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The Double Rainbow Guy, aka Paul “Hungrybear9562” Vasquez, has officially sold out to Microsoft for a commercial spotlighting their Windows Live Photo Gallery.
It means that riding the wave of an internet meme could become a technique that we might be seeing more of in the digital realm. Instead of coming up with something new and creative on their own, Microsoft opted to using the borrowed authority that Vasquez brings. But it’s a cheap trick, and one that will only garner the attention of the masses for a fleeting moment.
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It seems he says those things about everything… Including all the women he has on the string!!! The proud parents of copywriter Maximilian Hoch ("writes funny sentences") and art director Manuel Urbanke (does the colorful pictures") apparently, are showing off the work their sons have done in a portfolio site like no other.
Maximilian and Manuel have together worked for agencies including Y&R, Saatchi & Saatchi and DDB New York.

While it's pretty likely that the creatives themselves devised this scheme, we appreciate the clever details that went into pitching it--like the email addressed to "Mister Creativity," and from an AOL email address to boot. Featured Profile BtoB marketing requires cutting-edge sophistication to reach clients in real time.
I think Amazon will eventually provide almost everything about what the customer does on your product page. Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies Issue #29 — The Book Designer - […] Zackheim presents Does advertising on Goodreads work?
And while it’s great that Vasquez has finally monetized on the immense popularity of his YouTube video… what does it mean? This is nothing new, we see brands using celebrities all the time and after all, Vasquez is a bit of an internet celebrity in his own right. I think the platforms will realize that the more anonymous data they provide for us writers, the better. He is out for what ever he can get, and this includes as many wives as he can pull in to give him everything they’ve got!

Alongside the work are videos from the parents themselves, explaining what they think of the work. I also adjusted the link for the ad and made it point to my Goodreads page, and not to my books’ Amazon pages. Bringing readers to your own page in Goodreads for less ad $ is also the way Facebook advertising works. Another benefit of linking to Goodreads page is that I saw a spike in my books being added to Goodreads shelves. It also implies (though I have no proof) that Goodreads gives preferential treatment to ads that link to their book pages, and not someone else’s.

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