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Bethany Mota began her YouTube channel about beauty, fashion, and DIY-related topics back in 2009, and it’s earned her quite a name for herself. Before we get started, keep in mind that late-night host Jimmy Fallon has a ZTE score of 285K. Best friends since kindergarten, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson — known as Jack and Jack — rose to fame thanks to their funny Vines. Jenn McAllister’s YouTube fame has sealed her brand deals with the likes of Brandy Melville, Old Navy, and Mattel. Lele Pons is currently the most looped person on Vine, with over 7 billion in total for her hilarious short videos.
Matt Espinosa is one of the most popular Vine stars on the planet, winning hearts with his funny six-second skits. South African-born Troye Sivan operates out of Australia and has dreams of expanding past vlogging into acting and dream-pop music.

Brent Rivera is known for his sketch comedy videos, which he uploads to YouTube (where he has 1.5 million subscribers), Vine, and Snapchat. YouTube star Joe Weller makes his comedic mark with videos about his life and the internet (and his talent for parodying WWE moves).
Comedic vlogger Nash Grier began his social celebrity career as a Vine star, but found he had more to say than the 6 second video loop would allow. Kian Lawley – or as he’s better known, superkian13 – is a funny vlogger who has nearly 3 million followers on YouTube.
He also starred in an AwesomenessTV series with Jenn McAllister about their cross-country road trip together.
Earlier this year, she and a bunch of other Vine stars got to meet Michelle Obama at the White House.
Since, her channel MakeupbyMandy24 has catapulted her to crazy-success and helped her launched her own make-up line — and she’s only 15.

He now has over 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube and is experimenting with directing music videos. He’s had such success as a social media star, but has also started snagging roles in several feature length films. Known by the screen name Rclbeauty101, she is a DIY makeup queen who earned a loyal following by adding a comedic twist to her tutorials.

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