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Less than six months after its launch alongside iOS 7 last September, Apple's iTunes Radio has become the third most popular music streaming service in the United States, according to a new report from Edison Research and Statista (via Fortune). In reality, can spend a fraction of that to merely bolster, rework and refresh current playlists. As early founders of at least parts of the U.S, we expected and hoped for a bit more love from you people. I have been a subscriber to both Pandora and Spotiify for years and I put them way ahead of iTunes Radio. Darren Haas, one of the last remaining members of the original team that developed Siri, has left Apple to work at General Electric, reports The Information.
Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video vs Blinkbox vs Now TVStepping into a physical media retailer these days feels almost quaint. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free!
Because the fact is, for years, all music streaming services had the same, common problem: they were locked in an eternal struggle with record labels. Both services have since had to deal extensively with record labels, which they ended up doing in very different ways. Pandora has decided to sign a deal with Merlin, a sort of consortium of independent labels of which some 20,000 have membership. Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Mirror Image’s Audio Streaming Service enables broadcasters to deliver live audio streams to listeners worldwide through Mirror Image’s patented, global Dynamic Delivery Network. Our Audio Streaming Service provides companies with highly scalable audio streaming capabilities tightly integrated with Mirror Image’s ClearVue Control Center for reporting and analytics. The service allows enterprise users to broadcast high quality live audio streams at all the supported bitrates anywhere in the world using the HTTP protocol. Distribution support for large radio directories, aggregators and portals including: iTunes Radio Directory, TuneIn, Icecast and more.
Playlists were once a democratic realm of tastemakers, but the most popular ones have been influenced -- and in some cases purchased -- by promotion companies, one of which was recently hired by the worlda€™s largest music corporation. The online extension of Billboard Magazine, is the essential online destination for the music business. As online video streaming and downloading continues to rise in popularity, the availability of mobile apps to watch online content might be a deciding factor when choosing which service you use to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, especially if you are paying a monthly subscription fee. A recent survey shows the most popular services among Americans to watch content online is Netflix, with 63% of Americans using the service to stream content online, followed by 48% using websites from specific TV networks like ABC, NBC and CBS. Notably, the top three online sources for watching content use streaming as opposed to downloading. Netflix: Not surprisingly, as the leader in online video streaming, Netflix is available for most major platforms including iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. TV Networks: Most national broadcast TV networks like ABC, CBS and NBC have mobile apps for iPhone and Android that let you stream content from their sites, although these tend to be more popular for sports or news.
Hulu (Plus): Hulu has apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, although these apps are for Hulu Plus, which requires a paid subscription with the service to get access on your mobile device. Although streaming may use a lot of data, there are apps like Hola Accelerator & Unblocker, available on Android, which can significantly reduce data usage on your mobile device. While downloading (as least legally) may not be as popular as streaming among Americans, it's certainly an option if you have a Wifi connection or want to transfer programs from your PC to your mobile device. Amazon Prime, another popular downloading and streaming service, has the Amazon Instant Video app that lets you app to stream content, although it's only available for iPhone, iPad and Kindle devices.
There are alternative options for watching content on your device, aside from YouTube, that are widely available, mainly for transferring files onto your device (which you can watch using VLC's iOS or Android apps) or streaming from third-party sites. Dropbox is a popular cloud services that is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire. BitTorrent Sync is another option, an app that lets you sync files between your PC and your mobile device or between two different mobile devices using P2P file sharing. If you prefer streaming from third party sites, a good option is Hubi, which lets you stream flash videos, as well as download content, from some of the most popular free video streaming sites. Apple's streaming service also passed the likes of competitors such as Google Play All Access, Rhapsody, Slacker, and TuneIn Radio. I know, it seems at first to make no sense at all, I thought the same way originally - but if you read up on statistics you'll understand that getting the correct sample size for the correct results is often less than 1% of the group you are studying. Years and years go by, and the hope for a dutch speaking Siri, or the release of iRadio, are painfully absent. Spotify is the biggest streaming service in terms of letting you listen to exactly what you want. Nevertheless, correct me if I'm wrong but you can't listen to a specific song whenever you want, right? There is no diversity on iTunes Radio and it consistently plays the same tracks over and over. Using Now TV for TV only as also have BT so new films all available at reasonable price and good quality.

After years of lurking on the ever expanding horizon, increases in bandwidth and processing have made live, mobile internet music streaming finally competitive with radio. How they choose to interact with record labels in the future, major labels and tiny independent presses in backwater towns and forgotten corners of the world, will determine the future of the music industry. YouTube, as we all know, is the largest video streaming website on the internet, and indeed the internet’s second most visited website in general.
In August, Pandora signed that deal with Merlin, solving the royalties dispute that has plagued the service since its inception. It seems to want to become an establishment player in the recording industry, and has sought inclusion in the big boys’ club. In his free time, he contributes predominantly business related articles, something he enjoys doing tremendously. Companies can publish an audio stream to Mirror Image’s network and deliver it to a global audience in no time.
Mirror Image’s highly redundant, globally load balanced Dynamic Delivery Network ensures the lowest latency available, and we provide the best Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee in the industry. Here, I'll take a look at the most accessible services for watching online content on your mobile devices.
This isn't too uncommon, however, when you consider services like Pandora Radio and Spotify, which require payment for full access to their music libraries on mobile devices.
This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
How is it different to Pandora and what does it do that other simplistic internet radios don't already offer? Who still buys these things?Plenty of people do, of course, and for high-quality 1080p content you still can’t beat a good Blu-ray. There are thousands of unseen films out there, but it's becoming impossible to see black and White, classic Hollywood or any pre 2000 films. That it took so long to eclipse such an old technology is a remarkable testament to the durability of radio. Pandora and YouTube, today two of the biggest players in online music streaming, both recently signed deals with labels. But it took approximately zero seconds for users to start using it as a place to share music videos, or just blank videos with songs as the audio track.Pandora, on the other hand, is a born and bred music streaming service.
Labels are incorporating playlist A­promotion into their overall marketing strategies with the knowledge that discovery through a list favored by, say, music supervisors can lead to synch licenses for a new artist. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
Apple launched iTunes Radio in Australia last month, as the company looks to ultimately have the service "in more than 100 countries," according to senior vice president of Internet software and services Eddy Cue. Now that the age of internet music streaming is here, the time to truly integrate it within the music industry has come. You feed it a song that you like, and it uses a complicated preference algorithm to calculate a playlist of related songs for you to listen to based on other people’s listening habits.
Both happened to take opposite sides on the debate, Pandora positioning itself on the side of independents, YouTube siding with the major establishment labels.
For its part, Pandora managed to win access to the sales data from all these labels, and hopes to further refine their recommendation engine with it. The deal virtually locks out independent labels, giving them no power to negotiate with YouTube. The battle between major labels and the forces of independent distribution raged through the 90s (remember Napster?).
Radio stations also often use streaming data to inform their own spin cycles, with the rock and pop formats in particular looking to "see what's bubbling up and amplify it," says one digital music executive. The company will be able to roll out its service to additional countries more quickly than competitors due to its existing international rights deals with Universal Music Group and other record companies.
You can further refine your playlist by rating songs, and giving it more information about your personal preferences that it uses to determine the next songs. Getting a song onto a hot playlist almost ensures awareness will spread from one social network to another.The practice truly went aboveground on Aug. Yet sources tell Billboard that Franka€™s company is among those that have adopted some of radio promotiona€™s A­unsavory A­practices, such as paying for placement on playlists, if not buying and thus controlling them outright. The reason for that is that it’s only in standard definition, so movies and TV shows will look pretty rough around the edges on any reasonably modern TV.Far better to pay just a pound extra each month to secure HD content, as well as the ability to play that content on two devices simultaneously. The highest tier, ?8.99, gets you four screens simultaneously, which may be best for families. Some third-party users are known to request money to include songs on their playlists.What Happens When Spotify Gets Behind an Artist? A Case Study of Hozier & Major LazerPay for play a€?is definitely A­happening,a€? claims a major-label marketing executive, one of several who say that popular playlists can and have been bought.
It’s also possible to simply rent or purchase content directly, like you can with Blinkbox.Speaking of which, Blinkbox is the one service on here that enforces the old rental and purchase route. And these practices are not illegal, although it would be difficult to find an official policy in the fine print.

Yes, this only offers one point per pound spent on Blinkbox, but as the famous supermarket ad says, every little helps. But the company has taken a stand against commercializing accounts and playlists by rank-and-file users.
Spotify can investigate when allegations arise, and in the case of violations, delete a playlist or remove the user from the service.
Of course, the Amazon Fire TV box is much more impressive, so if you’ve taken the plunge here the tight Instant Video integration – complete with blissful voice search capabilities – will be a massive incentive to opt in. The payment is meant to ensure that the playlist creator hears and considers DigMark clientsa€™ music.
Although you’ve probably opted for it already through a Prime membership, right?In terms of platform support, Now TV has the unique benefit of having a standalone dedicated Now TV box available to purchase.
Sure, you could say that Amazon does, too, but the Amazon Fire TV is more of a general-purpose living room tool, and at ?80 it’s also much more of an investment.
There’s a strong browser-based utility if you want to use your computer, and there are solid mobile apps for iOS and Android, but again no Windows Phone. Smart TV support is limited to LG’s range, although both the popular little Roku box and Apple TV are compatible. Like the others, you can watch through a web browser on your computer, but there’s absolutely no smartphone support. No iPhone, no Android, no Windows Phone.Instead, Blinkbox only offers iPad and Android tablet compatibility.
You might think that watching films on a phone is a bit silly, and we’d agree that it’s far from an optimal experience. But the option would be nice, especially now that both leading smartphone platforms feature devices of near-tablet proportions, in the form of the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Google Nexus 6, to name just a few.Another snag is Blinkbox’s meagre console support. It only incorporates Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS3 – you can’t use Blinkbox through the PS4 as yet. That’s a massive oversight given that Sony’s is the most popular current-gen console out there. Neither the Wii U nor the Wii are supported, either.Smart TV support is stronger on Blinkbox than Now TV, though, with Samsung, Philips, and Toshiba joining LG on the roster. Still, even if the playlist world has been corrupted, many find the new boss much more palatable than the old one.
Some LG and Samsung Blu-ray players are also supported, as are set-top boxes from LG, Technika and Philips, as well as Google’s Chromecast dongle.Best Movie Streaming Service – Ease of UseSuffice to say, Netflix got where it is today through ease of use.
Regardless of platform, getting in and starting up a film or TV program is ridiculously easy, with a chunky artwork-heavy interface built to operate on even the most rudimentary remote control, and recently watched content pushed to the top, right where you left off.As a result, it can be tricky to find something specific to watch.
It’s a bit of a pig navigating this search function with a TV remote, though, so we’d recommend pairing up the mobile app and using your phone’s keyboard wherever possible, such as through Smart TVs and consoles.We also like the profile system, which means you can get personalised recommendations and watch lists for multiple users in the household. It also enables you to jump straight into a kid-friendly profile, omitting any undesirable content for young eyes.As a user experience, Amazon’s service is a bit of a mixed bag. This gives it a slightly messier, less distinctive feel than Netflix.Take to the apps, however, and it feels quite similar to Netflix, with a similar simplified grid approach and chunky banner art in place of a comprehensive list of content.
The initial view is ostensibly similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, but the potential for drilling down and refining your search is arguably better.Priority is given to fresh content, with large banner artwork along the top of any app or web browser, while currently popular films are listed below. The fact that the next category is Superheroes shows that Sky has its finger on the blockbuster pulse.Beyond that, Sky takes the rather more traditional approach of offering sidebar menus packed full of categories and shortcuts to its various sections. This includes a great Live Movies feature which shows you what’s playing on its live channels at any time, and lets you jump in and watch them, offering a pleasant mix of the new and the traditional.The Blinkbox browsing experience has to be the worst of the four overall. It’s difficult to pin exact numbers down, but it seems that UK Netflix has less than half the number of titles of the US service – and much less than half at that.Then there’s Netflix’s annoying habit of removing movies and TV shows without warning. One day you’re watching a movie, the next it’s not available to finish.As a movie service, Netflix isn’t that great. Of course, what it has in addition is the rental and purchase side of things mixed in.Amazon does still seem to have a slight edge on range of films overall, but both tend to have their share of movies that the other doesn’t. For example, one of Amazon’s latest releases at the time of writing was the second-tier 2014 Liam Neeson vehicle Non-Stop, while Netflix had Harrison Ford's sci-fi blockbuster Ender’s Game.Of course, if you lump in the original box-set content, which these days has a certain filmic quality to it, Netflix fights right back.
It only just added 720p support to its iPad app, and the PS3 and many Smart TVs continue to lack it altogether.In terms of the two Full HD services, Netflix has the best, most consistent offering by some stretch. It has a peerlessly intuitive UI, plus the best all-round platform support and streaming quality.However, it’s badly lacking in the sheer range of content, meaning it’s simply not enough as a primary movie service.
If you love Sky Movies, but don’t want to sign up for all the guff that comes with a full Sky subscription, it’s a worthwhile option.Blinkbox is a strange one. Yet it’s our least favourite of these services to use, and the viewing experience is by far the worst overall.And so it’s Amazon Prime Instant Video that's the most complete service of the lot. It offers a Netflix-like subscription service complete with original content and reasonable device support, as well as giving the option of individual movie rentals and purchases in the same way as Blinkbox.If you only choose one of these for services, Amazon Prime Instant Video is the one.

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