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An antivirus is the first-level security shield that many of the PC users located across the globe deploy on their machines in order to safeguard it from various online threats.
Apart from these, you will also experience sudden shutdowns, frequent crashes, and PC irresponsiveness issues at large.
According to KSN (Kaspersky Security Network) data, a total of 1 131 000 866 malicious codes were blocked on the computers and the mobile devices worldwide during the first quarter of 2014.
An antivirus is specifically developed program that helps in identifying, preventing, and restricting malware from entering into a PC. The viruses have established a huge web that contains around millions of infections that are impossible to be detected and prevented from. There are no such specific components of an antivirus program, however, each brand uses different technology and features to combat against the prevailing online threats.
Rootkit Detection works for discovering the rootkits infections in the system, although, it is great when it works, but it often fails.
The primary role of an antivirus program is to offer a protective shield against infections and viruses across your device(s). A stubborn virus installed at your device might steal all your important yet crucial information and send it across to a malware author. A potential spyware seeks and steals all your personal information stored on your computer including financial data, social security numbers (SSNs), passwords, credit card numbers and other important details.
Opting for an efficient antivirus program lets you enjoy most of your online browsing and downloading services by providing optimal control over spam. Security has always been an important yet crucial factor when it comes to data handling, storage, and prevention. It’s quite possible that the antivirus solution you’re using is not abreast with the latest technological advancements and the database is also outdated, here comes the moment of concern and stress. Releasing patches on time, installing regular updates of your antivirus security software, and checking virus database at regular intervals of the year, will protect you from such infections. An antivirus is engaged in blocking malicious codes and content from entering into your clean and secured devices, however having an antivirus isn’t enough. Antispyware is an efficient software that stops a malicious program from gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge.
Antimalware is an effective program that helps you in detecting those malicious codes and programs that an antivirus fails to detect. Internet security is a prime concern of users located across the globe, as the web is becoming wider and wider day-by-day and so are the threats. An antivirus solution can provide protection from such threats to a limited extent, but a full-proof protection cannot be expected from it. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Which is the Best Antivirus Software for Windows 8 PC, most of the windows 8 users are looking for one of the best Antivirus software. Antivrus are must have application for your PC, they helps you to protect your PC from virus and malware attacks also add the more security on your PC so no one can hacked your PC easily.
Another Free antivirus application, offers best protection from online threats, viruses, malwares. Sidharth Rathore is Tech Blogger and Gamer, who love's to write about Mobile Tips, How to Guides, Google, Microsoft, Android and Games. That’s really informative post and almost used all of them but find Kaspersky and Norton are the best antivirus program to use with Windows8.
The lab reports states that the Kaspersky’s products have repelled 353 216 351 attacks and has detected 29 122 849 web antivirus codes that have been launched from various online resources.

Launched with an indented aim to harm the PC computer or steal information, malware are the specifically triggered malicious codes that violate the security of various programs and harm them, once executed. However, the most recent ones will be detected and blocked by any latest antivirus solution. An antivirus can be planned on the Signature-Based Detection techniques that are more effective against the known malware and malicious codes. The last technique is Real-Time Monitoring and it is the combination of both Signature-Based and Heuristic Detection in real time. Viruses are the computer attackers that are efficient in causing all sorts of damage, resulting into personal info loss, data security, PC compromising security, and many others.
The malware author might use these details, data, and information for seeking personal benefits such as stealing money from your bank accounts, forging your identity online, buying a product and denying making payments for the same on delivery. The program is triggered in such a way that it runs silently run in the background, and often transfers the stolen data to its programmer, hacker, and the malware author. Spam is generally received in form of emails and ads that you have no interest in and you’re bombarded with the same in almost every hour.
Although, an antivirus solution is equipped with all kinds of protective shields that can ensure you about the high-end data security and privacy, but there are some loopholes in it as well. If the virus database is too old, then it won’t be able to detect the latest threats, thus leaving your PC at a higher rate of risk.
An antivirus solution updated with the latest security patches will be more efficient than the one that hasn’t installed the updates yet.
The security software needs to be accompanied by other prominent solutions to ensure fullproof security of the device.
The programs are specially developed in such a way that it tracks all the information from the targeted PC and may send it across to another entity without the user’s consent.
The software is specially developed to prevent, detect and remediate malicious programming, thus, prevents your PC from future malicious attacks.
An innocent user may click a malicious code, visit an infected website, or install an unreliable file from the Internet and invite millions of such threats to attack his system.
Its various vulnerabilities, loopholes in coding, and ever-expanding virus database make it difficult for an antivirus to be called as a full-proof solution to online threats. There are so many Antivirus software are available on the market, but to find the best one for your PC is difficult task. Below are the list of best antivirus apps, we picked these app on the strength of its malware detection and removal. The application comes in three different version Avast Free edition, Pro Edition and Internet Security. The best part is updated regularly, and even includes some useful extras like phishing alerts, Web site ratings, and adware and malware protection.
Another popular free antivirus which has relatively low idle memory usage and extremely fast launch time.
Paid version has some extra features like prevents online spam and scammers, full internet security , phone support and more.
As per the statistical reports, it can be clearly concluded that the malware authors are rapidly injecting their full-protected malicious codes into the machines of innocent users to make them irreparable or unresponsive.
Common infections include viruses, adware, rootkits, hijackers, keyloggers, backdoors, spyware, Trojans, worms and many others. The next in line is the Heuristic Detection, which is helpful against morphing and fighting against new malware. These components help in finding existing as well as latest malware and infections on the running PC.

You might have accidently downloaded a virus embedded in a spam email, by visiting a phishing website, accessing malicious content, or by using an infected external drive. Some of the popular antivirus solutions such as Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Kaspersky Antivirus and Webroot AntiVirus, provide excellent antivirus features to prevent your devices from such threats. A user should always check for the risk ratings based on the severity of the damage, and the exploited vulnerability, before installing the antivirus solution on their device. Attackers seek out new vulnerabilities and if most of the users failed to patch their systems, the infection enters the network and damage all the associated PCs within a few seconds. Therefore, you should check for updates immediately and stop yourself from being a victim of the next exploit. Efficient in safeguarding your computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software, the program is triggered to detect and restrict the entry of various forms of spyware.
You can easily install an antimalware solution on your device for restricting the entry of various infectious programs including Trojan horses, rootkits, keyloggers, ransomware, and many others.
Various internet security programs are available in the market for ensuring or restricting the access to such website and content. An antivirus solution may provide added security and protection when paired up with an antispyware, antimalware, or an Internet security program. So today we come with the post which help you to find the best antivirus application for your PC. One thing we like about the avast that it does a solid job at blocking malware, has a pleasant interface, and scans files quickly. The application is created by one of the most popular award-winning Spyware Doctor, a highly trusted product used by millions worldwide. Therefore, antivirus solutions need to work upon their technological and blocking features, which can detect such threats and restricts their entry inside the device.
It might slow down the computer processes slightly, but you will be safeguarded with extra security protection within the availed package. An antivirus solution will bring up a pop-up message every time it suspects an infection on the device and it only allows to proceed further, after taking prior permissions. An antivirus will run a scan on the entire system and look for spams, infections, and other associated files to ensure that no infected file remain undiscoverable from the antivirus solution. VOBFUS, a popular worm, infected a number of computers in 2012, where users were not aware of its existence and the virus used the same vulnerability technique to infect the machines of an innocent user. These programs also come with parental control features that let you block all those infectious and adult sites that are not suitable for your kids. If a user is not interested in buying a full-version of an antivirus solution, then immediately visit the vendor’s website and you will find a trial version for immediate protection. Must have application fro all windows 8 users, free to downland and easy to use also works on Windows 7, vista and XP. In order to ensure that your computer’s health remain up and running, you need to deploy various security programs to ensure restricted entry of any such malware, adware, spyware or other common viruses. Ensure that you only download an antivirus solution from a trusted source and should also keep a check on its updates and fixes to prevent severe virus attacks in future.

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