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No, no estoy hablando de jackie chan, ni mucho menos del CHANcho, sino de (Cuatro)chan, tema algo… extrano que explicar.
4chan es una pagina web, (algo equivalente al 2chan de Japon (el cual ANTES de cuatrochan era aaaalgo… conocido en estos lares). 4Chan es 4Chan, piensen en Jim Carrey en cualquiera de sus peliculas, basandose en eso uno debe imaginarse que su vida es un completo caos (por su forma de ser) ahora, 4chan es algo asi como Jim Carrey, nunca sabes cuando es serio y cuando no, pero lo basico ahi es que JAMAS vas a encontrar algo que te sirva en la RealLifeā„¢. Cada cierto tiempo, una persona X con el balance perfecto entre Tiempo en 4chan y Sentido Comun aparece, y si esa persona decide que algo o alguien va a caer, SI VA A CAER. Que creen, que 4chan es una maquina brutal de arrestos domiciliarios y marchas y activismo y todo eso?
Nooooo senores y senoras, no es nada de eso, 4chan NO es conocido por sus violentas marchas y sus sanguinarias acciones. Para que se den una idea de un meme de internet, imaginense que en una calle concurrida hay unos tipos repartiendo volantes, y que esos volantes estan contaminados con un virus de gripe o algo asi. 4chan PostsThere is no question that the blogging lifestyle has completely taken over the internet and nearly everyone that has anything to say, now has a blog dedicated to their favorite things in life, or dedicated to certain opinions and beliefs that they want to share with the world. Since then the website has become one of the most reviled, revered, and remarkable websites on the internet.

Other blogs are simply dedicated to humor and making people laugh with comical material and this is what 4chan’s green text page is all about. An image board at its heart, 4chan focuses on giving complete autonomy to the users that populate the board. Users can login to this page and post nearly anything you can think of material wise and there isn’t a filter that keeps out edgy material. With the exception of a few rules relating to legality, 4chan allows any sort of content no their website.
You can also go through this page at any time you like and check out the recent posts that people continuously post on throughout the day. This opens up for a no holds barred look into the social conscious of anonymous internet users. Additionally, if you see something you like, you can post a comment and you can also share the material that has been posted on the page already with friends through places such as social media sites, as well as through email. It is pretty fascinating when you consider how far we have come with technology, through the evolution of blogging and users sharing nearly any bit of information you can imagine through a simple click of a mouse.
4chan isn’t populated by regular every day folks, it is populated by the anonymous sort who will leap on you for whatever reason they deem fit.

Finding 4chanYou can go to Google or another search engine if you are interested in checking out this page and its material and simply type in 4chan green texts. So prepare for the worst sort of feedback possible and be ready to ignore it.If you want to succeed on 4chan then you need to know what you are getting into. Get a feel for how the users interact and try to catch up with some of the in jokes that are flying around the website.
Once you feel comfortable enough to contribute you can start by posting in a board that interests you the most.
Whether you want to post about .gifs, sports, anime, or whate have you there is a place for it.

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