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Wir haben in der Vergangenheit schon einige Tipps und Tricks gegeben, wie man einen eigenen YouTube Channel erstellt, oder den Vorhandenen optimiert.
Wie in diesem Beitrag ersichtlich ist, sind die Einstellungen und das Design des Kanals wichtig.
Zum Schluss noch einer der wichtigsten Punkte: Der YouTube Kanal sollte mit den passenden Social Media Profilen verknupft sein, damit die Nutzer auch auf diese aufmerksam gemacht und weitergeleitet werden. Aline ist SEO & SEA Project Manager bei xeit und bloggt hier zu Themen rund ums Internet. Social Media: Jeder zweite Schweizer Internetuser nutzt zumindest gelegentlich Angebote im Bereich der Foren, Blogs oder Online-Communities.
When you first create your YouTube Channel you select a username that is a maximum of 20 characters using only alph and numeric symbols. Download any videos you want to keep as this process will delete the videos on this channel.
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These are just some of the ways you can use YouTube for video marketing and to market your business online to get more sales and people interested in your business.
Popular social websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and similar sites form the basis of Social Media Marketing. Social Media works best for small companies looking for additional exposure, hoping that their products or services will become a hit with the marketplace. A company that doesn't have regular news to report should be discouraged from going the Social Media route because it won't be as useful to them.
Thus we only recommend that websites which actually have a social or news aspect go the route of Social Media. So if your website is the kind that would have constant news, updates, gossip, new items to sell, etc. If you decide you want to add Social Media Marketing to your website please feel free to contact us and we can help you get it setup and running beautifully. Social Storytellers is a blog hosted by AboutFace Media focused on storytelling, documentary film, social media, video sharing, culture, marketing and more. He tells a brief story that illustrates one of the most perplexing things about Youtube marketing right now.
Shame on Kingsford Charcoal for not making sure I discovered a quality, search engine optimized video they produced. Case Studies In Social Storytelling is a weekly feature examining past successes and failures in the world of Social Storytelling.  It is published each Tuesday. This may seem like the opposite of their first mistake, we spend a lot of time making sure our clients have realistic expectations but that’s not to say viral success is impossible.
Get involved with the Youtube community, I see brands throwing their videos on Youtube and never bothering to log back in to respond to comments, post bulletins, subscribe to other channels and just generally treating Youtube like just another place to host videos and link back to them on their Facebook page.
The beauty of digital marketing is the ever expanding things we can measure so much especially with online video.
Not all views are created equal, the more targeted a view the more expensive that promoted view is going to be.
You’ve heard it all before, Youtube is the second largest search engine blah blah blah. Creative strength remains an important factor in total views; there are some early indications that celebrities may be particularly key. Remember back in 2000 when web Hits were the metric that was used to measure the success of a website? Of course, Hits are now seen as a silly and discredited way to gauge the value of a web site, web page or anything else on the web. This came to mind today when one of my staff suggested that perhaps we at AboutFace are presenting our video metrics in too much detail. We’ve blogged before about different social metrics that you can measure in order to track the success of content. But we need to start somewhere, so let’s start with the assumption that a View is defined as a person clicking on a video with the intention to watch it.
TubeMogul publishes attention spans across video sharing sites in order to gauge how many people typically watch a video how far. But this is nonetheless as close as we can get today to what most of us would consider a View. I believe most marketers stop at video Views as a metric because it is a simple number to manipulate into success (more on this later).
I will leave the latter question for another day because, frankly, there is no way to answer that question simply and for all clients. CPV is now a metric you are beginning to see all the time, thanks primarily to YouTube using it as a key metric for their promoted videos. In fact, BrightRoll recently surveyed marketers on their projected use of video in 2011 and 45% of respondents said they would most like to base online ad spend on cost per video view (CPV) while 34% said cost per engagement (CPE) and 16% said cost per impression (CPI). Clearly the idea of relating a cost per view has caught on. However, since 2007 our ability to achieve those Views and measure their cost has come a long way. Optimization strategies can include everything from e-mail campaigns to social media outreach. Remember that you are simply promoting your content in such a way that, in order to count as a View, someone actually has to choose to watch the content and click on it. In fact, this type of targeting is one of the huge strengths of online video marketing. Searching for information on dishwashers? The person clicking on either the Consumer Reports or the Whirlpool video and generating the View ARE interested in these respective messages. Do people still wonder why Google (the largest search engine) paid so much for YouTube (the second largest search engine)? And even better yet, for me as a marketer, I can virtually guarantee a certain number of Views if I am willing to spend the money to promote the content.

How do you, as a marketer, protect yourself from wasting money on promoted video content that’s watched for a few seconds before being turned off by a disenchanted viewer?
So say a client budgets $100,000 to promote a series of 2-minute webisodes through YouTube pay-per-view. Notice that the Engagement Ratio is a huge factor in determining the effective cost of your View, so make sure it aligns with how much time spent watching a video counts to you as an engaged View. And if you eventually compare your results (as you should) against benchmarks set by other videos of a similar length, you’ll have to count your competition with the same benchmark of effectiveness. Before I graduated to hard hitting teenage literature like The Hardy Boys & The Boxcar Children I spent my formative years flipping through the pages of The Choose Your Own Adventure Series. This is a great example of generating excitement for a seemingly boring product.  As Brands continue to find creative uses for online video, what story will you tell? Weiterfuhrend dazu haben wir hier nun 7 wertvolle Tipps zu den optimalen Einstellungen Eures YouTube Kanals. Auch eine Content Strategie fur die Videos, sowie weitere SEO-Faktoren sind auf YouTube wichtig.
Denn der Kanal ist uber den Namen auffindbar: In der Suche, aber auch in den Kanalkategorien und den vorgeschlagenen Kanalen, in denen Nutzer stobern konnen. Hier sehen die Nutzer schnell, welchem Zweck der Kanal dient, um welche Themen sich die Videos drehen und von wem der Kanal ist. Bei dem Kanalbild handelt es sich um ein quadratisches Bild, welches nach den Angaben von YouTube eine optimale Auflosung von 800×800 Pixel hat. Es sollte als optische Erganzung zum Kanalbild verwendet werden und weiter Hinweise uber den Kanalgeben. Zum Einem gibt es die Ansicht fur abonnierte Nutzer und zum anderen die Ansicht fur Nutzer ohne Abo.
Der Kanal sollte moglichst Ubersichtlich sein, damit die User auch schnell finden wonach sie suchen. Allerdings moderieren wir die Kommentare und behalten uns vor, beleidigende oder offensichtlich fur die Suchmaschinenoptimierung abgegebene Eintrage zu editieren oder gar zu loschen. Now I would like to know if I change the title of my video would that affect my view count? Both private individuals and large production companies have used YouTube to grow audiences.  YouTube might be one of the best ways you can market your business online. You can show your audience how the product or the service is going to benefit them as a customer. If people can hear other talking about your product or service in a positive way they may want to learn more about your business and may be more tempted to buy what you’re offering. For example, your product may have a lot of technological features that people may not understand. A new product can create excitement for the buyer and you want to reach as many people as possible. In a few short years it has become to develop into an essential tool for both users and brands.
Within that there are several different ways to market a website or product via social media outlets.
Facebook advertising which can be narrowed down to region, age group, sex, preferences, hobbies, etc. The buttons come in a range of sizes and are useful for letting visitors do your marketing for you via Word of Mouth.
YouTube and LinkedIn are also important Social Media tools and depending on the market you are looking to capture other sites can be very useful as well.
You could setup your Facebook and Twitter accounts by yourself, make them look professional and start posting. We can even teach you how to be more web savvy so you won't require our help in the future for most tasks.
This summer, I decided to put my BBQ skills to the test and figure out how to make a brisket. Set a recurring schedule for your channel and maximize your production investments to determine how often you are able to release content. Use Insights & Analytics to better understand your audience, improve your content and help you develop effective programming and production strategies. Set the video as the featured video based on how you organize your channel page’s uploads.
Set up accounts and set specific strategies for all social media sites that are important to your content and audience. Create content or segments specifically for your audience and the purpose of engaging with them. Track engagement on social media sites and access the incoming traffic from those communities to your Youtube content.
Now, almost six years later, you likely wouldn’t know it thanks to the support of Easter Seals and the therapy provided through their Make the First Five Count program. Teaching habits kids will take with them for their lifetimes, AFHK reaches millions of children at thousands of schools every year.
With Eric’s help and guidance, Janiceia was the first in her family to go to college. Everyone’s definition of viral is different and as marketers we need to make it very clear just how difficult it is for content to get seen.
Brands and marketers need to treat Youtube like another viable social platform otherwise their not only missing the point but they are missing out on a valuable opportunity to connect with consumers and beef up their views. Now the metrics that matter are Page Views, Unique Visitors, Time on Site, Bounce Rates, etc.
But that doesn’t change my opinion that Views are the 2010 equivalent of Hits and will look almost as naive ten years from now. But of all the categories that we measure for clients none generate more interest than how many Views our work receives. A View of your video content is probably worth more if you are selling a Toyota Prius than if you are selling socks.
In those days we basically added up all the costs a client incurred to get people to watch any videos we were promoting and then divided it amongst the Views that occurred. There is nothing wrong with putting a sign out in front of your store, which is all these CPV programs do.

And further, how did the nature of the content (including it’s relevance to the customer and it’s likability) actually effect your cost? Suppose you benchmark against the average YouTube suggested CPV of $0.75, meaning that you can expect, on average, to get approximately 133,333 Views from this spend. Let’s say that your spend results in 20,000 more Collateral Views for a total of 153,333 views.
Last year we asked TubeMogul how many viewers typically watch more than 60 seconds of a promoted marketing video that is greater than 90 seconds in length.
You can imagine my delight when I came across this ad campaign for ink-correction fluid this morning. Wenn im Bild Text vorkommt, muss unbedingt darauf geachtet werden, dass dieser noch gut lesbar und nicht verpixelt ist.
Und wichtig: Nicht vergessen zu uberprufen, ob die Social Media Buttons immer noch gut erkennbar sind. Es sollten sinnvolle Playlists erstellt werden, die sich nach verschiedenen Themen-Bereichen gliedern.
But this can be a problem if you want to use the same email address as the old YouTube account as you can only use one email address to create one YouTube account and you can’t change this if it is a gmail email.
The famous video site is the third most visited website on the Internet, behind Google and Facebook and is viewed by millions of people each year.
You can highlight the various features of the product or service and in general, provide more in depth information than a simple article can because the customer can see the product and learn about your service directly from you. A good video can highlight all the features of the new product and create the excitement you need as a business to sell that product.
If you are a real estate agent create a game that buys and sells real estate according to market conditions.
A product ranked low in "user desirability" will be a complete waste of time and effort to advertise via social media.
If you don't have anything to blog about, what is the point of creating these extra websites which are essentially dead weight?
Some companies prefer to hire someone else to create "filler content" based on industry news, but the quality of such filler content will always be less than the real news coming from your company. Include viewer interaction in your videos through asking specific questions, featuring fans, or by addressing the audience in the videos. Respond to comments and be active on social media sites to build engagement around new uploads.
After she graduated, she joined Teach For America and followed in her mentor’s footsteps. Youtube’s machine generated transcriptions have come along way in the last year but their still fairly inaccurate. How do we move beyond just talking about Views in order to talk about ROI in video metrics in a manner that actually reflects the value of content to a marketer? If someone sees your sign and enters your store, are they somehow less valuable to you then the person who “organically” came in to your store? Of course, just like with PPC, this number goes up or down with all kinds of factors, such as the quality of the targeting through your metadata and the likelihood people will be interested in what you have to say, but let’s just go with the average. Here’s a couple of easy ways you can start using YouTube’s platform to market your business and get more traffic and sales on your website or blog. Videos end up engaging the viewer more than simple articles do so they are very effective marketing tools for new products or services that you have. If someone knows how a product is going to benefit them and how they can use the product in their own life they will be more tempted to buy the item. Even a website about an used car dealership, with a constant array of used cars to sell, could be posting constant updates of every used car (including the car's year, mileage, condition, price, etc).
Deciding to go the Social Media route therefore requires a time commitment on the part of the user, and this implies you will also need to be a little bit web savvy and learn how to use the functions of Twitter and Facebook so you know how to post text, links, images and videos.
I set up email alerts on secondary video sharing sites that notify me when someone comments on a video so I don’t have to constantly log in or out. Beim Beschreibungstext sollte beachtet werden, dass oft nur die ersten paar Worter der Kanalbeschreibung zu sehen sind. This is one of the best ways to use YouTube for video marketing as testimonials are important to your business.
If you are known as a company that helps customers and explains your products well, the buyer may be more willing to purchase from you again.
A video is a big selling tool for your new product and web users tend to expect videos now about products they may be interested in buying. You need to make your content stand out, every big marketing campaign you see out there usually have a significant amount of promotional dollars behind it. It’s not that I get a ton of traction from these channels but often time when I do a Google Video search I see videos from Metacafe, Viddler, etc. It’s important to understand the way search engines index video and do what you can to help your content stand out.
If you promote a video through a pay-per-view model and receive 100,000 Views but those viewers generate another 50,000 videos because they like what they are seeing and watch more videos and tell their friends, you now have 50,000 Collateral Views. According to TubeMogul about 46% of viewers watch a typical online video for more than :60 sec.
Dieses Begrussungsvideo ist daher eine gute Moglichkeit den Besuchern den Kanal vorzustellen und ihn interessant zu machen.
A guide video provides customer service to people that are thinking about buying from you or have bought from you in the past and need help understanding their product or your service better.
Das Video sollte daher eher kurz gehalten werden, damit die Zuschauer es auch zu Ende sehen.
So kann man die neuen Zuschauer kurz und knapp vom Kanal uberzeugen, und informieren worum es beim Kanal geht.
Im Video durfen die Besucher auch ruhig zu verschiedenen Aktionen aufgefordert werden, so wie z.B. At AboutFace we typically range between 50% and 90% engagement level, and average 68% — meaning that on average 68% of people viewing our work watch at least one minute of the video.

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