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A professional website designed to promote your business can provide you with an extremely valuable and constant stream of business, but only if your site has been properly thought out, carefully built and managed. Website Builder offer  professionally built, fully featured websites that will enable your business to successfully compete against any of your competitors on the Internet. Whatever your on-line requirements are Website Builder have a cost effective solution that is perfect for your business. Whether you need a basic presence on the web or an advanced feature rich website that will impress your customers, website builder have a website solution that will meet your needs and your budget.
Having worked and advised businesses on their websites and Internet visability for years, Website Builder know the very important questions to ask you together with the steps needed to ensure that any website  Website Builder create for you will help you achieve leads, sales and profits.
Help is at hand – Should you require any help or advice – Just contact us for support and advice. We believe that a fundamental duty of any responsible web services company is to protect you by minimising the risks to your business.
You don’t need thousands of pounds of investment to get your product or service advertised and sold on the Internet. Ask us to quote you for a Fresh new Website or updating your existing Website You will be pleasantly surprised about how little it can cost!
PageBreeze is a powerful FREE HTML Editor which has both visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag modes. Not only is it simple to use and will help you have a finished website today you also can use it to create websites as a side job for your friends or customers. The ManageEngine Free Azure Performance Monitor is a lightweight tool which helps system administrator, to view the performance of the Web and Worker Roles. Source Viewer is a php coded web page allowing you to display the html and php source code of files on your server directly in a browser. Web Album Maker is specially designed to create online jQuery web album or web photo gallery. EBook compiler software is a universal tool to make feature-rich presentations and eBooks with easy access and exchange over the Internet. How would you like thousands of different web pages bringing traffic to your web site and affiliate links 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Web EasyA® Pro Express web design software is all you need to create exciting professional Web sites. Nowadays, everyone want to have their online presence whether its a portfolio, a blog or small eCommerce online shop, but not everyone have skills to create websites or don’t have enough budget to get one designed from a design agency. We have curated this collection to show you the best and most interesting website builders that will help you to create your own website absolutely for free. Subscribe to our RSS and follow us on twitter for more interesting upcoming posts like this. Weebly enable over 7 million people to easily create personal sites and blogs or establish web presences for businesses, weddings, classrooms, churches, artistic portfolios, and more. Doomby’s free website builder helps create from few pages to a professional website with the works, to create a website for your business, school or hobby, an e-commerce website or a personal blog.

Breezi is not 100% for non web designers but still I added this in the list because they have very good application for developing websites online and have a guided tutorial to learn how to use breezi. As professionals handling countless website on a daily basis, we understand how important it is for you to have a website that not just fulfills your needs, but is also the perfect way to talk to your customers. A website is a way to make your business international as well as gain global customers and their trust. We also know you have very little time on your hands and have a lot to do to handle your business, and do not have too much time to manage and design your website. ZappyHost Website Builder is an online website builder that allows you to build a website within minutes - no technical skills required! Check out this video to see how easy it is to build a website with ZappyHost Website Builder!
Our online website builder includes professionally designed web page templates with color-scheme and photo combinations that provide you with thousands of options.
This online website builder is quite possibly the quickest and easiest way to create a website. Because our site builder is an online website builder, you don't need to download and install any "suspicious" looking files to your computer. When you create a website using the online website builder, you can be confident that your website is optimized for all major search engines, including Google. Use a Website Builder contact form to allow visitors to get in touch with you through your site. Use a pre-built form to collect information for correspondence or future marketing efforts or create your own for a specific purpose. Form elements such as text boxes, check boxes, etc., are all easily incorporated into your site. All of  website builder websites contain search engine ranking enhancement features to ensure that your website content can be effectively optimised and ranked highly on all major search engines. We remove a lot of concerns that many of our clients have had in the past, your Website Builder website will be easy to use, easy to update and will also enable you to measure and manage its effectiveness. We have no doubt that your  Website Builder developed website will become one of your top business assets and because of this we take back up copies of your website on a regular basis to protect your valuable investment. We wanted to make mobile site builder for users who don't know anything about programming and now we can say that using you will create a mobile site in the easiest way ever!
It lets you easily pick your favorite theme and turn your photos into a web gallery for sharing online. You want to create great websites, totally stellar, kick-butt websites that leave people saying, "Wow, you really made that?" Consider the HTML Editor your new best friend. Equipped with website templates, graphics, animated GIFs, photos and more, this web design software is the ultimate WSYWYG HTML editor. Wix allow you create websites from your personal page to professional online shop, mobile website or Facebook page.
Other features are banner-free hosting, quality customer support, build-in website statistic and 1GB storage per site.

The free version of your website will include at most 5 pages, limited web storage and bandwidth.
The free plan will have a website on second-level domain name with 5 sub-pages, built-in RSS feed, max 500 photos and max 25,000 hits every month.
We know that you want to create a website that can stand out amongst its competitors and obtain visitors' attention as well as win their confidence.
Learn how to sell Learn how to buyFeature ads are now shown on over 50 websites!Click Here for info! Our website builder also supports rich features like music, video, RSS, photo albums, slideshows, and much more. No concerns about files not installing properly, conflicting with your anti-virus software, or privacy issues like "spyware" etc. You even get free access to Google Webmaster Tools - a fast, easy, free way to help increase your visibility and make your site more Google friendly.
Smartphone Web users increased 19% last year to 994 million, while those using tablets grew even faster—up 45% to 450 million. Free website from Wix will have free second level domain, limited to 500MB storage space and bandwidth, built-in Google Analytics, quality support and Wix ads on your website.
Webs site builder has very easy-to-use drag and drop interface, which helps non web designers, to create websites easily.
Although the paid service have 10 GB of storage, unlimited custom pages, more themes and advanced settings.
Page titles, navigation buttons and layouts tailored to your interests are all built right in. Here's a sample website that was created within 5 minutes using a pre-built template straight from the online website builder.
Our prices are very competitive, we believe that our business website design and support prices are unbeatable in terms of value for money and richness of features.
Add a "soundtrack" to your own intros or those you select from our Intro Gallery - simply select from a pre-defined list of music loops, reference an online mp3 file or upload your own! I am really impressed with Content Website Builder's ability to create unique and fresh content every single time I use it. It also has the ability to find videos that accurately match the websites' content.This website building tool can be used by anyone with or without website-building experience. Some of its features include being able to embed affiliate links automatically, ability to create highly optimized SEO webpages containing highly targeted text, images and videos.

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