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As the chart above details, the two greatest benefits of social media marketing for advertising are increasing exposure and increasing traffic. If your business is seeking to increase its exposure, then implementing a social media marketing plan is a positive step in the right direction. The end goal for most marketing plans is to increase sales and revenues and social media has proven to achieve this goal. For some online marketers, the goal of their social media marketing plan isn’t to generate a sale, but rather to generate leads or opt ins. Interaction and repeated engagement are two common goals for most social media marketing plans. In conclusion, if you’re looking for reasons why you should use social media marketing for advertising, then implementing an effective, low cost advertising platform that allows for brand exposure, lead generation, increased sales and revenue while building a loyal fan base should be enticing. Interesting that using social media techniques for advertising they were able to reduce costs.
It’s only when you have the answer to ‘why’, you can move on to the next stage of ‘what’ and ‘how’. The best part about social media marketing is that it helps you interact with friends, regular customers and prospective clients. The biggest benefit of social media marketing is that it can generate exposure for your business or brand. If you thought social media marketing had nothing to do with search engine rankings, you need to think again.
Another important benefit of social media marketing is that it helps you generate quality online leads. Businesses that know how to leverage the benefits of social media are also aware how they can use it for conducting market research.
If you genuinely devote time to social media marketing, you can also build valuable business partnerships. The best part about the social web is that it offers businesses a platform where they can interact with their customer, listen to their feedback and answer their questions. We have won over 50 local, regional and national awards for our graphic, website and illustration design over the last 5 years. Have you ever wondered whether to use social media to give your MLM business a well-deserved boost?
There’s really no sense in pondering over this thought since every bit about social media just screams YES. If you’re still not that convinced then here are some reasons why you should use social media to market your business. Spending way too much for marketing purposes has always been a problem for MLM business owner.
Most, if not all, of business owners are relying on social media to improve their business’ performance.
Millions upon millions of people can be found in popular social media sites and you never know when or where you’ll be stumbling upon someone very interested in your business. For this reason, you have a much larger ocean to fish for people to patronize your business. People these days assume that everything on their favorite social media is true and reliable.
Not only do you improve your brand exposure, you also boost your credibility and reliability, helping you stand out from the crowd.
It isn’t just a passing fad or craze but something that’s sure to stay so you better make use of it as soon as you can. These are but a few of the many reasons why you should use social media to market your MLM business. Videos have established themselves as one of the popular engaging ways to push your content forward on the World Wide Web. Even in the context of buzz marketing, where you should let your ‘fans’ vouch for you by spreading your message, what could be a better way than to have an hd video production which could easily be shared with one click?

Videos also help in establishing and maintaining lasting customer relationships with loyal consumers. Webvideos is a London based internet company providing a full range of services, from websites, to internet marketing strategies, custom-made mobile ready videos and deep technical implementation.
D-Mak Productions is a Phoenix, Arizona video production company specializing in producing corporate videos, industrial, marketing, training, live performance, real estate, live events, and web video production. What we see with these results are that social media marketing is an incredibly valuable part of a local business’s arsenol for success, said Alex Chang, CEO of Roost. Roost, a technology company committed to helping local businesses find new customers and increase repeat business through social channels, today announced it will be releasing quarterly reports on the state of local business and its use of social media. Each report will focus on top-of-mind topics and trends for local business, related to social media. When asked what their most effective marketing channels were, 71.4 percent of small businesses polled by Roost reported ‘Social Marketing’ – more than four times more than the 15 percent who responded with traditional ‘Paid Search Marketing’.
When asked why they use social media to market their business, the number one answer was ‘Saves me money’ with 46.1 percent. Although it is considered an effective and fun marketing channel for most of the Roost respondents, it turns out social media does not come without it’s challenges for local businesses.
Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Roost is a unique social marketing platform entirely focused on helping small businesses and independent professionals manage their social presence and engage with their customers across key social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Why You Should Use Social Media Monitoring To Bring Customer Service and Marketing Teams Together You are using an outdated browser. A significant 85% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. Businesses, regardless of their size, are creating strategies to achieve the maximum benefits by marketing on the social web. When you follow a well-planned social strategy, you can immediately attract eyeballs from all around. Several studies have proved that social media has a direct impact on the search rankings of a blog or website.
The good news for marketers is that people love to voice their opinions via various social media platforms.
Popular online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube can provide you with plenty of useful information on what your competition is doing.
Be it current customers or prospective leads, the use of social media lets you interact with them on a direct line. You’ll be spared from this dilemma when you utilize social media because you’ll reach more people without having to pay a lot. Social media marketing’s start shines the brightest and experts say that it will even in the years to come. They not only offer a hassle-free experience for the viewer, but also help companies deliver a message whether entertaining or educational. Even before launching a product, you can test the waters by gauging public opinion about it.
With it you would be able to promote your brand as well as understand your target market better. The question that you actually need to answer is how you can develop an effective social media marketing strategy that attracts the kind of customers you are seeking.
In fact, social media marketing is the best strategy which you can use to market and promote your products. If you have the capability to engage in the right kind of conversation with the right people, you are sure to generate a good amount of traffic for your blog or company website over a short span of time. In fact, search engines are making use of social voting and bookmarking systems to differentiate between the wheat and the chaff. By adding genuine value to a market conversation, you can quickly generate qualified leads for your business.

If you are prepared to listen to your customers, you will know what catches their interest and what doesn’t. Checking out the reviews of your competition on review sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle and Google Places is also a good idea to know more about the competition. With real time interactions, you can put up questions and also find answers to the wants and needs of your consumers as you enhance the capabilities of your product. Don’t forget that social media is all about fun and a little bit of it in your video will attract much attention!
Nearly half of those who spend at least 11 hours per week on social media efforts saw a benefit of reduced marketing expenses.
The sad part of the story, however, is that many businesses are not yet convinced of the real potential of social media. One of the most important benefits of social media marketing is that it reduces the overall expenses of your marketing. A significant 95% of those conducting social media activities for more than 3 years agree, as opposed to 73% of those who’ve been doing it for 6 months or less. Sixty percent of those spending at least 6 hours a week found benefit, compared to 46% of those spending 5 hours or less per week.
For most businesses, the best thing that can happen is that new customers will enjoy the experience so much, they’ll return again and again.Despite the value of repeat business, many organizations still invest the majority of their time in new customers. With good customer service and strategic after-sales marketing, however, companies can increase the odds that a first-time buyer will come back for more.
The interactions they have with customers are equally important, though, since customers can solely base their purchasing decisions on them. Marketing teams work hard to convert customers, but all of that hard work will be for nothing if customer service teams are scaring those customers away.The good news is, much of this information is clearly visible on social media. Business leaders can monitor their social media interactions and determine exactly where communication is breaking down. Not only can they observe the hard work marketing teams put in each day, but they can see what customers are saying and how employees respond to those very public comments.Social Media MonitoringWith so many tools available to monitor social media, businesses feel the pressure to set up alerts so that they can be proactive in their online efforts. But in many cases, organizations leave it up to their marketing teams to track any online brand mentions. Marketers are great at getting the word out about a brand, but a skilled customer service representative has the background and training necessary to handle any online complaints.When marketers handle customer complaints on social media, they often cut customer service teams out of the process.
This can lead to resentment, as well as confusion, both of which can be bad for customer relations. Instead, notifications should be set to filter through a business’s existing software setup, serving as tickets that are then assigned to appropriate team members for a response.Integrated SolutionsThe first step toward streamlining pre- and post-purchase marketing is to connect the solutions used by marketing, sales, and customer service teams to manage customer interactions. CRMs like Salesforce offer sales and marketing modules that can also track social media mentions. In addition to notifying appropriate team members of social media mentions, representatives will be able to see a customer’s previous interactions with their brand on social media, which will in turn help them provide more accurate service.With today’s helpdesk software, social media mentions can flow seamlessly from an online platform to the helpdesk, where they are assigned to the appropriate party for a response.
Marketing messages can be routed to marketing team members and complaints can go directly to a qualified customer service operator for response and resolution.Co-TrainingOne reason businesses see a divide between customer service and marketing teams is that they work separately. Businesses should encourage regular collaboration between these teams, possibly even allowing each team member to spend a day working with the other team to see how they operate.
Policies should be consistent between the two teams to make sure they understand the organization’s bigger-picture stance on customer relations.Group training can be an effective way to create a stronger bond between customer service and marketing teams, especially if participants work together to come up with solutions to common issues. Businesses should consider occasionally hosting a retreat or group luncheon where both teams get away from their desks and meet as a group.With the right tools, a business can easily manage social media mentions between its customer service and marketing teams.
However, it’s important that in addition to filtering incoming requests, businesses encourage all teams to work together.
When customer service representatives and marketing teams collaborate, the result is a better experience for customers, which can strengthen a business’s loyal customer base.Want more customer service best practices?

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