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These butterfly designs are mostly favored by women because of the natural feminine look of this winged creature, plus the variety of colors that can be applied on its wings.
There are a lot of butterfly tattoo designs available because the limit is the imagination. Girls often put their tattoos on their wrists, especially when they only want a small design. Conservative women who do not want to make their tattoos visible immediately put these designs on their feet.
The warmest and most serene color is blue, making it a favorite among girls who underwent a heartbreak or those whose personality is calm and never shaken. Extremely feminine and chic, these butterfly and flower tattoos will definitely showcase your fun personality. Women who do not like minimalist designs often put their butterfly tattoos on their back because this place has a wider space that serves as the canvas for the tattoo. Tigers and butterflies are not a usual combination because the first represents a strong feline while the other represents a feminine insect.
If you want to have a 3D tattoo and have no idea, you can check today’s post out and ask a professional tattoo artist to ink a perfect butterfly tattoo. Even though they have a short-lived life, their existence is full of beauty and metaphorical lessons. Also, butterflies are full of symbolism and meanings such as beauty, grace, and freedom, making women feel empowered whenever they wear a butterfly designed tattoo. For example, Christians consider these winged creatures as a representation of Jesus’ resurrection and his flight to heaven.
In Greek, it means psyche as it was named after the goddess Psyche, the goddess of the soul. These variants are made to complement your style and taste without sacrificing the meaning and symbolism of the butterfly tattoo.

These type of tattoos come in various styles, but what make them attractive is their smallness in size, making them less obvious. The wrists are one of the perfect places to be inked because they are minimalist and occupy a small space in the body.
These insects come with huge orange wings with black margins.They are mostly seen on tattoos because of their distinct color and attention-seeking wing span. Tribal style uses a variety of lines that come in smooth movement to create an image of a butterfly. Foot tattoos that are composed of butterflies symbolize the freedom of going anywhere, making the wearer of these tattoos free-willed and carefree. Women who do not want the ultra-feminine vibe of butterfly can infuse their look with skull tattoo for a gothic-inspired tattoo. If you happened to get this butterfly tattoo, it only shows that your personality enjoys solitude and peace. Women who put this type of butterfly tattoo on their bodies reflect their bubbly and easy-going personality. Some women ink their back with the wings of the butterfly alone (without the body) because their spinal column serves as its body. This location is a favorite because the space is small, making the butterfly tattoos less obvious.
Either way, women who ink themselves with a tiger butterfly tattoo means that they are the type of girls who can balance their animalistic side with their feminine side.
Whatever your reasons for getting inked, this article is one of the most essential in the web when it comes to tattoo meanings and inspirations. For example, from being a not so loved caterpillar to being a colorful butterfly, the creature underwent a drastic change that can serve as metaphor in peoples’ lives.
The maiden is often envisioned as a girl with butterfly wings who fell in love with the God of love, Eros.

You may use designs such as the 3D, small butterfly, monarch butterfly, tribal type, skull and gothic butterfly, and the tiger butterfly style. These factors give the seer of the tattoo an impression that the butterfly is flying above the skin.
Ladies who are aspirational, full of grace and likes the idea of love will definitely appreciate these styles. The designs provided below may inspire you and give you an idea about the probable style you might have when thinking of a monarch butterfly tattoo.
Usually, women ink the 3D tattoos on different placement, like their shoulder, their back or their nape. Some other associated virtues associated with the butterflies include grace, femininity and your connection with nature. One good thing about this style is it gives the butterfly tattoo artist the freedom to create lines that will project an image of a butterfly. In this section, you will be seeing traditional butterfly tattoos that can pass to your taste. You may put it on your nape, arms, wrist, side boob, legs, thigh, feet, hands, back, waist, and belly. Wherever you put these butterfly tattoo designs, they are capable of making a statement in a stunning manner.

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