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When most westerners picture a dragon, they’ll think of the European style dragons with their big wings and fire breath. The Japanese believe that Asian dragons originated in Japan and as they spread to other areas of Asia, gained more toes through evolution or something. The Kinryu no Mai (Golden Dragon Dance) is an annual dragon dance performed at the Buddhist temple Sensoji in Asakusa.
According to the legends, Sensoji was founded in 628 after two fishermen found a golden figurine of Kannon in the Sumida River and golden dragons ascended into heaven for some reason. Dragons are a familiar motif in Japanese art, architecture, literature, and popular culture.
The dragon is one of the four divine beasts from Japanese mythology (the other three being the phoenix, turtle, and kirin). Since dragons are so important to the Japanese people, it only makes sense that they’re such a popular design for tattoos both inside and out of the Yakuza.
Dragons really have a large presence in Japan and you can find them adorning shrines and temples, participating in parades, in video games, TV shows, at the bottom of the ocean, and even on people’s bodies.
Many people hesitate to get cartoon tattoos because they see them as childish; however, a carefully selected cartoon tattoo can hold great personal significance for the wearer. Anime characters have gained immense popularity as subjects for cartoon tattoos in recent years.
One of the most appealing aspects of cartoon tattoos is that they can be made as large or as small as the wearer prefers. When choosing a cartoon tattoo, it is important to select a character that has personal significance.
Decepticons are usually depicted as the evil faction in the fictional universes of the Transformers stories and comics and cartoons, and they are the enemies of the Autobots. In the Japanese version, the Decepticons are called Destron or Deathtron (Japanese: ????? Desutoron). The evil Decepticons are from a race called Transformers – robots that can change into vehicles, mechanical devices and even animal forms.
When the Decepticons board the Autobots’ ship it takes a beating and crashes onto Primitive Earth and knocks everyone unconscious. The above tattoo is a very detailed and interesting Transformers half shirt & sleeved tattoo.

It’s to symbolize how so many things are contradictions which is what is cool about it. Japanese dragons, and Asian dragons in general, are much more serpentine than their European counterparts. Like these other Asian dragons, most Japanese dragons are associated with rainfall and bodies of water.
There are many legends of famous dragon deities inhabiting ponds, lakes, and rivers near these shrines and temples. For example, there is the Rinzai sect’s Tenryu-ji (Heavenly Dragon Temple), Ryutaku-ji (Dragon Swamp Temple), and Ryoan-ji (Dragon Peace Temple). The Golden Dragon Dance celebrates the temple founding and provides good fortune and prosperity for all. Ryujin shinko (dragon god faith) is a form of Shinto religious belief that worships dragons as water gods.
Japan has the Chunichi Dragons baseball team, lots of dragon kaiju monsters, and even Dragon Ball. The birth years for the dragon are 2012,  2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, 1928, and 1916. These tattoos can represent deeper meanings that are highly personal, and can depict an important part of the wearer’s personality.
A person may hold a cherished memory of watching a particular cartoon with a loved one as a child, or may remember a cartoon as a welcome break from the pressures of childhood. The bold lines and sweeping curves used to draw these characters translate well to tattoo art. Small, simple tattoos can be placed on the ankle, shoulder, or bicep, making it easy to cover up when the need arises; conversely, cartoon characters, particularly anime characters, can be incorporated into designs that cover the entire back or chest. While choosing a character based on cuteness or trendiness will likely produce future regret, selecting a character that is personally important will not. Decepticons are known for their air power, especially since many of them turn into aircraft. Millions of years later, in 1984 a volcano eruption causes a probe to give them all new forms which come from vehicles in the surrounding area.
Decepticons in the first generation transformers were evil but later generations have more depth.

It doesn’t mean the good guys as much as it means that the followers of that symbol believe in a philosophy of taking moral accountability for their actions. Japanese dragons also only have three claws on each foot, and don’t fly as often as they lack wings.
They believe that Asian dragons originated in their country, then lost toes as they moved themselves over to Japan. They are regarded as water deities and are not associated with fire in the way their European cousins are. It has connections with agricultural rituals, rain prayers, and the general success of fisherman which makes sense, as Japan is an island nation. There’s also lots of video games having to do with dragons such as the Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire series. People born in the year of the dragon are healthy, energetic, excitable, short-tempered, and stubborn. Also, these characters tend to be quite colorful, so they can be used to create a tattoo that catches the eye, and can be immediately recognized. They often turn into military vehicles, construction vehicles, and even smaller-than-human-sized objects. After the featured film The Transformers: The Movie, Megatron was reformed as Galvatron, and Optimus Prime was replaced for a time by Rodimus Prime, only to return later on. Autobots tend to be good and fight for freedom because they think everyone is capable of personal responsibility to a moral good. For example, many people see the Tasmanian Devil as a symbol of strength, energy, and unpredictibility.
Anime characters are also often used in conjunction with kanji, as well as other symbols of Japanese culture.
The Autobots weren’t looking for a fight with the Decepticons, but they get one out in space anyway.

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