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Nothing warms my heart more than when people find new ways to legally circumvent stupid gun laws.
I don’t understand, why isn’t the buffer tube connected to the rest of the stock? I’m not that familiar with CA guy laws but I thought those standard-cap mags were banned too, unless you had them before the ban.
Also, you can’t sell, buy, keep for sale, or bring in from out of state any regular capacity magazines, but if you find one, you can keep it. I my self am trying to fix up a rifle on with an AR platform so I can at LEAST have a gun I enjoy shooting here. Fourtunately barrel shrouds, and shoulder things that go up don’t count as evil features, at least not yet. Magazines that accept more than 10 rounds are legal, but can not be imported,sold,manufactured, etc etc.
THEBLACKKNIGHT- Why dont you save your ignorant asshole comments for yourself and stfu instead of calling people in an entire state names. Since this stock is attached to the pistol grip part of the receiver and not the buffer tube could you put this on an AR pistol without needing an SBR stamp? I run a 16 pencil FN barrel with a free floating very trim Palmetto SQR, real Magpul sights. I like the idea, but the execution needs some change, especially in the adjustability area, nothing is one size fits all, and I rarely find a stock that fits right out of the gate, adjustability is the thing that would move this ahead to a better product, it looks interesting-but also adds extra weight-which nobody wants on their rifle, and again adjustability to clothes, user size ect is critical in making a rifle as friendly to a user as possible! Three months ago I wrote Lake Norman Home Sales: Are We Swimming in the Number of Homes for Sale?
Once, again, I would like to look at our actual Lake Norman MLS data to give you a better idea of our local real estate picture.

If you look at my third quarter sales analysis you can also see the sales broken down by price range. How Lake Norman Real Estate‚Äôs Quarterly Sales Analysis by Price Range Helps Both Buyers and Sellers! Is that a cosmetic thing, or is there some actual crazy ass law that doesn’t allow it? Its the retarded state politicians, and all the soft hearted valley girls here who think guns float around and kill people on their own.
Particularly when said against those of us who are trying their fucking best to keep & preserve 2nd amendment rights under oppressive conditions.
YOU can keep thinking you are NOT affected by this shit, in YOUR state where ever that may be. It was prompted by a very negative headline in the Charlotte Observer’s Business Section about our housing slump. Iredell County is suffering the greatest slump in sales, average sales price and number or volume of sales.
While the overall Lake Norman real estate market is down and very heavy on inventory of active listings, there are some bright spots as well.
93 properties closed in the past 30 days ( compared to 153 in my August report which is a 39% decline in sales volume. The average price per square foot decreased by 12% and the sale volume deceases by 10% compared to the same period last year. The average price per square foot decreased by 6.4% and the sales volume was identical to the same period last year.
The average price per square foot increased by 6.2% and the sales volume decreased by 12% compared to the same period last year.

Mecklenburg County has experienced a modest decline in sales and average prices and does have a supply of inventory over the balanced figure of 6-8 months so they are also experiencing a buyer’s market. If you have any questions regarding this analysis or the Lake Norman real estate market, please don’t hesitate to call or email me! In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
It is clear that the experts simply don’t agree and clearly use the economic data in different ways. While also heavy in inventory, both Lincoln and Catawba Counties are the strongest of the Lake Norman area. Lincoln County had a slight decrease in the average sales prices but their volume is equal to last year. Catawba County actually had an increase in their average sales price while a decline in the number of homes sold. I find it very easy to shoulder quick with a 1 point sling attached at the ring on the grip.
I wonder if they are OK like the evil bullet button… it needs a tool doesn’t it!?

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