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Another Friday the 13th is coming up this week, but now it’s really the last one until November. This Friday the 13th – notably the last Friday the 13th in 2013 – why not face down your own demons and get that star tattoo on your wrist that you’ve been waffling over for months? Summer is in full swing, and while you’re probably feeling more sunburned than spooked, this Friday is the 13th, and who knows what might happen? 1. Lament the state of Bk today at Gentrifucked, a hip-hop and art show with performances by Ni Dios Ni Amo, Master Vicent Vega, MC Joha, Bestia, and a dozen more. This Saturday, starting at an ungodly 8am, Brooklyn will be taken over by runners from around the world, runners who I can only imagine must not share my reservations about physical activity or waking up before noon.
Some folks may like to mark the occasion by sitting back and watching Jason Takes Manhattan for the umpteenth time, while others might dive under their beds at midnight, crippled with fear for the ensuing 24 hours. While a tiny tat any other day of the year can run you $50.00 and up, several Brooklyn shops are honoring this auspicious day with plum deals.

Friday the 13th must be a holiday in tattooville, and our friends at Gristle Tattoo are celebrating by offering a bunch of designs for just $13.
But with 27,000 participants, the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon is the largest half marathon in the country. The month of September is hosting the first Friday the 13th of the year, and we will be, as a tradition, offering $13 TATTOOS!! For those of us who are not stricken with triskaidekaphobia, and are not crazy about the eighth, not-very-good installment of an 80s horror franchise, how’s about a sweet tattoo deal?
Each tattoo is about the size of a poker chip, and you can choose to either get color or black & gray shading.
If you’ve finally decided to get that flaming bag of poop, UFO, or shattered mirror, but were waiting for the price to be just right, check out these eight spots for $13 Friday the 13th tattoo specials.
And what better way to kick off the holiday season than wincing your way into cheap, wonderful, entirely one-of-a-kind permanent art?

Both shop artists Brittany and Ashley will be offering it: Ashley Thomas is a particular friend of the site, having recently inked up two Team Brokelyn members, so we can vouch for her.
You type into the wee hours of the night, laboring your masterpieces of poetry and prose, and after a day or week or month, you’ve finally got something you think other people should see. This will be the very last Friday the 13th of 2014, so why risk living out the next several months in regret?
And she specializes in all-vegan tattoos (which, yes, is a thing— most tattoos contain animal products, read up!).

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