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Your company has built an app that theya€™re proud of, but its user acquisition strategy isna€™t quite living up to its expectation. Getting the word out about your business is never a bad thing as it helps in getting more clients and thus expanding your customer base. To be successful in your advertising campaign, you should know what strategies work and what don’t. One of the classic formulas for efficient ad is one that concerns itself with 2 A’s – Attention and Action.
Once you are able to hold the interest of your target customers, it’s time to get them to act. This is a guest post from Jennifer Spivak, who is a Solo PR Pro Premium member and a digital marketing specialist. It’s quite easy to set up a campaign, and Facebook makes sure this is so (Zuckerberg knows how to pull in the big bucks!). This the biggest mistake I see over and over again – and the biggest opportunity to improve a campaign. It may sound like a given to us communication pros, but too many clients take a “set-it-and-forget-it” approach with Facebook Advertising – meaning that they are still running ads with the same copy from when they launched 6 months ago.
I’d argue that this is even more important than #2 above, since the image is such an integral piece of any Facebook ad. There are lots of ways that clients can get Facebook ad targeting wrong, but one of the easiest ways to improve their targeting is by introducing one or both of these advanced audience creation features.
And to take Email Custom Audiences one step further, you can also introduce Lookalike Audiences to your clients’ campaigns by simply telling Facebook that you want an audience that statistically looks like your custom audience.
Though Instagram may not make sense for every client that’s using Facebook Advertising, for some brands it provides a way to reach the unreachable – the users who no longer log onto Facebook regularly but who are avid Instagram users – with the exact same features and functionality as advertising on Facebook provides.
If your client has been using the standard Facebook ad format, shake things up a bit with a carousel ad or even a lead ad. Jennifer is a digital marketing specialist with 7+ years of experience driving digital campaigns for brands and individuals looking to sell products and services online.
Of course, like any other company, you have a limited budget and your boss isna€™t too keen on paid acquisition or branded campaigns. Francis writes about the intricacies of the global mobile advertising industry and analyzes industry trends for AppFlood. However, it does come with a price tag and needs to be carefully planned and executed in order to ram home the message. This needs a bit of out of the box thinking and certainly more planning in order to help in being successful. When someone will be looking for attractions in a given place or looking for specific kinds of businesses, you will be visible as well.
You can request a local columnist to mention you or ask a local radio or even television channel to give you some air time. In today’s world where the market is swamped with competition, you should be more aggressive.
If you are only able to get the attention of your customers, it doesn’t mean anything until and unless your customers buy.

She is also a marketing instructor and curriculum architect at the Startup Institute and an adjunct professor at The City College of New York.
While sitting in a new business meeting, the prospective client tells me that they are already using Facebook Advertising in-house. But being able to follow the steps in the Ads Manager doesn’t mean you’re leveraging Facebook Advertising properly and getting the most out of it for your business. A copy refresh is always a good idea, and one of the best ways to highlight why this is needed is by pointing out the ad frequency – if it’s too high, then your audience has essentially been saturated with this specific ad.
If your client has an email list (even if it’s small), this list can be uploaded into Facebook and “matched” with existing user accounts in order to create a targetable audience of the users on your list. With a carousel ad, you can showcase 3-5 images and links within a single ad unit, and Facebook will auto-optimize the performance of your ad by selecting and ordering the best performing images and links for each person who sees your ad.
She is a marketing instructor and curriculum architect at the Startup Institute, an adjunct professor at The City College of New York, and has been recognized by PR News’ Digital PR Awards and PR Daily’s Social Media Awards.
Or maybe he or she isna€™t too intrigued by the idea of spamming mobile ads to smartphone users.Hell, you might even be asking yourself, a€?Should I invest in mobile ads, and is investing in mobile ads worth my while?a€?Whatever the roadblock may be, leta€™s chalk up the hesitation to misinformation. He hails from the tech blogging world, where he got his start at Digital Trends, and contributed to TheNextWeb, PSFK, CNET Asia, among other tech blogs, and his reporting has been cited in numerous major publications.
Using the right tools and good execution, you can take advantage of free ways of advertising your business. This is quickly becoming an effective tool and even large corporations are using it to get the word out. Since it only takes a minute to add a new tweet, it can be done several times a day without much hassle.
So when a current or prospective client tells you that they’re already running Facebook ads and don’t need your help or advice in this area, you get to school them with these 6 ways to refresh, revamp and improve any existing Facebook Advertising initiative. If the client is driving traffic to a page outside of Facebook and expecting the user to do something (fill out a form, make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, etc.), refreshing their campaigns so that they are tracking and optimized for conversions can make a huge difference. And continuing to show them the exact same copy over and over again certainly isn’t going to move the needle. And it’s really your only opportunity to stop the user in their tracks – amidst all the other, much more exciting stuff on Facebook like baby pictures and cat videos – and get them to consider clicking on your ad.
This usually creates an audience of much “warmer” leads, since they’ve likely had some interaction with the brand already in order for you to have their email address. With a Facebook lead ad, you can collect a user’s information and generate leads without requiring the user to leave Facebook (which can improve the user experience). Merging her background in PR and love of analytics, Jennifer specializes in creating engaging, on-brand Facebook Advertising campaigns that drive cost-efficient results and positive ROI. Mobile advertising is an essential user acquisition or branding strategy that developers and other advertisers add to their marketing mix, primarily because mobile advertising (or advertising in general for that matter), is effective a€“ granted that you have the budget.How effective?
It has to be ensured though that these pages are constantly updated and queries are answered without any delays. To do this, you must list down all the benefits that customers can get out of your product. And if they’re already correctly using conversion tracking, make sure to upgrade them to the new Facebook Pixel!

From your list, find the most potent benefit that can get readers interested over your product. Brands are recognizing that as time spent on mobile devices surges, it becomes harder to ignore the missed opportunities to funnel eyeballs into new loyal customers. Also, some businesses that do not generate a steady flow of income resort to institutional ads.
While we await her 2014 presentation, we can defer to this particular chart thata€™s made the rounds, suggesting that the mobile ad spend hasna€™t caught up to time spent on mobile. In fact the gap is huge and presents a $16 billion opportunity for advertisers and publishers (granted that mobile ad spend was on par with mobile usage).A A What wea€™ve been seeing this year is a sudden rush by advertisers to capture the opportunity to get in front of mobile users.
They fail to understand that building goodwill comes after getting their products out in the first place. In fact, Gartner estimates that global mobile advertising spending will grow 37.4% this year to $18 billion. A Surprisingly, mobile users dona€™t mind ads THAT muchHerea€™s a surprise for mobile advertising skeptics.
With more and more apps flooding the app stores, the noise in the app ecosystem is getting louder and louder. With millions of apps competing for space on usersa€™ devices and in comparison few channels to curate the growing library of apps, app discovery is increasingly becoming a problem and users are diversifying the types of channels theya€™re using to discover new apps. Some users might turn to blogs; others might download an app discovery app like AppoDay or Quixey. Granted, app discovery by way of mobile ads isn't theA number one app discovery channelA according to a Nielsen study, but as much as 13% of downloads are derived from in-app ads on the Apple App Store and 9% on the Android Market. Those aren't figures to balk at.Users can be cheap (depending on the region)Cost is of course the primary concern with any user acquisition or branding campaign. The question that youa€™ll need to answer for yourself is, a€?what is the cost per acquisition that I can afford to pay for this campaign?a€? If youa€™re a performance advertiser, users can be particularly cheap to acquire depending on the region youa€™re targeting. But of course you and your bossa€™ expertise might not be particular to the mobile advertising industry, which is O.K. User acquisition encompasses a wide assortment of strategies, meaning that paid campaigns is just one facet among your multiple user acquisition channels. They probably know more about mobile advertising than you do a€“ bearing in mind that this is what theya€™re paid for. If youa€™re looking to acquire a target number of users in limited time, an account manager can help guide your campaign through optimization, traffic allocation (by region or other target demographics) or other techniques to maximize your dollar. All you have to do is set your target goals, and monitor your user quality (whether by retention rate or LTV).

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