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Now, as someone that’s been involved in online content marketing and production since I left university at the grand old age of 21, I for one am pleased that content is finally getting the attention it deserves in the digital industry. Now of course the content marketing resurgence that began in 2012 isn’t all flowers and rainbows. About The Career Knowledge Base The Bubble Jobs Careeer Knowledge Base features the latest digital industry news & opinions, useful job search advice and handy career development advice from the Bubble Jobs team. Please note that the information and any commentary contained in this blog is free of charge and for information purposes only. We will create collaborative, accountable relationships with all stakeholders and provide meaningful, rigorous academic and career studies to guide and support all students in achieving their potential in a global community. Over 80% of product managers are monitoring development projects and writing market requirements. The good news from these charts is that over 50% of product managers are building business cases.
Compared to product managers, product marketers should have an emphasis on 'outbound' activities. As sales presentations and demos are the #1 activity for product marketers, with nearly half reporting a day or more per week on this activity, this task represents a significant opportunity to increase productivity. When placing the two roles side-by-side, it is possible to see where the roles are similar and where they diverge.
Adele Revella has served in executive roles at three technology companies, guiding product management, marketing and sales teams to achieve leadership positions in untapped markets. When people see your profile on Twitter, they must be assured that the account is in fact owned by YOU, not by some impersonator or scam account. The whole point of being on Twitter is not to sell things, but to engage the people who matter the most to your business.
Aside from providing entertainment, tweets can also be an effective medium for information. If you want to reach out to your followers and show them that what they’re tweeting to is a real live human and not just some sort of robot behind a computer screen, then by all means, reply to each one of them personally.

Follow us to receive regular insight to Search Engine Marketing, as well as tips & tricks to making social signals work for you! The fact that the world and his wife have now jumped on the content marketing bandwagon means things just got a whole lot harder.
Just take a look at your Twitter feed, Facebook news feed or even the groups you’re part of on LinkedIn – what do you see? When you post content to a Google+ Community, you’re effectively starting a conversation, a debate between the members and, unlike LinkedIn, with Google+ you do get the feedback. With a strong background in online content and copywriting, Amy is responsible for the SEO, Content Management, Email Marketing, Banner Advertising and Online Partnerships for Bubble Jobs, the Bubble Jobs Blog and The Bubble Digital Career Portal.
Every reasonable effort is made to check the information and commentary is up to date and accurate but no responsibility for its accuracy and correctness or for any consequences of relying on it is assumed by the author or the publisher. In addition, most product managers are involved with researching market needs and creating sales presentations and demos. The business case is the evidence of the product manager's role as a business leader in the company. It is interesting, however, that 50% of product marketers also spend time monitoring development activities, indicating that the product management and product marketing roles are not consistently defined by inbound vs. If product marketers gain a clear understanding of target audiences and the buyer personas involved in purchasing the company's products, they can align sales tools directly with the needs of the sales people and their prospects. The Holy Grail of Twitter is to get your account verified (verified accounts are marked with a light blue badge with a white checkmark on it) – but this would involve generating enough buzz and having the Twitter team notice your account and personally contact you for verification. Once you stop tweeting, you’re bound to get buried under the thousands of tweets that are being written each minute. And actually, that’s the main reason why Twitter and other microblogging sites are big nowadays. Unless they’re not members of your target audience, spammers or shady characters, make sure to follow back all people who have followed you. These could be having people retweeting your tweets, uploading pictures, or other similar call-to-action tasks.

If you want to increase your business’ ranking on Google, then build up a list of keywords that are relevant to your brand and incorporate them into all the tweets that you publish. If you want to build up credibility, networking with thought leaders and famous personalities will set you on the right path. Yep, you see spam and brands trying to push their content on to you as a consumer or industry professional. Google+ might still have a long way to go in terms of catching up with Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest (many of my friends that work outside of the digital industry have never even heard of it) but it is getting there!
Their passion for the topic in question means they’re incredibly switched on,¬†knowledgeable¬†and willing, and in fact keen, to engage in a debate or conversation. From large, established brands to your friendly neighborhood mom-and-pop establishments, almost everyone has a Twitter account nowadays. Crack jokes with your followers, tell amusing anecdotes, post pictures – make your every tweet memorable by being funny and witty. Twitter, with its 140-character limit, forces you to keep your tweets succinct and straight to the point – absolutely no frills and no long-winded prose. Empathize with them and show them that you actually take the time to listen to their concerns. Daniel's focus is to simplify marketing with technology, to help marketers reach more people in an organized and effective way. There are a lot of third party applications and software that can automatically publish your tweets for you based on the schedule you have set beforehand. That’s why Twitter is commonly referred to as the SMS (short messaging service) of social media. If you’re an online marketing services provider, you could tweet links to pages that tackle subjects like SEO, social media, and e-commerce.

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