to sacred Maasai sites, and more.
In the mornings you’ll work in a low resource clinic treating walk-in patients from the village and the surrounding areas.
In Pokhara this will become obvious, as you’ll be able to work closely with local professionals on busy wards getting to grips with a healthcare system that has a completely different rulebook.
Remember, you’re not here as a midwifery volunteer, but instead as an enthusiastic intern looking to further your own knowledge and skills.
For a slightly slower pace of life, the city’s temples are a must, as is rowing across the tranquil waters of Lake Phewa. Adventurers can head to the coastline for incredible diving, trek through the jungle to spot rare wildlife, take a boat across the water to visit witchdoctors, and more.
In the afternoons, accompanied by your personal guide, you’ll go crab collecting in the beautiful mangrove forests, head out onto protected coral reefs for barbecues on the guardhouse patio (this is on stilts in the middle of the sea), and much more. Midwifery in Iloilo is very special, as the procedures, systems, and skillsets regarding birth and pre and postnatal care differ quite dramatically from what you’ll be used to at home. If you’d prefer a more typical ‘desert island’ experience, head to the beaches found on Boracay – they’re said to be some of the best in all of Southeast Asia.
Women are obliged to undergo labour in total silence, a rite of passage, without even the most basic pain relief.
While here, you can also experience zip-lining, relax in hot springs, row across lagoons, try your hand at rock climbing or wander across elevated bridges high up in the trees. Your afternoons will be full with activities that include everything from cooking and eating local food, to walking through the mountains. Get the most out of both them and your time in the facility by keeping an open mind and enjoy hugely fulfilling rewards. In Sri Lanka you can go jungle trekking, surfing, rafting, swimming with dolphins, whale watching, sea turtle spotting, elephant tracking, and more.
In the mornings you’ll work in his clinic to treat patients and learn how to prepare medicines. There are craft and fish markets, bars, restaurants, shops, and street food vendors, and you’ll discover something new and surprising around every corner.
Accompanying local students on their ward rounds will also be something you can draw experience from. Not only this but you’ll also take home new skills that will set you apart from your peers. If this sounds like the sort of thing that floats your boat, visit one of the many nearby beaches, grab a cocktail, and then relax in the afternoon sun. Unlike nursing volunteer opportunities abroad, as an officially recognized intern you’ll be taken much more seriously and awarded rare opportunities as a result.
As a nursing student, internships such as this provide you with access to a range of interconnected departments. If you want a totally different experience of this wonderful country, make your way out to the leper colony found in a much more rural setting. Head to Wilpattu National Park to see wildlife in the flesh and make your way to the pristine, white sandy beaches of Trincomalee for some well-deserved down time.
They also manage our destination teams on the ground, who you’ll meet upon arrival, meaning there’s no one better for the job. We’ve been designing medical internships abroad for a decade, so come away with us and seize the opportunity to change your life today. The rural option will allow you to understand how healthcare is delivered, slightly further away from more densely populated areas. You’ll observe instances of rare communicable diseases, injuries from road traffic accidents, and many other conditions that will be completely new to you. Above all else, this eye-opening opportunity offers you a chance to learn the sometimes harsh realities of healthcare in the developing world, alongside experienced and passionate staff. In Mambukal you’ll have be able to explore forest trails that end at a series of incredible waterfalls. You’ll swim in lakes at sunset, go canoeing down lazy rivers, head to an Ayurveda spa for treatments, and much more.
David Newburg, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, US, also discussed the health benefits of human milk sugars and their principal components. Through my Department and the IDA, I look forward to building on our strong relationship with Alexion and wish them every success with this project”. They’re also in charge of our operations on the ground, meaning they oversee everything from A to Z. As a midwife, choosing to work here will afford you access to busy maternity wards in which you’ll gain a wealth of new skills and knowledge that you simply would get back home.
In the afternoons your personal guide will introduce you to local culture and customs, including traditional drumming and dancing, cycling to sugar cane plantations, visiting a waterfall, and volunteering in the local primary school.
The skills and knowledge you’ll gain from such an experience will prove to be invaluable to you, both now and long into the future.
The department has relatively limited equipment, which means things aren’t as straightforward as they could be – for example manually examining the outside of the abdomen by hand to determine if a baby is breech.
This placement is incredibly diverse, and will give you not only amazing experience, but amazing memories to take home with you. If you’d prefer to relax on the beach, you can do just that on one of the magnificent coastal locations scattered around the island’s perimeter.
In the afternoons you’ll head out with your personal guide to canoe down rivers, go to an Ayurveda spa for treatments, swim in lakes bathed in beautiful sunsets, and more. The midwifery internships we offer here will allow you to work in an incredibly dynamic ward that will actively promote your development in a variety of ways. You’ll work with fully qualified nurses too, which will offer even more perspective to your placement.
We’ve been designing medical internships for undergraduates and professionals for a decade. Here you can also go zip-lining, soak in hot springs, make your way across forest bridges and take a boat across crystal clear lagoons. Practicing midwifery here means you’ll have the chance to get involved in everything from postnatal care to birthing procedures and beyond. You’ll work on a busy ward observing conditions and practices that will be entirely new to you.
Characterization of powder flow properties and their effects on process and product performance.

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