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This printable butterfly template is useful for so many kids crafts as well as in the classroom or your scrapbooking projects.
Here's a simple butterfly template to print for crafts, including our felt butterfly craft. The Small Copper butterfly is named after the copper-orange wings with a slight green-blue tinge from hair near the body. It is roughly the size of the Common Blue butterfly and, like the Blue, its "Large" relative became extinct in the UK, but is being re-introduced from Continental stock. As for this first top ten list, I thought tattoos would make a great topic -after all, you have to really love an illusion to get one tattooed on you. Here’s another excellent skull illusion tattoo, this one involving two clowns holding hands while drinking. This ambigram tattoo is great in that it incorporates some of the most important aspects of philosophy into an ambigram. Here’s another cool religious optical illusion, albeit in a a totally different style.
For the individuals who think tattoos are a sin because they think it says so in Lev 19:28(esp. People in that era were tattooing and cutting themselves *for the dead*, hoping to appease angry gods (little g) to find solace for the deceased. I love the illusion stuff the Spiderman coming out the chest has been a favorite of mine for awhile..

I hadn’t personally planned to get tattoos but I had a friend who was an apprentice and I let her use me as her guinea pig.
The Spider-Man one is amazing but I think that’s a little too much pain for me to endure. Dude who said tattoos are for losers: your a loser for looking at an entire page of tattoo pictures just so you can comment that. Your first tattoo should be credited to Rex Whistler, whose amazing book OHO pairs his double illustrations with matching poems by his brother.
I didn’t see Jesus in the Saint Tattoo But It upside down the word Saint says Sinner! When Vurdlak asked me if i could do one, I was really excited and a little surprised to see that there are only two top-tens on the site already. The tattoo, by Kate Hoogland, just might contain the most romantic skull illusion I have ever seen.
Maybe it’s just me, but I really love how worried that last fish in the tattoo looks. And for those arguing about it being a sin and quoting Leviticus 19:28, please stop taking scripture out of context. I have a full back piece and I am not the least bit worried about what it looks like when I get old, because no one else is going to see it. My kids and I always look for cloud fomations that remind us of objects, animals, people etc.

I would totally get it if I had the guts though but I might get something on a smaller scale as a representation of this one. Well, rest assured that if you like posts like this, I’ll be happy to contribute plenty of them to the site -in fact, if you have any ideas for lists you’d like to see, feel free to leave your ideas in the comments here and if Vurdlak and I both like them, you just might see them in an upcoming post! These work really well as armĀ  tattoos because you never know if someone will view it while your arm is raised or not, making it the ideal location for such a piece. It’s also a great idea for a tattoo since skulls are one of the most classic tattoo designs, but this interpretation brings the concept from cliche to chic. The piece, done by Cheryl Volling, has some absolutely stunning shading, giving it the life-like appearance of the original Escher drawing. If you know your bible, you know Jesus came to free us from the rules, otherwise you would be sinning by trimming your bread or the hair at the sides of your head (Lev 19:27). My brother has two tatoos where the skin looks ripped (like the last one here) and one has dragon scales where the skin is ripped and angel feathers for the other and it looks so lifelike!

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