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Author: admin | Category: Tribal Heart Tattoos | 30.08.2013

I came up with this concept of a stitched heart with the help of some others that has patches and lace like stitches woven through each side of the heart trying to repair it from breaking.
You will piece together the other side of the broken heart like so, and be sure to join the two pieces at the bottom so they align perfectly. Before we stitch together the heart we must first repair some spots that have been tattered.
The lines for your patches can be as random as you want, but you have to make sure that the stitched lines are random in pieces as well.

As you make the stitches through the heart, you will also have to sketch in some cracks because this heart has taken a beating and you need to show that. The patches are for all the abuse and hurt that heart went through but somehow repaired the hurt, and the stitches is supposed to symbolize new love or new beginnings. Even though the top of the heart is not pulled together completely, you can see that the heart is well on its way to being repaired because the bottom is coming together perfectly. This is a fun, creative way to show how you feel inside so I know that a lot of you girls out there will enjoy drawing a cool version of a stitched heart.

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