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The boyband told ITV1’s Daybreak today (January 31) that their parents think that they have overdone the tattoos. And we thought we were dedicated fans!He even completed the look with Hazza’s trademark headband, just to make sure that he really does look the part. Harry’s left arm in particular has received quite a bit of tattoo attention recently and is covered in tiny, seemingly random tattoos, although they obviously mean something important to the British singer. We've got the best One Direction pics, news, chatrooms and tons more.One Direction are Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson from the United Kingdom, and they were put together on the 2010 UK X Factor TV show by Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger. Well, it was in fact producer Ben Winston who bumped into the Brazillian hottie!We’re sure that he’s been dying to get noticed for a while now, so what are the chances of him just bumping into Ben Winston on the beach whilst bearing all of his tattoos?
Among these scattered arm tattoos are the tributes Harry Styles has to Los Angeles, New York and London – all cities the singer has a deep connection to. They've released three (soon to be four) albums so far in their short career, 'Up All Night', 'Take Me Home' and 'Midnight Memories, all of which have been massive worldwide smashes, going straight to number one in the US Billboard charts.
The pop star’s London tattoo, which reads “LDN” in black capital letters, is inked on his left arm, just above the large black heart Harry has on his shoulder. He worked with me, and is a great producer. There are no firm plans of what will happen to the footage.

But top of the agenda is another movie.We definitely vote for this Brazillian lookalike to appear in the film!What do you guys think? Apparently, Harry felt enough of a connection to New York to get a tat inspired by the Big Apple inked on his arm. Similar to his “LDN” tattoo, the singer sports a small “Ny” tattoo inked in black on his left shoulder, with the “N” being a capital letter and the “y” being a lower-case letter.
Also similar to his London tat, Harry Styles’ New York-inspired tattoo features a pretty crude design. Bringing the city tattoo trend full circle, Harry has a tiny tattoo honoring Los Angeles with the letters “LA” inked on his left arm, right next to his “LDN” and “Ny” shoulder tattoos. We’re is the beautifull fantastic curly hairs that is the best curly hairs in the world? By the way yeahhhh so, just SMILE:D hahahha Ashtyn Hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!! I think those should be the few tattoos they should have cuz I don’t want them to have too many Harrystyleslover101 I <3 him so much! XD luv this dude ?? gj dude La’Nia White Why do people just have to compare people to others.

Kylie Jenner shocked the world when she debuted a small red heart tattoo on her arm (her first-ever!) while celebrating her 18th birthday back in August, and now the model has gone back under the needle for tattoo number two, courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist, Bang Bang. Apparently, Kylie decided to take some time out for herself during the trip and visit Bang Bang’s tattoo shop, which has become one of the most sought-after tattoo studios in the country. And while the model has yet to reveal the meaning behind the design, Kylie Jenner’s tattoo appears to be a short line of text, most likely an inspirational quote or the name of someone she holds close to her heart (Tyga???).The tattoo Kylie gave Bang Bang featured the letter K and a crown, which she placed on the front of his right leg, and is surely a reference to her self-appointed title of King Kylie. And while Kylie Jenner and older sis Kendall have mostly stuck to fake Sharpie tattoos in the past, both girls appear to be into real tattoos these days, and we can’t say we’re disappointed! Aww!!Harry’s small 1957 tat is inked in black on his right collarbone, and the 1967 tat is also inked in black in the same spot on his left collarbone.
The Harry Styles’ tattoos are located right near the “g” tattoo Harry sports on his right shoulder as a tribute to his older sister Gemma, and the capital “A” tat located in the same spot on his left shoulder, which was inked in honor of his mother, Anne. Now, with two new tattoo tributes to his parents, there’s no denying that Harry Styles is a family man!

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