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YouTube pronto ofrecera a sus usuarios la opcion de una suscripcion mensual para evitar ver comerciales.
El servicio de videos por internet envio el miercoles una carta a sus creadores de contenido mas populares en donde les pide que firmen un nuevo contrato que permita el cambio.
Las medidas forman parte de una estrategia que busca diversificar sus ingresos, si bien la publicidad sigue siendo su fuente principal. Video, video, video…how many times have you heard you have to use video on your website, in facebook or tweet about them in twitter.
1.When you set up your profile page or channel make sure you have links to your website, facebook, twitter or any other social media site you participate in. 6.YouTube has a captions and annotation feature so that you can add notes, titles or links directly on top of the video.
7.YouTube also has an analytics feature so keep track of what happens when people view your video.
Great suggestion Gem, thanks for adding this very important detail especially for tourism businesses.
Influence marketing is nothing but a form of marketing which helps in the identification of the targets of the individuals with the influence of the buyers.
When comes to the YouTube influence marketing, it is not just like the traditional placing of the media and some features. The YouTube placements are more inexpensive and faster too so, there is a scope of possibility to score various placements in a single day.
To leverage the brands with the influencers will start with the relationship building with the customers. There are so many opportunities out there for content marketing from Facebook to Tumblr and everything in between. The interesting thing is however, many businesses forget or skip over using YouTube as a marketing channel because well, let’s face it, it is much more costly and timely to create a video than it is to whip together a blog post or share an infographic.
But, what if we could convince you that your investment into YouTube could be the one thing that helps catapult your brand in 2016? Because of the large base of people using YouTube, it is also likely that your demographic are on there, just waiting to hear from your brand. If you have been thinking about starting a Youtube channel, or curious of where it can take you, we are going to take you through all the steps you need to create a thriving, kicking YouTube baby.
The next thing to think about is what your demographic may want to learn from you or what goals they may have.
For example, if you are catering to online marketers, think about the things that they may specifically want to learn about, like how to make money online.
Remember, the main point of content marketing is to get your target audience engaged so you can eventually market to them in the long run. The next important thing to think about is how your demographic will want to receive this information.
Even though YouTube is all about creating videos, it may help you to think about whether you are going to do it in a tutorial style, in a product review, in a demonstration or in a general overview video. Think about how your video will be able to enhance the content that you are aiming to provide and then think about what will really be beneficial to your audience.
In order for your videos to be successful they have to contain juicy information that helps to attract viewers. Having a high quality video with strong production elements will also be important, but the first step is to really nailing the type of content that your audience wants to see and hear. To help you think about what type of content you may want to produce, think about whether you want to entertain your audience or teach them something.
If you really think about it and narrow it down, these are usually the only two factors that drive people to watch content online. Of course, it would be best if your video could accomplish both these things, but starting with just one will help you to know which direction you need to take your videos in. Understanding this will also help you to shape the videos and determine the style and approach you would need to take. When you start to get the hang of things you can then branch out and start to practice some of your Academy Award winning moves, but until then, stick to the basics. It is not necessary to have a pro, high-tech camera, however using one that can deliver high resolution videos and a clear image is paramount. If you have a person in the video, try to have them wear solid coloured clothing as patterns can be distracting. If you need help with creating an epic video, we recommend you watch some of your favourite YouTube stars or brands for inspiration and to see if there is anything you would like to replicate in your own videos.
It may also help to know that most people run a YouTube channel for at least year before they really start to learn and see what their audience truly wants. In order to make it easy for your brand to be noticed, stick to naming your channel after your brand name and including your company logo for your image. Along with creating your channel, you also need to ensure that your videos are named in a way that will make them easy to find.
The first thing YouTube looks for when it comes to search results is whether your video is relevant to the title. Just like you would for a blog post, think about your main keywords and then include them once in the title, once or twice in your description and then in the tags if appropriate. When it comes to writing your description, aim to include at least 1-5 sentences about your video. Another way that YouTube assesses how your video will be ranked is by the way that users engage and interact with it. Basically, the longer that your viewers stick around to watch the video, the higher it will rank in search results. Overall Views: as expected, YouTube will favour videos that are receiving a high volume of traffic. Subscribers: YouTube will give preference to channels that have many subscribers as this proves that people are interested in your videos and want to see more. Taking into consideration these factors, it is important to ensure that your channel is up to date, that your video is properly named and that your description is well written.
There are many ways to promote your YouTube videos, but here are the top four that we love the most and think will do the best, especially when you are just starting out.
Your email subscribers are often highly engaged and generally love the content that your brand produces. Announcing your YouTube channel through your email list is also a great way to give your audience additional content and access to more information. A good strategy is to craft a special promotional email that announces your new channel and all the benefits that users can receive if they watch and subscribe.
The second best way to get your video out there is to promote it on your social media networks.

You can also use this opportunity to comment and converse with your audience on social media about your videos and what they can expect from your channel.
If you really want to push your videos, you can also try reaching out to influencers in your industry who may be able to share  your content on their social networks.
Promoting your videos on your company website is a great way to get viewers and prospective customers to watch your content and learn about your brand. Depending on the type of ad that you select, YouTube charges around $10-30 USD per thousand views. Once you have your YouTube channel up and running and you are starting to get regular viewers, it is important to think about how you are going to use your videos to increase sales and grow your business – because that’s the whole point, right?
It may also be beneficial to include a link to a complimenting blog post, sales page or product page.
Consider testing out your call to actions on existing videos that are already doing well in order to see how they convert.
You can also test adding this link into your videos, however research has shown that it may convert better in the description section. When you engage with your audience they are more likely to be interested in your products and services.
Whether you do this through your video or your video description, give your viewers the opportunity to find you on other networks by leaving your Twitter handle, Instagram username, your email address or even your website details somewhere that is easy to find. This makes it easier for viewers to reach out to you and find out more about your products and services. In order for your videos to be effective, start by thinking about what your audience really wants to learn or create in their own lives.
Once you have worked out the premise of your content, get to work by creating a simple, stylish and informative videos that are professional and help to convey your message. There are many different video styles that can help you to achieve this such as tutorials, product demonstrations and more. Once your video is made, uploaded and you have included all the necessary information including your keywords, it is time to get marketing. The best place to market your videos is through your email list and then your existing social networks.
It takes time to develop traction on your YouTube channel, so aim to be in it for at least 12 months before you really start to notice mind-blowing results. Even though creating a video seems like a lot of work, it really could be the secret sauce that helps your business to thrive in 2016.
In this FREE report, we reveal the 5 things the super successful are doing online, that have their companies growing like a weed regardless of the economy.
The New Year is all about trying new things and getting plans in place, so whether you have a YouTube strategy already or not, getting a layout of your next 6 months can help you see success.
Creating this plan is definitely time consuming, but overall it can help you stick to your videos and help make sure you’re organized enough to be able to market your channel in a way that brings in the most relevant viewers time and time again. Just as you would with the content on your blog, you have to understand your audience and understand what it is you want them to do when they visit your video—convert, share, republish, navigate to your website, subscribe, etc. Promote any webinars you’re going to be hosting and explain why they’re great and how viewers can get involved. You can also come up with video content ideas in the same way that you come up with your blog content ideas such as looking at Quora and other social media sites, using tools like HubSpot Topic Generator, or hosting polls and surveys to ask your audience directly. Naturally, once you have your research and ideas set to go you have to look at your resources and see how often you can publish a video while still putting out quality. Whenever you visit a YouTube page, you can click on the Channel tab to see the channels (as shown above). Most small businesses will just have one YouTube channel, but if you offer services that have very different audiences then it may make sense to spend the extra time. The scheduling is actually going to be the easy part once you have your ideas in place and you know how often you want to publish videos (especially based on the resources you have available).
When you create your calendar, include the title of the video on the day you want it published as well as the employee in charge of publishing that video. When you’re creating a schedule for your YouTube channel, you should simultaneously create a calendar for publishing your videos on your blog.
I usually recommend spending one to two months just creating videos and getting a feel for uploading them and reading comments and shares, but after your first few videos you need to look at your YouTube analytics. As you can see on the left-hand side, you can of course dig very deep into this data once you’re comfortable with a YouTube strategy in the first place.
Remember that even if you do plan out your content for 6 months that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the plan exactly—in fact you should make changes as you go.
Whenever you plan something this far in advance it is always a rough plan to help give you an overall direction and accountability, but you’ll make plenty of changes along the way.
This includes the keyword or phrase that you have put in the title as well as your websites URL. Nowadays, the social media is the basic and most important for the brand to market and advertise as they can reach the majority of the audience across the globe with various tactics of marketing. But, the placements on YouTube will not target the single agenda and it requires lot of work to achieve which is not risky too. Many creators on YouTube manage their own channels that mean they themselves making their choice on products and features. So, you must know and must have a clear idea about your customer’s postings and their interactions with the brands on social media. It has over 1 billion users and these users go on to watch over 4 billion videos every day.
In fact, there are so many opportunities to establish more clients or customers, feature higher in search engine results, build your reputation and grow your business through YouTube. Maybe an online marketer would also want to learn the best posture to sit at a desk or something more indirect to what they do. In fact, we recommend that you start as simple as possible in order to ensure that you can focus on your goal and deliver content that is clean and distraction free. Try to ensure that your face or the subject can be seen clearly and is not shadowy or over-exposed. Alternatively you may wish to source this out to a third party editor if you are not confident with your skills. But researching and then blending your own style and intention into the video will definitely work well. Of course there are always exceptions, but for this reason, never stop innovating or experimenting with different techniques and styles.
In many ways, getting your videos to rank high up in Google’s search results comes down to similar practices that you would do for SEO on your website. This where you will upload your videos to and where users can find your videos and subscribe to keep updated.

This is a great way to co-promote your videos and it also helps you to rank higher in Google’s search results. For this reason it may be worthwhile keeping your videos short and sweet until you work out whether your content strategy is an effective one. It may also be beneficial to encourage your users to subscribe, leave a comment or share your video on their favourite social platform. Secondly, marketing to your email list will give you the chance to do a promotional launch of your videos and explain what your viewers can expect and learn from your video content.
Chances are if they are signed up to your list they will be highly interested in what your videos have to offer and are more likely to subscribe and share your content.
Start by sharing your video on your most frequented social networks, whatever they may be for your brand.
It is also an effective way to quickly give your clients and customers information about your business or the products and services that you offer. This is fairly reasonable and may be worthwhile, considering the amount of effort, cost and time it takes to actually make the video. These often appear in the top right or left hand corners of your video and can be used to direct people to watch another video or subscribe to your channel.
In fact, one study found that videos will a call to action converted 31 percent more subscribers than videos without.
This will help to give you an indication of whether your audience are responding to them or not.
Consider including a link in your description section that redirects viewers to sign up on a special landing page. For this reason it is important to take the time to write back to comments and answer viewers questions. While it is important to take into consideration constructive criticism, try not to engage with trolls or allow yourself to be discouraged by them.
There are so many people visiting the site every day and there is currently very little competition considering the scope of the site.
Whether you are marketing to businesses or on the consumer level, there is always something that your brand can offer.
We really recommend scouting through videos on YouTube that are similar to your brands mission to see what they are doing, what works and what does not work. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule and there is no reason why you can’t start seeing results in as little as a few weeks.
A great way to see what’s working and what’s not in your industry is to look at your competitors’ channels. Think about that topics that your audience engages with most and start making a list from there, which brings us into the next step. Coming up with topic ideas is difficult enough, but you need to be able to now come up with ideas that will also transfer well into a video and keep viewers engaged.
This usually takes a little bit of expertise, so you can outsource this work to marketing agencies or use a tool like Biteable [2] to get started. For many companies this will be once per week, but it’s up to you to decide whether you want to focus on more or less. This is definitely a lot more work, but it can help make your analytics easier to read (more on this later) and it can help you build a stronger following because your videos will be more consistent. The cool thing here is that viewers can subscribe to just the channel that interests them; thus avoiding having to look at irrelevant videos. Just make sure that if you do decide to create two channels, you have enough content and enough staff to manage them all at once.
You may only have an editorial calendar for your blog and website thus far, so now is the time to create a calendar for your YouTube channel. It should be up to your team to think ahead and produce the video in enough time to make sure it goes live the day it’s scheduled. You don’t necessarily want to publish every single video because that may deter people from visiting your YouTube account, but if you have a video that is relevant and timely or that is getting a lot of attention, consider adding it to your editorial calendar for your blog.
This will help make sure that you know how to monetize your videos and create more relevant content and market it the right way to get viewers to do what you want (the goals discussed in the first section). Some of this data includes earnings reports, devices, traffic sources, engagement reports, and more. Many companies choose to break up their plans into four month increments as well to help things seem more manageable, so it all really depends on how often you want to create and publish videos. The influencer marketing is most buzzword between the marketers as it is the most effective way to reach the instant results by growing your visibility and moving towards the success target.
This makes a direct interaction with the costumers by providing them loyalty programmes, discounts and advisory boards for them which can lead to the better instant results. Take advantage of natural light by shooting first thing in the morning or just before sunset.
Once a user subscribes, they will be sent an email by YouTube every time you update or add a new video. This will give you a strong beginning foundation and will help orient your videos in the right direction. YouTube offers many affordable options that may be worth the investment, especially if you have spent a lot of time and effort creating your videos.
This goes back to doing research on your audience and thinking about what you want them to do when they reach your video. The two may run together and for some companies it might make sense to include your YouTube schedule on your current calendar (more on this later), but I generally recommend having a separate calendar for each platform.
You will inevitably move things around as the 6 months go on, but this helps to make all of the video content more manageable.
It’s a great way to shake things up and keep your audience interested, not to mention remind your blog readers that you have a YouTube channel they can check out. Previously, the brands were used to focus on to the bloggers and the celebrities but, now they are targeting the consumers which have resulted in the great impact on marketing and business. In order to really register in YouTube’s algorithm, your videos really need to be getting a few hundred, if not a few thousand views. Once you start having data of your own, you can begin to get more specific with your ideas and the times that work best for you to publish. See what’s working on your blog and what your competitors are having success with, and get creative to mimic the content styles and topics as best you can.
Don’t let this dishearten you however, as the more time you put into these features, the more chances your video will have to be seen.

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