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If you have any questions about internet scams (or products that aren't), please drop me an email. Affiliate Marketing is really no different than the traditional marketing you are used to seeing online. You probably see this everyday online and dona€™t realize how many affiliate (sub-vendor) websites you visit. Every day there are millions of regular people earning significant money doing affiliate marketing.
With that being said there are also millions of people who try to do affiliate marketing online and find no success at all, because you cana€™t simply put a product link on a webpage and hope someone clicks on it.
If you decide that you are going to sell single cup coffee maker machines, then you will want to affiliate yourself with companies that sell single cup coffee pods. All of the products you are promoting should be surrounded with high quality related content. When you create affiliate links, product placements, etc, you want them to open in a new window. Here are your 4 rules for makingA affiliate marketing work: niche down, identify related products, create related content, and open new windows.
Affiliate marketing can truly be a cash cow when done right, but affiliate marketing training is truly the key to success.
Instead of just telling you that it will take a year to succeed with affiliate marketing, let me give a more detailed explanation. In other words, it’s true that there once was a time that affiliate marketing was pretty easy and you could start making money quickly. Pretend for a moment that instead of getting started with affiliate marketing, you were starting a pet store. Yet, when people start an affiliate marketing business, there is normally almost no research done.
On the positive side, it doesn’t have to take 3 to 5 years to succeed with an affiliate marketing business. Fortunately, there are a lot of places that can help even the newest individuals perform proper research, find a great niche, and build an SEO friendly website that search engines will love. From keyword research to how to create your first website to writing great content that search engines love, there is a lot to be learned here.
I used to have my own training program, but my true passion is writing articles like this, so I usually direct people to sign up for a free account here.
Even if you have the best affiliate marketing business plan set up in a profitable niche and spend 40hrs per week on the site, it is still going to take you a MINIMUM of about 6 months to really start seeing good traffic from search engines such as Google.
Unlike in the old days (before 2010), a new website is placed in what is called the Google Sandbox for at least 6 months (nobody really knows the exact amount of time except Google). Now, if you do all the research and put in all the effort and all the time and wait for the traffic to start coming in, you’re setting yourself up for the most awesome way to be paid, ever.
If you truly want the freedom that comes with being an online business owner, hang in there. In this post I’ll look at what’s true and what isn’t about how your traffic translates to dollars.
The logic is simple: if I make $100 per thousand visitors and I have 10,000 visitors, I make $1,000. I think that this statement is fundamentally misleading, mainly because NOT ALL TRAFFIC IS CREATED EQUAL.
What happens when 90% of those clicks bounce (leave immediately) and another 8% stay for only a few seconds and then drop-off?
Instead, perhaps we should say that real, targeted traffic equals more money, but even this isn’t always true.
Even given that we’re talking about the same quality, targeted traffic, more isn’t necessarily how your business is going to grow.
For example, if you have a site that only uses PPC ads to make money, you might make $10 per thousand visitors.
Instead, your best bet at drastically increasing your earnings probably isn’t to increase your traffic by 10x, but to increase your revenue per user by 10x.

You can easily get that $10 per thousand up to $50 and likely $100 per thousand by incorporated targeted affiliate campaigns, email list creation, and a host of other tactics. If you’re looking to increase your site earnings, click here for more information how, or see an example of how a simple change made me $1,000. I have spent the last 2 years putting together information on how I have mastered the Affiliate Marketing puzzle and I actually created a free course outlining how I did it. I look forward to building an ongoing relationship with you and helping you achieve success online!! It is the process where a vendor allows a sub-vendor to help promote and sell their products for a percentage of the sale price.
A Niche is a specialized corner of the market and is aimed at consumers looking for something specific. What you DONa€™T want to is sell is coffee maker machines and then also associate yourself with Iphone accessories a€“ sure you might sell some from time to time, but the association doesna€™t make any sense for your target audience. A single cup coffee makers site might also include a few articles about things like how to clean a single cup coffee maker, the 10 best brands of coffee pods, or how to make your own blend of single cup coffee.
When someone clicks on a product on your site, you dona€™t want it to just leave your site.
These tips will help you significantly increase your affiliate revenue and help you to stop asking “does affiliate marketing really work”? If you are open to try new things and are willing to put in a little effort this is a jackpot. If there is any other affiliate marketing tips or tricks you need, come back here and let me know.
I started my online business in 2014 because I wanted to make money for myself and enjoy life a bit more. Not only will this help you understand why it takes so long, but it MIGHT just help you to start seeing success sooner by avoiding some of the common mistakes made by new affiliate marketers.
An affiliate marketer would just create a bunch of landing pages, then fill them up with affiliate ads. It’s true, some people still use black hat SEO methods and manage to rank websites by tricking Google. There seems to be this overall assumption that affiliate marketing is somehow different from every other business. Would you just purchase the closest retail building to your home and start selling whatever pet supplies you could get your hands on? You would check out who your competition is and decide if it’s really worth competing with them.
People just decide on a topic at random, build a WordPress site, and start writing articles. As I stated above, you should expect to work for about 1 full year before you start seeing some decent revenue. They do have some services that they charge for, but they also have more than 100 videos showing how to set up your affiliate marketing business and those videos are totally free. Obtaining organic search engine traffic is the #1 strategy for most affiliate marketers because the traffic is free and converts like crazy. Even if you do everything right, in addition to the search engines keeping you in the sandbox, creating a quality site that people love takes time. Yes, it REALLY is possible to make money with affiliate marketing and work from wherever you want, whenever you want. The initial push is definitely difficult, but once that money snowball finally starts, there is simply no better way to make a living.
We’ve all heard that more traffic equals more money online, but is that common belief actually true? While 1 millions clicks certainly sounds enticing, it doesn’t necessarily translate into any activity. Mass-traffic approaches like ultra-cheap clicks often lead to only 1-2% of the traffic being real, which gives you far less earning potential than social or pull marketing tactics.
I want to give YOU this course for free, but in exchange I want your email so that I can also continue giving you ongoing support and advice as to what works for me and what doesn't.

All you have to do is enter your name and email below and I will send you the course right away. Essentially, it is a traditional sales commission given to the sub-vendor for assisting with the sale. For example, Coffee Maker Machines are a large market, but single cup coffee maker machines are a niche market. In the long run you will earn larger and more consistent commissions by choosing to promote products that relate to your theme. What you will find is that people seeking for these types of related content will find your page, talk about your page on social media, and possibly purchase something.
You want a new tab window to open, this way even if the person decides not to buy the product, they still have your website open and will be more likely to look around at your other products. With Easy Money Online I aim to help others learn online business and achieve their own goals.
It depends on your niche, how many hours you put in per week, how serious you REALLY are about succeeding, and how fast (or slow) of a learner you are. Eventually, Google would catch on and remove the site from their index, at which point, the affiliate would just create another website and repeat the process. However, every month Google is getting better and better about weeding these poor quality sites out of their search results, especially after the Panda and Penguin algorithm change releases a few years ago, which continue to be updated.
You would find out exactly what your potential customers want and then find the best places to source those specific items.
Just like failing to plan for any other business, failing to plan out your affiliate marketing business will also have disastrous consequences. Instead of learning everything you need to know from 100 different sources, it’s much better to get a step-by-step approach from one great source.
Basically, even if your site is awesome, Google will not rank you as high in the search results, simply because you’re new.
Meaning, you already did the work, and now you reap the rewards every single day for years. People just don’t have the patience or the confidence to work really hard on something for a year in the hopes that MAYBE it will make them some money. I’m doing that right now as I travel the United States in my camper working from wherever the wheels stop that day. The idea is that a person has come to your website for a specific reason not just any coffee maker, but a single cup coffee maker.
Another highly effective trick is to embed your affiliate marketing links into these articles. If you are interested in more information A read my review of the best free affiliate marketing training.
Trying to trick Google is not only become more difficult than it is worth, but it’s simply a poor long-term strategy for your affiliate business.
They will then measure how much time people are spending on your site, how many pages they look at, and other indications on whether your site is high quality or not.
That’s one big reason why I recommend checking out the free videos on this site and going through them ALL. Sales from the sites are proven to be much greater, because you can associate complimentary products like mugs and single cup coffee pods to sell in addition to your single cup coffee maker machines.
You will find that people click on them and it will help increase your revenue tremendously. If it’s deemed high quality, they will continue to keep sending more and more traffic over time.
It will not only give you the knowledge you need, but the confidence to hang in there during the first year when you’re not making any money.

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