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If you're reading this blog, there's a good chance that you're either an internet marketer, or part of a dev team. Susan Developer needs to tell John Marketer about a potential problem with SEO, but John Marketer has no idea and writes a blog post full of Google red flags. Backlink, back-link – a link from an outside website (outside source) that redirects to the original website.
Cloaking – When a website shows one version to the user and a separate falsified version to a  search engine. Contextual marketing – Based on what a user searches and which pages he visits, how an advertiser takes that information and markets specifically to that individual.
Conversion ratio – This is the number of sales or leads generated divided by the number of visitors to your site. CSS – Cascading Style Sheet – Used for programming, this document will tell the browser how to display websites.
Domain Name – website name – Domain name is or URL (Universal Resource Locator) is a unique  alphanumeric name and attached to a certain IP address. Internal links – links in a website connect the user to other elements or pages within the same website. Internet Marketing – a broad term, internet marketing refers to the business promotion and brand management of a company through the use of various avenues via the internet. IP address – Internet Protocol is a unique numeric address identifying any device connected to the Internet.
Delivery – The use of IP addresses search engines use to show the user local search engine results.

Keyword – Popular words employed by search engines to find relevant websites in organic searches.
Keyword stuffing – Another blackhat SEO practice, this is the overuse of keywords in a page. Landing Page – a landing page is a web page designed to be highly relevant to an advertisement or query.
Link building – an essential SEO practice, to  create links to a page and in and around a page to increase conversion ratio and page rank for a search engine results page (SERP). Long tail keyword –similar to keyword phrase, this is multiples permutations of keywords to create a search query. Market value - this expression refers to the expected price obtained for sold goods or services in a given time period.
Meta Description- This is the short description beneath a title tag in a search engine results page. Off-page SEO –  These are the SEO practices you employ off your page to increase page rank and visibility. On-page SEO – In contrast to off-page SEO, on-page are the SEO practices you employ directly on your own website.
PPC - Pay-Per-Click – PPC is an online marketing strategy where a businesses pay based on the traffic they receive.
RSS – Rich Site Summary- This allows subscribers to get laters updates from a specific website.
Search Engine – A  computer program which searches internet documents for certain keywords.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM –SEM is a branch of internet marketing that deals with business promotion through the use of search engines. Search Engine Optimization – SEO – This is the practice of using different techniques to increase exposure and to ultimately increase page rank for websites. Search Engine Spider – A computer program deployed by the search engines to travel the internet and gather data from websites and index them for the search engines. Search engine submission – An online request to a search engine to catalog your website or a web page. Search term  or search query– Words or phrases input into search engies to bring up search results.
SERP - A Search Engine Result Page – The indexed results that appear when you search in a search engine. Social media marketing - Specific marketing strategies based on the utilization of online social media sites i.e. Unique Visitor - Unique visitor is a new person who visits a website once in a certain period of time. Website Traffic – The number of total visitors a website receives in a given period of time.
Basically I posted this gollsary on another blog, so I have created completely new content here for best practice SEO.

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