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An energy transfer diagram or a Sankey diagram is used to show the transfer of energy across a process or a device.
An ordinary light bulb works on the principle of a thin wire (filament) being heated by the resistance to the electrical current. Here a greater proportion of the electrical energy is converted to useful light, thus the energy saving light bulb is a more efficient device. When energy is transformed or transferred only part of it can be usefully transformed or transferred.
Both the useful energy and the wasted energy which is transformed or transferred are eventually transferred to their surroundings which become warmer. The greater the percentage of the energy that can be usefully transformed by a device the higher its efficiency. All patterns are copyright free (unless stated otherwise) and no license is required to use them commercially in your handmade items.
If you are happy working in the company you are in but have found a new role which you would like to apply for then the process is similar to applying for a job externally it’s just this time you have the advantage of already knowing the company maybe just not the business area you are looking to move into. I am currently working as a (name of job title) in (department) and I have been there for (how many years).

I thoroughly enjoy working for (name of company) and really want to continue progressing my career within this company. Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Input energy is taken in by the device in one form and transformed to output energy in another form.
It is a flow diagram in which the widths of the arrows show the relative amounts of each type of energy.
Here the electrical energy is supplied to electrodes which generate fast moving electrons that pass through a tube containing mercury gas. The energy which is not usefully transformed or transferred is referred to as wasted energy. As the energy spreads out it becomes more difficult to use for further energy transformations. I have learnt a great deal during my time in this department including (list the main points you have learnt and achieved) but I now feel as though I am ready to learn a different area of the business. I am organised and thorough in my work and am now seeking a new challenge to keep me on my toes and keep my skills up to date.

I have attached a copy of my CV for your perusal and you can contact me on (email, extension number) any time should you have any further questions. Thus the 100J of electrical energy is transformed to 5 J of light energy and 95J of heat energy. As the electrical energy is required in heating the wire hence this is why most of the energy is given off as heat. On collision with the mercury atoms ultraviolet light is produced which then collides with the phosphor atoms coated around the tube converting the ultraviolet to visible light. In the case of the light bulb the 95J of energy transferred as heat is wasted energy as it is not useful because the purpose of the device is to produce light.

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