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Software RAID was available in the past versions, but in the Enterprise, not the Professional editions of Windows.
Now you should see all the physical disks available on your system, their partitions and logical drives. Configuring RAID starts by creating the dynamic disks, adding volumes, adding mirrors and so on.
If your box goes, you just get another box, install Windows 7 and pop  in your disk into it.
Now, would it have been lost if he had originally set it up as a striped volume through Windows dynamic disks? Regarding hardware raid 0 and make it boot windows- You need to setup the raid and then install Windows.
Also, if you guys use Raid 0 for perfomance then you should reconsider the hardware raid 0 instead of software raid. But for other circumstances (computer not build primarily for blazing performance) its a great option. Software-RAID in Windows 7 - NETZWELT  netzwelt netzwelt 13.
Für erfahrene Bastler ist es eine Kleinigkeit, eine zweite Festplatte in einen PC oder ein Notebook einzubauen. Seit Jahren ist es üblich, auf einem Server den Ausfall einer Festplatte dadurch abzusichern, dass automatisch alle Daten auf eine zweite Platte gespielt werden.

Microsoft hat Windows eine entsprechende Funktion spendiert, über die eine RAID-Konfiguration auch direkt im Betriebssystem eingestellt werden kann, sofern kein physischer RAID-Controller in den Computer eingebaut wurde. Software RAID 5 is a fault-tolerant volume that stripes data and parity across multiple dynamic disks (from 3 to 32). Software RAID-5 volumes can not be expanded with Disk Management snap-in, but you can use AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Server to expand RAID-5 volume. As award-winning and full-featured Software RAID management solution, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager allows you to resize dynamic disk, extend dynamic system partition, convert dynamic disk to basic without losing data, expand RAID-5 volume, extend mirrored (RAID 1) volume, add drive to RAID 5 and remove drive from RAID 5, etc.
I'm still messing around with settings and have yet to confirm that this is in fact RAID, as opposed to merely mirroring. Since its Windows that take care of your raid instead of the raid controller the performance relies of your computer speed. Win 7 Ultimate in my case have all the options greyed out and is not the tool for that purpose at my opinion too poor and lacks of support tools like monitoring such array !
Stattdessen kann er seinen PC so einstellen, dass alle Daten zwischen beiden Platten synchronisiert werden und auch bei einem Ausfall der Rechner weiter lauft. Nur die wenigsten Nutzer wissen, dass das nicht nur auf Servern mit dem Betriebssystem Linux, sondern auch auf ihrem heimischen PC ganz einfach möglich ist. Allerdings kommen nicht alle Windows-Versionen in den Genuss der RAID-Unterstützung, sondern nur die Professional- und Ultimate-Variante. Parity, a calculated value that can be used to reconstruct data after a failure, is also striped across the disk array.

Thata€™s because Software RAID 5 only can be implemented in Windows Server operating systems, including Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Software RAID-5 volume provides fault tolerance at a cost of one additional disk for the volume. I disconnected the RAID and went back to origional bios configuration where the SATA configuration was set from RAID to IDE. When a disk fails, system uses the parity information to re-create the data on the failed disk. This means that if you use 3 x 1TB disks to create a Software RAID-5 volume, the volume will have a 2TB capacity. MS doesn't want you to have performance as this extend life for such hardware on older hardware as user who have enough performance do not buy new hardware – they want you to buy new hardware and new win !!! MS is nasty company and Ultimate Win not so Ultimate and waist of money time and nerves !!! Nintendo hat endlich die Starter-Pokemon fur das kommende Pokemon Sonne & Mond enthullt.

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