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In der letzten Zeit hat Google die ein oder andere Verbesserung am HTML5-Player von YouTube vorgenommen. In der Beta von Chrome 16 sowie in einem aktuellen Nightly-Build vom Firefox ist auch der das native Abspielen im Vollbild moglich. Schon langer werden auch eingebundene Videos im HTML5-Player abgespielt, wenn man den Optin fur diesen aktiviert hat.
Mittelfristig wird der HTML5-Player wohl den Flash-Player ersetzen und somit die Nutzung von YouTube auch ohne weiteres Plugin moglich machen. If you have downloaded some Youtube videos and want to convert them to HTML5 formats for your website, you can use this HTML5 Video Converter. YouTube on Wednesday announced that the popular video-sharing Website will now support HTML5 for video playback. In YouTube's case, that means that browsers that support the HTML5 tag and can play H.264-encoded video can now watch videos on the site without needing to use Flash at all. You can join the HTML5 beta with a single click, but YouTube notes that you'll miss out on a few things if you do: for one thing, there are no ads (I know, terribly disappointing), but the beta also lacks fullscreen video, closed captioning, or annotations.
YouTube is calling the HTML5 beta an a€?experiment,a€? but in my testing it works flawlessly. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. HTML5 video players can be simply downloaded and installed to your website as plugins or embedded to web browsers.
I’m pretty sure this round-up will help you decide which HTML5 video player suits you better.
As you probably remember YouTube video player was a Flash-based solution, so site visitors will view your embedded video in Flash or HTML5 players.
The player currently allows a fullscreen view in Safari, Chrome as well as on mobile devices too.
JW player for non-commercial use is available for free, but if you want to have more enhensed capabilities and use the player for business purposes you can choose 1 of 3 pricing plans (monthly or annual).

With this HTML5 video player your videos are guarantied to be well displayed on PC, tablets and smartphones. Generally this cloud-hosted player is liked by many people for its simplicity and reliability. This free web video player is a good self-hosted and open source solution for your website. This player can be controlled via keyboard that is quite convenient when working with desktop browsers. Kaltura is a free and open source HTML5 video player that enables you to simply create customized cross-browsers and cross-devices skins to match all your website designs. Codo Player is a video and audio player for web that works good with both HTML5 and Flash files. Codo player is suitable for personal websites, blogs, online TV channels, e-commerce pages, etc.
The player displays video or audio with poster images in native browser fullscreen mode (where applicable). Ann Davlin is an inspired blogger who works at MotoCMS - a company that brought you an advanced website builder. Au?erdem scheint Google endlich auch einen Fehler bei Google+ behoben zu haben, wenn man den HTML5-Player aktiviert hat.
Nun gibt es auch schon Nutzer bei denen das Video im HTML5-Player abgespielt wurde, selbst wenn man nicht die Beta nutzt. HTML5, for the uninitiated, is an in-development Web standard that aims to add various niceties and enhancements to the modern Web-browsing experience.
Since Flash is enough of a resource-hog on OS X that entire software utilities to avoid it exist, this is a pretty compelling move for Mac users.
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Note that most of these video players have fallback to Flash, so you can choose video format to watch.
There are some skins that will make the HTML5 video player look like popular video players (YouTube, Hulu).
It doesn’t host videos, so you need to upload the files to your server or to integrate them from YouTube. It’s also possible to order branded video player designs and to interactive extension modules.
JW Player 6 perfectly works with all commonly used video and audio formats, so there will be no troubles with it.
Ich wei? von einigen, dass das Abspielen von Videos aus einem Beitrag meistens nicht ging, wenn die Beta des Players aktiviert war.
WebM wird von Chrome, Opera und Firefox nativ unterstutzt, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 und derzeit noch Chrome unterstutzen den Codec h.264. On the Mac, only Safari and Chrome support the technologies needed for YouTube's implementationa€”that means every (up-to-date) Mac user on the planet can start surfing YouTube Flash-free.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. But as the night falls she turns into a superhero web surfer restlessly browsing through thousands of funny cat pics and videos. It happens because new players are flexible, compatible with major browsers (their older and newer versions) and well displayed on mobile devices. If you want to discuss either of that feel free to connect with her on Twitter and Google+.

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