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A landing page is on which we might land and that typically contains a form and be presents exclusively to arrest audience’s info through that form. However the definition almost remains the same that any page on the internet that on which we may land is a web page but it’s not necessary that it should contain a form and it presents exclusively to arrest audience’s info through that form.
So, typically we can mention that all landing pages are web pages however vice-versa is not true.So in this way we can say the basic and most important thing is filling out form in a landing page. There are tools such as Google’s AutoFill but people are least aware of and why should not, they are not bound to fill a lot of forms.Nonetheless, if you are marketing and promoting your business, filling out your form by your visitors is an essential component to take your business to the next level. Capitalize it and make it look more compelling by utilizing strong verbs etc.2) Your landing page should offer clear valueIf your visitor couldn’t be able to make out what they will get in return once they complete out the form, chances are high they will not provide their personal information. Your offer requires focusing the value in it else your landing page visitors wouldn’t fill the form. 3) Your copy should be precise and concise Landing should not be too informative and long that can bore your visitor instead attempt to make the copy to the point and concise.

Try to make your copy in between hundred and a hundred and fifty words and cover all the relevant information in those word limits.4) Your landing page should not have distractionsYour landing page should not have distractions such as navigations.
First your copy needs to speak the offer clearly and make your visitors fill your forms and then you can offer navigations to them. You can save your navigations once your visitors fill up your form meaning to say for the thank-you page.5) Your landing page should not ask overly personal questionsMay be asking very personal and sensitive questions can help you with your sales procedure analytics, but most of the time it would simply not work and your visitor will simply jump out from middle in the process of filling out your form.
Rather you should make it more reliable by adding your company’s privacy policy by the side of email-filling mandatory option.6) It should work well with handheld devicesIt is critically important that your form should work well with handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. But it is recommended by experts by removing the form from the landing page instead create a button for social sharing link for mobile and tab visitors so to give them a better experience and increase your leads.

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