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Packet based media player is the one which has ability to play incomplete or damaged video files. Plus you can add effects and synchronize tracks accordingly as shown in the screen shot below. This is a fantastic feature of this VLC media player that you can customize its interface according to your requirements like if you don’t want the clutter of icon at your screen, you can select the functions or icons that are important to you and place it according to your comfort.
VLC media player supports high definition recordings like Blu-Ray, HD-DVD without any pausing or lagging.
With VLC media player, you can easily transfer audio files to any other entertainment system like home-theater and that too wirelessly.
100 Best Freeware for Windows - Free eBookYou've already spent a lot to purchase your laptop that runs on Windows.
VLC's web plugins now support windowless mode, for smoother integration with HTML elements.
VideoLAN, VLC, VLC media player and x264 are trademarks internationally registered by the VideoLAN non-profit organization. VideoLAN software is licensed under various open-source licenses: use and distribution are defined by each software license.
Ryu Hayabusa1:08 PM, April 15, 2010for ppl like to use window software there is always this program call WINE in linux. This software application is a powerful multimedia player which supports multiple audio and video formats regardless of their nature.
This is possible because in packet based networking, data travels in form of streams of packets. This open source media player offers support to a wide range of video as well as audio formats. For example, you can select from the buttons or tool bar elements that you use frequently and place them at the top most row.

High-definition video or HD video is any video system of higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video and most commonly involves display resolutions of 1280?720 pixels or 1920?1080 pixels.
So even if some part of the video is damaged or the video is unfinished, it can play rest of the part.
It works on different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux etc and is completely free of adware or spyware. This is one of the best features of VLC, especially now that media files come in different formats. Through VLC, you can make a video smaller for your mobile device, convert media from an unsupported format to which your device supports or even extract music from a video. With playback options, you can always pause and resume videos or even select custom bookmarks. You can also move your video forward or backward if you want to skip some part or see some part of the video again. If you are an animator or you simply need to edit some clips on your video, then VLC can help.
It has a Frame by Frame button that can show you the following frames of the video and make your job easier.3)      Play puzzles. You don’t have to download separate games just to tickle your mind because VLC can also be used for playing puzzle games using your own videos. Once the video is loaded, click Tools then choose Effects and Filters then Geometry then click on Puzzle game. I always being disappointed by hardware detection problem during installation - which is most probably also hardware driver issue.
As soon as you’ve set the number of rows and columns, you can start playing the puzzle game and start arranging the video as you watch it.4)      Remotely control playback from a browser.
This feature allows you to remotely access your VLC client through a web browser and lets you control a media center, playback or even queue audio or video files.

Who says you need to buy expensive editing software just to rotate a video or add subtitles?
You can apply audio equalizer or incorporate effects on your favourite video files such as rotate, overlay or adding color.
You can even fix broken videos where audio and video are out of sync by clicking on the Synchronization tab.6)      ASCII playback. When in ASCII playback mode, VLC can display the videos in ASCII characters instead of the usual clips. Definitely a geeky feature.VLC Media Player can be your one-stop shop when it comes to your media files. Download it for free and discover more exciting features it has to offer which you cannot find in other players.Features of VLC Media PlayerVLC Media Player About JovTechnological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. I just need a few click and the system will download it from the internet and once the downloading process is completed, it will install it automatically and once all that is done, I check the menu and all the extra application and programs that I choose and wanted is there - ready to use.And just like Microsoft Windows OS where they always have that Windows Update or Microsoft Update, this Xubuntu is also the same.
I'm not someone who is expert with all those extra technical stuff or programming language thingy but for what I need, this old machine now perform better and faster than it was previously and I would say that it start and shut down quicker.
In fact not many people will really explore this part.In the Office section, we can find all those office application that you need - word processing, spreadsheet and presentation viewer. I'm browsing internet - YouTube page and at the same time I also burning some "ISO" files into DVD and the you can see the rest of the data in the System Monitor screen shot.Overall, my wish or my dream finally come true.

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