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Through friendship and funding for the past 15 years they have worked to support several impoverished and vulnerable communities in northern Peru. Typhoon Haiyan – locally known as Yolanda – created widespread destruction, including landslides and flooding that destroyed lives and homes. The Government of Canada will match the donations of individual Canadians between November 8 and December 23, 2013. All images that appear on the site are copyrighted to their respective owners and claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted.

Communications would like to take this time to pass on our holiday wishes for you and your family to have a great holiday time and all the best in 2014.
Urgent, life-saving emergency services continue to be required in the form of food, clean water, health and emergency shelter. Those funds will go into a relief fund that is separate from the Canadian Red Cross and will be administered by the Government of Canada. Heart-Links utilize a participatory model to identify needs and to collaborate on various community initiatives, particularly in the areas of education, nutrition, health and income generation with the goal of promoting self-sufficiency.

Funds raised through this program will support ongoing humanitarian assistance in typhoon affected communities.

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